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Jackrabbit Swim is the industry’s most responsive, reliable, and robust swim school software. Worldwide we’ve transformed more than 12,000 schools, helping owners take complete control of their business, so they can focus on what they love – teaching.

Our secure online platform helped accomodate their growth needs

“Having the functionality for a parent to look at the website or parent portal allows us to have more time with customers instead of entering data.”
– John Kirk, Little Otter Swim School

Why choose Jackrabbit Swim?

Our top-rated swim school software delivers an unparalleled combination of speed, scalability, and reliability. Benefits our users can depend on to save time, streamline operations and make money.
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Easily manage every aspect of your business

Online Registration

Streamline your operations and enhance customer convenience by eliminating paperwork.

Time Clock

Save time and costs by saying good-bye to paper timesheets and manually counting staff hours.

Billing and Payments

Customers can conveniently pay tuition and fees online. No more phone calls or late payments.

Point of Sale

Our software maximizes the efficiency, function and performance of your front desk.

Skill Tracking

Instructors can easily update student skills and alert parents when new skills are mastered.

Executive Dashboard

Change what’s possible with management tools that categorize and organize business data.

How Jackrabbit Can Help Your Swim School Get Organized This Year

We’re guessing that you currently use a variety of software programs and web-based services to manage your swim school. With Jackrabbit tools, you can streamline each management process, allowing your swim school to enjoy improved communication, more wisely invested time, and increased profits. How? Jackrabbit allows you to automate some administrative tasks, keeping your swim school organized and freeing you up to do the tasks you really want to do!

Improved Communication for Swim Schools

Jackrabbit software allows you to create e-mail lists (which you can import from Excel) and send messages based on criteria of your choosing. For instance, you can send out e-mails to all “active” swim school families, only families of students in particular classes or competitions, individual families, or staff members. Whenever you need to send out alerts about upcoming events, cancellations, or anything else, Jackrabbit allows you to track those communications too.

Enhanced Reporting Functions for Swim Schools

When you log into Jackrabbit, you’ll have plenty of information available on your “dashboard,” including revenue, scheduling, and more. You can also select to view upcoming events and issues, from birthdays and absences to wait lists and delinquent accounts. Jackrabbit also allows you to view dynamic calendars in daily, weekly, or monthly formats with real-time updates.

Thanks to Quickbooks integration, Jackrabbit allows you to track all kinds of accounting data, such as daily revenues. You can also send totals from Jackrabbit to Quickbooks, allowing you to tally all fees paid, search transactions based on various criteria, and reconcile reports. You can also run reports about various class details and individual families, ranging from registration details, absences, and class sizes.

In addition, you can easily view information regarding marketing methods and contact information or even print mailing labels.

Streamlined Staff Organization for Swim Schools

Staff members will also benefit from your swim school’s use of Jackrabbit software. Whenever they log in to the staff portal, they’ll be able to perform functions such as logging hours, marking availability, tracking student progress, and communicating with parents. Since the staff portal interacts with the parent portal, staff members can select significant information to be shared with swim school families.

Perhaps the most significant effect of Jackrabbit on your staff’s work load will be seen at registration time: automated functions make payment processing and scheduling so simple, you’ll forget what a hassle it used to be!

To learn more about how Jackrabbit can benefit your swim school’s organization, take a look at this demo video, request a consultation with a Jackrabbit Product Coach, or sign up for Jackrabbit’s free 30-day trial! This no-obligation free trial includes import of your current students’ data by a Jackrabbit staff member!

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How Jackrabbit Helps Your Swim School Make the Leap to Multiple Locations

When it’s time for your swim school to expand, making the leap to multiple locations can be challenging. However, Jackrabbit helps you simplify your expansion and makes it affordable to do so. But don’t take our word for it – learn from the experience of Catherine Oberle, who owns The Swim School. With 2 locations serving over 1,000 swimmers and employing 25 swim instructors, she’s found Jackrabbit Class software to be a key component in her swim school’s success.

Alternative Class Management Programs

Berle reports that she had attempted to use other class management software programs before switching to Jackrabbit. The need for an online system was intensified when she realized that due to having multiple locations, a traditional PC-based system would not only be more difficult to maintain but would also be more costly. (Typically, PC-based programs have pricing models which essentially penalize you for having more than one location.)

Surprising Benefits of Jackrabbit

Upon switching to Jackrabbit, Berle and other staff members at The Swim School were in for some pleasant surprises! While the change was primarily financial, many practical benefits were immediately evident to them. One of the most significant differences they noticed is the ease of navigation. While previous systems required much more complicated actions, Jackrabbit allowed them to get to information they needed within just one or two clicks.

Another major difference came in the form of the Parent Portal. Because parents were able to enter and manage their own data, The Swim School noticed a greater degree of accuracy. Parents found the setup helpful as well, since they were now able to easily view class options for their children. They also appreciated the easy access to information along with the greater degree of professionalism.

Extra Options with Jackrabbit

The online platform of Jackrabbit not only makes it possible to manage more than one location but also offers mobility and flexibility. Advanced reporting functions allow management to keep an eye on various aspects of the business. Catherine Oberle explains it this way: “Jackrabbit helps us keep up with so many things. The enrollment reports give us details about which classes we need to fill and revenue charts help us understand exactly where we’re making money.”

According to Oberle, the greatest advantage of Jackrabbit is definitely tied to the pricing. Not only is she paying less for Jackrabbit than she was for the programs she’d been using before, but she’s also getting added value. Here’s how she explains it: “Jackrabbit gives us options that our previous system didn’t offer. Our second location didn’t automatically double our cost because Jackrabbit’s pricing model simply looks at our number of students. And they even offer price breaks at certain levels so that we can grow incrementally with less budgetary impact. This shows that they understand how our business works.”

Learn more about our Swim School Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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First Steps to Implementing Online Registration for Your Swim School, Part 1

Of the many choices and changes you can make for the good of your swim school, you may not realize that there’s one that’s bound to make a bigger splash than almost any other. Wait for it. . . . online registration! With the power of cloud-based Jackrabbit Class software, the registration process becomes automated, saving you, your staff members, and your swim school parents something very valuable to all of us: time.

Like any change, this one may not be well received at first; once everyone realizes how much it simplifies life, though, you’ll be so grateful you switched! By planning ahead and preparing everyone in your swim school family for what to expect, you’ll be sure to have your first online registration event go off without a hitch!

Priority 1: General Organization

We heard that groan! You’re probably thinking that you were hoping to avoid this step. Stay with us, though: the amount of preparation and organization required for online registration is nothing compared to what you used to have to do in order to prepare for old school registration. The level of planning needed on the front end will only increase the overall time savings and simplicity of the registration process. Just think: once parents register their own children for swimming classes, your work will be nearly complete!

Start by deciding on and communicating with parents about dates for both priority enrollment (something we’ll discuss later) and open registration. On the online registration date, you’ll want to go into Jackrabbit and open all relevant Classes as well as Parent Portal enrollment. After parents enroll their children, you will need to review the registrations and confirm them as well as post fees and process payments.

Priority 2: Extra Additions

In addition to basic registration processing, now is the time to consider whether you would like to incorporate priority enrollment, policy agreement, and waivers. Everything you’ve incorporated into the enrollment process becomes automated and easy to track, reducing your workload as well as that of your swim school staff; it also simplifies things for your swim school parents. Jackrabbit software is robust enough to set policy agreement dates, track agreements, and provide priority enrollment opportunities for returning students.

Priority 3: Detailed Descriptions

A major way to reduce the amount of phone calls and questions from parents on registration day is to utilize the Class Listings Tables in Jackrabbit. Allowing your swim school family to see class descriptions ahead of time, right on your website, they’ll know exactly what they want to sign up for as soon as the registration period begins. Be sure to include detailed descriptions of each class, including any specific skill or age-related qualifications. Jackrabbit allows you to easily set class names to allow parents to readily find and register their children for the appropriate classes.

Now check out Part 2.

Learn more about our Swim School Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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First Steps to Implementing Online Registration for Your Swim School, Part 2

The fact that Jackrabbit Class software is hosted in the cloud offers all the benefits of a web-based platform — while taking the pressure off your own website’s bandwidth! The combination makes it the perfect way to help your swim school grow. You can readily access Jackrabbit Class software from any device and from any place you have interent access.

One of many enthusiastic Jackrabbit customers, JR Zeringue of ACE All Stars Gadsden, describes how using Jackrabbit’s online registration and electronic payment features has revolutionized his organization. He refers to them as “the biggest game changers for us” and explains that those features “totally take time-consuming processes out of our hair and make them available to parents 24/7.”

After addressing the top 3 priorities for setting up online registration for your swim school, you’ll be just about ready for opening registration!

Priority 4: User-Friendly Setup

Even though online registration is actually far simpler for parents, some of them might be wary of the change. So especially your first time around, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible. Once you’ve prepared parents ahead of time about what to expect, you’ll want to equip them for a successful initial experience. While online registration offers the wonderful benefit of not requiring in-person registration, some parents may appreciate a little hand-holding the first time around.

To help make the inaugural year a success, you can offer open registration hours at your swim school. If you do, include clear signage that directs parents to registration stations, complete with tables and tablets or laptops. Have swim school staff members on hand to help answer any questions. (You’ll also want to make sure a staff member is on call to answer questions coming in over the phone. That person’s main objective will be to direct parents to your swim school website and to the link to Jackrabbit’s online registration.

Of course, if you plan to hold an in-person registration event, you’ll want to post information about it on your website and on any social media outlets that your swim school has. For any existing customers, you can also send out details via e-mail through the Jackrabbit Parent Portal.

Priority 5: Registration Confirmation

As soon as an individual registers for a class at your swim school, you’ll automatically see an update on your Jackrabbit Dashboard as well as receive an e-mail notification. The best way to keep on top of registrations is to check each one as it comes in, making sure that all necessary information has been entered. One area to double check is that students meet any requirements, such as age and ability, for a given class. By checking these details right away, you’ll be able to contact parents and make any changes needed, ensuring that they can get their children enrolled in the proper class and keep classes from appearing full before they actually are.

Once you’ve completed this part of the process, you’re ready to look at Part 3.

Learn more about our Swim School Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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First Steps to Implementing Online Registration for Your Swim School, Part 3

Cloud-based Jackrabbit software can make it easy for your swim school to offer online registrations and keep track of them in real time.

As Kelly Gaines of Charlotte Aquatics explains, Jackrabbit makes it easy to be as hands-off as you like while still keeping up with what’s going on: “Regardless of where I am or what time registration opens, I know how enrollment is going from the alerts that I see in my Inbox. I don’t have to be immersed in the process to be in the know.”

Another Jackrabbit customer, Kyle Grussmeyer of All Star Legacy, appreciates the positive feedback he’s received from parents, who “enjoy the ability to register at their own convenience – no lines, no waiting, no worries that classes listed are filled.”

After you’ve carefully prepared for and presented registration, you’ll be ready to consider these next priorities.

Priority 6: Payment Processing

After confirming each registration, it’s time to verify that fees assigned to each account are correct and the credit card information is provided. From there, it’s up to you how much of payment processing will be automated, but the fees will need to be posted to appropriate accounts and payments will need to be processed.

According to Kyle Grussmeyer of All Star Legacy, online registration has the potential to offer extensive relief: “We have replaced what was once a painstaking, laborious process with automation.”

Parents as well as staff members appreciate Jackrabbit’s online registration and payment processing. One Jackrabbit Parent User, Drew Stainton, describes his experience: “Even the first time I used Jackrabbit’s online registration, it was easy to step through the process. [My child’s school] attaches class costs to accounts instead of offering a direct pay option. But Jackrabbit made it simple to understand this through very direct instructions on an intuitive screen.”

Priority 7: Confirmation Communication

Jackrabbit offers so much more than simply a platform for annual online registration. With contact and class information input, communications to both individuals and various groups becomes simple and easy to track. Your e-mails will include a professional look as well. You can set up automatic registration-confirmation messages as well as receipt-of-payment notifications to be sent out directly from Jackrabbit, without any additional action from you.

According to Jenn Buckton of Turning Pointe Academy of Dance, these messages are extremely helpful: “The post-registration emails – automated via Jackrabbit – are great because they provide us with proof of registrations.”

Once the registration process is complete, you can choose whether to direct parents to view and print their children’s schedules directly from Jackrabbit’s Parent Portal or send out schedules via e-mail.

Learn more about our Swim School Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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