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Jackrabbit is the best in class management. That’s why we partner with an ecosystem of integration partners that are the best in the business to provide what you need, all in one place.

Jackrabbit partnerships and integrations

Jackrabbit Class Integrations and Partnerships

When the class management software you need to grow your business connects to the applications you love, everyone wins. Join the thousands of swim schools, gymnastics and cheer gyms, and music schools who use Jackrabbit’s partner ecosystem today!


Offer your customers the convenience of auto-draft tuition and fee payments by choosing the payment processor that’s right for your youth activity center. Plus you can take advantage of our free rate review any time!

C&H Financial Services

C&H Financial Services

Process credit card and bank draft tuition and fee payments seamlessly anytime, anywhere in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

SafeSave Payment Services

SafeSave Payment Services

Connect your account to run credit card and bank draft transactions securely in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.


Eliminate the extra work and human error of managing payroll by partnering with one of two payroll providers integrated with Jackrabbit Class.

Express Payroll

Express Payroll

Get more out of Jackrabbit’s Time Clock feature by working with Express Payroll to manage and process payroll affordably.

Intuit QuickBooks


Manage finances and staff payroll by integrating Jackrabbit with QuickBooks for quick export options to complete monthly payroll.

Mobile App

Jackrabbit Plus

Jackrabbit Plus

Bundle your Jackrabbit Class and Mobile Inventory subscriptions to save money and communicate with parents through your own app.

Live Streaming

Spot Tv

Spot TV

Securely live stream classes from your facility to give parents insight into their student’s skill progress and safety.

Background Screening



Leverage Yardstik to manage prospective employees’ background screening and current employee re-screens from within Jackrabbit.

Curriculum Planning

Leap Learning

LEAP! Learning

Connect your program’s curriculum with Jackrabbit to improve and standardize the way coaches safely teach students.

Text Messaging



Reach customers when you need them most, right where they are – their phone.

Ticketing Service

Tututix Online Dance Recital Ticketing


Turn event ticketing into a streamlined process by exporting your showcase information directly to TutuTix.

“When a prospective parent calls us, I text them a direct link to our app and explain that they’ll be able to enroll at their convenience. They get it within seconds and now I have direct access to send them push notifications. I’d say 99% use the app to enroll.”
Kate Thompson, Rainbow Gymnastics and Cheer Center
“We love Express Payroll. We switched from another payroll service and have no regrets. The price is reasonable, customer service is great, and the Jackrabbit integration makes things simple.”
Rebecca Sallie, Virginia Techniques Gymnastics, Inc.
“The parents love it. Mom brings one child to swim and dad has the other at soccer. Dad can pull up the swim lesson on his phone and watch, feeling like he’s in two places at one time.”
Kelly Gaines, Charlotte Aquatics
“I do 3000+ transactions a month and wouldn’t dream of doing the manual transactions the way I once did. I’m just thankful for meet or beat pricing that would assure me (or anyone else) that I could switch and get the ‘best’ rate I could”
Kyle Grussmeyer, Stingray Alls Virginia
Get more integrations with Jackrabbit Class

Get More Integrations With Jackrabbit Class

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