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Our Gymnastics class management software delivers an unparalleled combination of speed, scalability and reliability. Benefits our users can depend on to save time, streamline operations and make money.
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Streamline your operations and enhance customer convenience by eliminating paperwork.

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Customers can conveniently pay tuition and fees online. No more phone calls or late payments.

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Our software maximizes the efficiency, function and performance of your front desk.

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Instructors can easily update student skills and alert parents when new skills are mastered.

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How Jackrabbit Can Help Your Gymnastics Academy Get Organized This Year

As a busy business owner, you probably rely on a variety of web-based services and software programs to accomplish all that you do. There are many ways in which your gymnastics academy or club could benefit through implementing Jackrabbit tools – including potentially increased profits, improved communication, and more wisely invested time. Jackrabbit tools allow you to automate various administrative tasks, freeing up time and keeping all the details of your business organized.

Organization of E-Mail and Text Messaging Alerts

Jackrabbit allows you to import e-mail lists from Excel and to select recipients of various messages based on various criteria. You can select families of all “active” students, only families of certain groups or gymnastics classes, individual families, and more. Whether you need to communicate upcoming registration or a special event, a class cancellation or congratulations on a new gymnastics skill, Jackrabbit allows you to perform those tasks in a way that you can easily track.

Organization of Essential Reports

Some of the reports which Jackrabbit allows you to generate can be extremely helpful in evaluating revenue and planning for the future. On the “dashboard,” which you’ll see whenever you log into your account, you’ll see a bar chart summarizing current gymnastics classes and revenue details, along with instant alerts for a 10-day period (such as absences, birthdays, and wait lists), any aged accounts, and other important lists or announcements that you select.

Organization of Accounting & Class Details

Since Jackrabbit is integrated with your Quickbooks software, you can use it to track daily revenues according to whatever criteria you choose. You can also send totals to Quickbooks and view paid fees, search transactions, and reconcile reports. In addition to those reports, Jackrabbit allows you to view dynamic calendars in whatever format you prefer (daily, weekly, or monthly), including real time updates.

In addition to accounting information, Jackrabbit allows you to run reports about various gymnastics class details and families. Regarding classes, you can run registration reports, view absences and make-up information, perform various searches, view enrollment details, and access class sizes and projected tuition payment totals. When it comes to families, you can scan information to discern which marketing methods work best, find contact information, print mailing labels, and view top customers according to revenue.

Organization of Staff

From marking availability and viewing class schedules to logging hours and monitoring student progress, the staff portal fosters improved communication with your staff, giving you all the information you need anywhere you access your Jackrabbit account. The staff portal also outputs certain data to the parent portal, as staff members select information which they wish to be shared.

If you would like to know more about how Jackrabbit can help your gymnastics academy, check out this demo video, talk with a Jackrabbit Product Coach, or take the next step and sign up for a free 30-day trial! This free trial comes with no obligation and includes importing your current students’ information by Jackrabbit staff.

Learn more about our Gymnastics Program Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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How to Increase Revenue for Your Gymnastics Academy, Part 1

In addition to helping you achieve greater organization, did you know that Jackrabbit Class Software can help you improve your gymnastics academy’s bottom line? Some of our clients actually see their revenue double over time by utilizing the tips and tools we offer. From automated tasks to new policies, Jackrabbit Class offers plenty of possibilities that more than compensate for the expense such software represents. If working smarter instead of harder sounds like a great idea to you — and you can significantly impact your revenue in the process — then we’d love to partner with you in that endeavor. We’ll start by looking at 5 ways you can change your go-to policies in order to improve revenue for your gymnastics academy.

Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

This may seem risky, but hear us out: most gymnastics academies that don’t offer a money-back guarantee do something else instead: the “free trial.” While it may seem less risky, the “free trial” is actually less likely to produce the desired result: regular, paying customers. While, technically, a money-back guarantee could backfire, allowing you to lose revenue you’d otherwise have, chances are that won’t be the case. It’s kind of an inertia thing: if a new student begins taking gymnastics classes and payment is already automated, it’s simply easier for the family to continue in that vein, because, essentially, they don’t have to make any changes — instead, they just continue moving in the same direction. By contrast, a free trial that must convert to a paid basis actually requires a change. When faced with the prospect of putting in added effort in order to enroll in and pay for a class, most will do the same thing: nothing.

Enlist an Automatic Payment Policy

Just like the recommendation above, this one could potentially cause you to lose a customer or two, but the overall results will eclipse that small amount of loss. Your gymnastics academy can greatly benefit by utilizing the monthly auto-pay system incorporated into Jackrabbit Class Software. All your enrollees need to do is attach their preferred credit card to their account, and monthly payments will be processed automatically. By eliminating the need for parents to remember or be reminded to take action in order to keep accounts current, you’ll no longer have to deal with late payments or delinquent accounts. Combine automatic payment with a 30-day written notice for withdrawals, and you’ll decrease the number of withdrawals, too.

Switch to Continuous Enrollment

Again relying on the basic principle that most people, when given the chance, will be likely to do nothing, continuous enrollment is a great way to improve revenue. While it may not be what you’ve done in the past, your entire gymnastics family can benefit from not taking breaks between sessions. That’s right: we’re recommending going right through the summer months! Continuous enrollment will benefit your bottom line in at least two ways: you’ll increase revenue during what’s typically a difficult season financially, and you’ll increase your chances of retaining students overall.

Learn more about our Gymnastics Program Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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How to Increase Revenue for Your Gymnastics Academy, Part 2

Your gymnastics academy provides a valuable service to the community you serve, and you probably wish you could continue doing it for free. But you can’t. You have staff to pay, a facility to keep up, and personal needs as well. Your gymnastics academy is definitely a service, but it’s also a business. Jackrabbit Class Management Software helps you operate your business expertly, helping you automate many administrative tasks. Maybe you knew that already, but here’s something you may not already know: it can help you increase revenue. Some of our customers even report a significant increase from employing these options and suggestions. Like the first set of suggestions we offered in Part 1 above, these recommendations listed below rely on a basic principle: people like to do nothing. Once you have your money-back guarantee, automatic payment, and continuous enrollment policies in place, you’re ready to employ this next set of revenue-enhancing ideas.

Allow for a Temporary Freeze

While continuous enrollment is the best option when it comes to revenue, you might not be able to sell everyone on that idea. You can still reduce the chances of withdrawal, though, by offering an alternative: the summer freeze. Jackrabbit basically allows you to combine two steps — withdrawal and re-enrollment — into a single form. By freezing an account for anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, you enable a gymnastics student to keep their spot in any given class at no cost to them. After the predetermined amount of time is up, tuition charges will resume, following the automatic payment policy recommended. Whether used during the summer months or some other time of year, a freeze also offers parents the possibility of avoiding the registration process.

Create a No-Pay, No-Gym Policy

We realize this might go against every grain in your community-oriented, student-centered philosophy, but remember: your gymnastics academy is a business, too. And we’re pretty sure your customers will understand that. The goal here is to have zero receivables. You’re not being unkind, here; you’re simply trying to run a business the way other types of businesses run theirs. We’re guessing you’ve never left a restaurant or grocery store without paying, promising to pay whenever you can. In addition to an automatic payment policy, this policy completely eliminates the chance of having an outstanding account.

Employ a Value-Based Pricing Model

Is your main goal to offer the cheapest gymnastics classes in your area? If so, you’re aiming too low! By allowing your gymnastics academy to offer value-based pricing, you’ll be able to afford upgraded facilities and top-notch staff members — both of which will attract more students. Now, you might argue that you could make it work by keeping prices lower. But is that all you really want to do? Or do you want to improve stability and overall morale? Start by annually increasing your prices by a minimum of 3%. It might not be a huge amount of money, but it will be significant when you multiply it by the number of students you serve.

Learn more about our Gymnastics Program Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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How to Increase Revenue for Your Gymnastics Academy, Part 3

Did you know that by utilizing various tools included with your Jackrabbit Class Management Software and following some tried-and-true recommendations, you could literally double your gymnastics academy’s revenue this year? In Part 1 and Part 2 above, we’ve looked at several ways to increase revenue. As we look now at a few more below, keep in mind that these aren’t just theoretical recommendations; many Jackrabbit enthusiasts have credited these very steps with the upswings they’ve experienced in their own profit margins.

Require Online Registrations and Payments

While we’ve already explained the benefit of automatic payments, we realize that not every gymnastics academy will end up following that model. However, even if you decide not to require that, we highly recommend that you at least require online registration and payment through the secure Jackrabbit platform. While offering online registration as an option is certainly helpful to many of your gymnastics academy families, the best way to maximize the potential of this aspect of your Jackrabbit Class Management Software is to require that all students register online. By eliminating the need for manual data entry or payment processing, you reduce the overhead costs associated with those administrative tasks as well as the margin for error. Parents will benefit from the flexibility of registering whenever is most convenient for them, and staff will appreciate having real time access to updated registration information.

Hire Quality Staff

More important than your class schedule, facilities, or even your own personal vision for your gymnastics studio is the caliber of your collective staff. Not only does professional expertise matter, but so does character and attitude. A helpful question to ask yourself before hiring an individual is whether you actually want to be around that person and think you can benefit from being around him or her. If you don’t, chances are neither will prospective students. And if you do, that staff member will certainly help you to both attract and retain quality gymnastics students! Annual reviews of team members can also help you make sure your staff is continuing to exhibit the same characteristics that influenced you in hiring them.

Use Performance-Based Compensation

Many of our clients have experimented with various forms of compensation incentives, including individual and department-wide ones. But do you know what kind of model reaps the greatest benefits? Performance-based compensation where all staff members benefit when your gymnastics academy experiences growth. When everyone on the team is motivated to pursue growth, it’s amazing how that can improve both staff morale and customer satisfaction.

Conduct Weekly KPI Reviews

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are easy to track, thanks to Jackrabbit Class Management Software. As you run reports that help you track progress toward various goals, having weekly reviews and providing communication of KPIs with various key staff members can help all of you to keep better track of areas where improvement is needed. You may want to include data regarding issues such as efficiency of various classes, enrollment trends, and hours logged by instructors.

Learn more about our Gymnastics Program Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Class and try a customized live demo.

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