What are checkup calls and why do Jackrabbit clients love them.

4 Reasons Why Clients Love Jackrabbit Checkup Calls

Software support representatives may be the people you hope to never talk to. Because who wants to be stumped by software to the point of confusion? No one, that’s who.

At Jackrabbit Class we understand that your business only works when your class management software works for you. That’s why we love Jackrabbit Checkup Calls, and our clients love them, too!

What is a Jackrabbit Checkup Call?

Have you ever found yourself needing to phone a friend for advice? Checkup Calls with Jackrabbit’s support team are essentially that – a call with a friend. This friend just happens to be a Jackrabbit expert.

Imagine a brief, 30-minute conversation with a Jackrabbit Support Representative that is completely tailored to fit the needs of your youth activity center. Checkup Calls examine the way you’re currently using Jackrabbit, address your goals, and help determine how you can better use the software to manage your business.

Who is eligible for a Jackrabbit Checkup Call?

Checkup Calls are available to all Jackrabbit clients. However, it’s best if your business has been utilizing the software for around 6 months before you sit down for a checkup with our support team.

Not a Jackrabbit Class client, yet? Start your free trial today then connect with your very own, dedicated Jumpstart Coach to start realizing the benefits of our class management software! 

Why 6 months?

After getting started using Jackrabbit, owners, managers and staff are encouraged to dive headfirst into the software. Start adding classes, processing tuition payments, communicating with staff and parents via the Staff Portal and Parent Portal and using other features that meet the needs of your facility.

After 6 months of fully using the software, the Jackrabbit support team will be able to conduct an in-depth review of your database to ensure you’re getting the most from Jackrabbit Class.

Bottom line: Checkup Calls review your daily and monthly processes to ensure they are working for you. It’s hard to examine usage habits in a period shorter than six months. When you start your free trial, your Jumpstart Coach will remind you to schedule a Checkup Call at the right time in your Jackrabbit journey!

4 reasons why Jackrabbit clients love Checkup Calls

Now that we’ve broken down the basics of a Jackrabbit Checkup Call and the recommended time in which you should schedule one, it’s time to hear why our clients love Checkup Calls so much.

Of course we’re a little biased, that’s why we polled our users to see exactly what they love about Checkup Calls with Jackrabbit Support. Here are the top four:

Jackrabbit Checkup Calls helped me learn something new that I didn’t know

Whether you’re a dance studio owner looking for an easier way to process recital costume orders or a gymnastics gym coach who needs a simpler way of notifying parents when their student masters a new skill – Checkup Calls are a great time to get to know a new part of the software that can help you manage your business.

Don’t spend days racking your brain trying to come up with a solution. That’s what our team is for!

Jackrabbit Checkup Calls helped me implement something on my to-do list that I couldn’t do myself

Where my procrastinators at?

Ever left a pile of folded laundry in the corner because you just don’t want to put it away? You know you should, but you just can’t make yourself hang up another shirt.

If that one thing on your to-do list is gathering dust, whether you know how to implement the solution or not – a Checkup Call is the perfect time to bring it up. We won’t do your job for you, but we will supply you with every tool you need to put a new process in place to help your business succeed.

Jackrabbit Checkup Calls helped me streamline processes that were already in place

Maybe you overlooked a feature that will help you send a mass notification to families that owe you money, or you’re manually prorating tuition at your facility – the more our team understands how you business uses the software, the more recommendations we can make for ways to shorten processes that give you time back in your day. After all, we all want to work smarter, not harder – right?

Jackrabbit Checkup Calls have also helped clients streamline:

Jackrabbit Checkup Calls helped me clean up my database

Spring may seem far away but who says you have to wait until warmer weather arrives to tidy up your database?

During Checkup Calls, Jackrabbit clients can expect to be given tips on how to clean up their database by:

  • updating user-defined fields to clear information collected for a specific session, such as dance recital participation
  • clearing fixed fees to prepare for an upcoming session
  • moving families to Jackrabbit’s Lead File so that families who haven’t been active at your facility are archived
  • archiving classes so that families aren’t searching for past classes that your facility isn’t accepting enrollment into.

What will you gain when you schedule a Jackrabbit Checkup Call? There’s no better way to find out than to get one on the books!

Schedule your Jackrabbit Checkup Call!

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