Jackrabbit Class Pricing

Flexible Class Management Software Pricing

Discover flexible and affordable pricing that includes all core features for every program location. Jackrabbit offers flexible subscription options with pricing based on student count or you can choose to automatically pass on a nominal technology fee to parents when processing payments that allows you to share the cost of the software to your clients.


with Jackrabbit Class
$ 0 per month
  • All core software features
  • Product Coach
  • Unlimited support

Jackrabbit Class

Tiered Pricing
$ 49 starting price per month
  • All core software features
  • Product Coach
  • Unlimited support

Jackrabbit Plus

Class + Branded App Pricing
$ 89 starting price per month
  • All core software features
  • Custom-branded mobile app
  • App management dashboard


with Jackrabbit Class
$ 245 per month
  • All core software features
  • Enterprise Coach
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

Flexible Billing Structures

Customize your billing to match your business needs. Whether you’re a small program or an enterprise-level business, Jackrabbit has the right solution for you.

Skip the traditional monthly billed subscription by passing a nominal technology fee to your parents while enjoying all of your Jackrabbit Class management core features. Learn if you meet minimum processing requirements by speaking with our team of experts after you’ve started your free trial. Learn more about PayPath with Jackrabbit Class >
All class management core software features are available for every program location. Tiered pricing starts at $49/month and is based on the total student count at the end of each month.
Get your own custom-branded mobile app. Jackrabbit Plus is a bundled subscription that delivers the power of Jackrabbit Class plus the benefits of your own custom-branded app. Tiered pricing starts at $89/month and is based on the total student count at the end of each month. A one-time, non-refundable setup fee of $169.00 plus app store fees will be charged for Jackrabbit Plus account creation.
Choose Jackrabbit’s Enterprise subscription option to gain the powerful Business Intelligence Dashboard for $245/month or upgrade to also include Jackrabbit Plus to have your own custom-branded mobile app for $315/month.

Every Feature with Every Subscription Option

All subscription options include:


Your Questions, Answered

With our new subscription option with PayPath, there isn’t a monthly subscription bill when you pass on a nominal technology fee to your customers.

With our standard tiered subscription, monthly fees are calculated based on total student count, including active & inactive students (active = enrolled in at least one class; inactive = not enrolled in any classes).

No matter which option you choose there are no contracts, no fees to get started, and no hidden charges. We even include free data export if you ever cancel.

There are a few ways to keep your monthly fees low with Jackrabbit! If you meet eligibility requirements, you can opt for PayPath, our subscription option where you pay $0 per month and pass a nominal technology fee on to all online payments. If you prefer traditional tiered pricing, you can use the lead file to archive families that are no longer active in your program. Either way, you get access to the same great features, including the option to pass on surcharges to credit card payments to lower your cost of payment processing.

When you opt for Jackrabbit’s standard tiered subscription, you get a 90-day money-back guarantee plus two months of any online competitors’ fees when you complete a free Setup call and one or more billing cycles. An Onboarding Coach assists you as you complete the setup process and helps you configure the system to deliver the class management software power you need. The Setup service helps you get more value from Jackrabbit Class faster. Call 704-895-4034 x1014 to request your money back guarantee.

Jackrabbit Class with PayPath is not eligible for the 90-day money-back guarantee.

Option 1: Affordable software with PayPath

Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, opt in for PayPath at $0 per month by automatically passing on a nominal technology fee of 1.25% to online payments. This allows you to share the cost of the software that benefits your program, staff and families and invest more into your business.

Option 2: Traditional tiered pricing by student count

Pricing is based on the total number of students in your account, active and inactive. Towards the end of each month, we take the number of students in your account and bill you based on the corresponding tier on the first business day of the following month.

As families become inactive in your program, you archive them to our unlimited Lead File, which isn’t factored into your student count for your monthly subscription cost.
Jackrabbit Class is class management software to help you run your youth activity center with everything from class schedules, registration and enrollment, automated billing, and much more. Jackrabbit Plus is a bundled offering that includes Jackrabbit Class for class management and your very own custom-branded mobile app to keep parents connected with your program. Learn more about Jackrabbit Plus here.

Absolutely! Get started with Jackrabbit Class at any time and upgrade when you’re ready. Our Jackrabbit Plus implementation team will guide you through the process. Your branded app is typically ready to use within 30 days of upgrading. Sign up for a demo of Jackrabbit Plus any time to learn more.

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