Track Student Skills

Show Skill Progression and Achievements

Consistent and safe training starts with establishing skills required to move up to a higher level. Track student skills in class and alert parents of progress through the Parent Portal to help your students set and achieve their goals.

Jackrabbit Class skill levels updates screens

Determine the skills required for each level of classes so instructors can easily track skill progress throughout class as new skills are tested and attained. Knowing what to work towards, you can keep students motivated to advance.

Create excitement for students and their families with Jackrabbit’s Skills Progress Report. Complete with your logo, they’re the perfect addition to your students’ refrigerator to show the skills they’ve been working on attaining in class.

Make skill updates for parents effortless by automating email updates whenever a student progresses through a skill. Instructors can add personalized notes to be included so parents can celebrate the special moment with their child.

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Learn how Jackrabbit’s reporting features can help you achieve more work in less time so that you can get back to what you love doing – teaching!
group tumbling student skill tracking tablet screen
skill accomplishments laptop, skill upgrade mobile
group tumbling student skill tracking tablet screen, skill accomplishments laptop, skill upgrade mobile

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