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Jackrabbit Class is the industry’s most responsive, reliable and robust class management software for gymnastics. Worldwide we’ve transformed more than 12,000 schools, helping owners take complete control of their business, so they can focus on what they love – teaching.

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“We don’t worry about downtime or outages because they just don’t happen with Jackrabbit and we have support resources that we can depend on.”
– Jeff Lulla, Fun and Fit Gymnastics

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Our Gymnastics class management software delivers an unparalleled combination of speed, scalability and reliability. Benefits our users can depend on to save time, streamline operations and make money.
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Easily manage every aspect of your business

Online Registration

Streamline your operations and enhance customer convenience by eliminating paperwork.

Time Clock

Save time and costs by saying good-bye to paper timesheets and manually counting staff hours.

Billing and Payments

Customers can conveniently pay tuition and fees online. No more phone calls or late payments.

Point of Sale

Our software maximizes the efficiency, function and performance of your front desk.

Skill Tracking

Instructors can easily update student skills and alert parents when new skills are mastered.

Executive Dashboard

Change what’s possible with management tools that categorize and organize business data.

How Jackrabbit Can Help Your Gymnastics Academy Get Organized This Year

As a busy business owner, you probably rely on a variety of web-based services and software programs to accomplish all that you do. There are many ways in which your gymnastics academy or club could benefit through implementing Jackrabbit tools – including potentially increased profits, improved communication, and more wisely invested time. Jackrabbit tools allow you to automate various administrative tasks, freeing up time and keeping all the details of your business organized.

Organization of E-Mail and Text Messaging Alerts

Jackrabbit allows you to import e-mail lists from Excel and to select recipients of various messages based on various criteria. You can select families of all “active” students, only families of certain groups or gymnastics classes, individual families, and more. Whether you need to communicate upcoming registration or a special event, a class cancellation or congratulations on a new gymnastics skill, Jackrabbit allows you to perform those tasks in a way that you can easily track.

Organization of Essential Reports

Some of the reports which Jackrabbit allows you to generate can be extremely helpful in evaluating revenue and planning for the future. On the “dashboard,” which you’ll see whenever you log into your account, you’ll see a bar chart summarizing current gymnastics classes and revenue details, along with instant alerts for a 10-day period (such as absences, birthdays, and wait lists), any aged accounts, and other important lists or announcements that you select.

Organization of Accounting & Class Details

Since Jackrabbit is integrated with your Quickbooks software, you can use it to track daily revenues according to whatever criteria you choose. You can also send totals to Quickbooks and view paid fees, search transactions, and reconcile reports. In addition to those reports, Jackrabbit allows you to view dynamic calendars in whatever format you prefer (daily, weekly, or monthly), including real time updates.

In addition to accounting information, Jackrabbit allows you to run reports about various gymnastics class details and families. Regarding classes, you can run registration reports, view absences and make-up information, perform various searches, view enrollment details, and access class sizes and projected tuition payment totals. When it comes to families, you can scan information to discern which marketing methods work best, find contact information, print mailing labels, and view top customers according to revenue.

Organization of Staff

From marking availability and viewing class schedules to logging hours and monitoring student progress, the staff portal fosters improved communication with your staff, giving you all the information you need anywhere you access your Jackrabbit account. The staff portal also outputs certain data to the customer portal, as staff members select information which they wish to be shared.

If you would like to know more about how Jackrabbit can help your gymnastics academy, check out this demo video, talk with a Jackrabbit Product Coach, or take the next step and sign up for a free 30-day trial! This free trial comes with no obligation and includes importing your current students’ information by Jackrabbit staff.

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