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Why Our Customers Love Our New Point of Sale Module, Part 1

If you’re tired of your typical class management software coming out with new features available only to new customers, then you’ll be especially interested in how Jackrabbit Class Management Software functions. Among other benefits of the web-based platform Jackrabbit uses, this format allows all customers to access new features in real time. No additional purchases, no software upgrades, nothing. Simple, right? But perhaps even more significant than the simplicity of accessing new features is the actual presence of new features — and their value. Just check out the “Continuous Enhancements” section of our website, and you’ll start to get a vision for our relationship with progress.

When it comes to new features, a customer favorite has definitely been the Point of Sale module (or POS). Wondering what that means and how you use it? That’s exactly what you’re about to find out.

Easily Accepting One-Time Payments

Let’s face it: the bulk of your business is comprised of regular payments for the classes and lessons you offer — and that’s exactly what Jackrabbit Class Management Software is designed to accommodate. But then there’s the need for a one-time payment — for recital or competition fees, one-time classes or events, or products you’ve decided to offer (which is a great way to boost your bottom line, by the way!).

The POS module allows you to quickly and easily track and process one-time payments without the need to access registration information. If you’re using barcode scanning, Jackrabbit is equipped to handle that, but if you’re not, the POS feature can still be used. All POS activity can be integrated into Jackrabbit’s reporting feature, allowing you to easily track sales trends as well as inventory and how various categories of one-time purchases influence your overall revenue.

Pam Kasper of Manhattan describes the Jackrabbit POS module as “a mini cash register… that we can use without involving our family accounts.” She hails it as “easy, accurate and fast” and considers it “an awesome addition to a very powerful system.”

Simple Sales and Trustworthy Tracking

When the technology experts at Jackrabbit decided to add a POS module, they listened to what customers wanted and made sure the new addition continued in the tradition of Jackrabbit with intuitive, streamlined design allowing for a quick check-out process along with easy tracking. Customers whose registration information is already in the system can certainly opt to use their on-file payment method and have their purchase associated with their Jackrabbit account; but they don’t have to do it that way. Customers are free to use checks, cash, or credit cards, and they don’t have to be account holders in order to make a purchase.

A long-time Jackrabbit user, John Kirk of Little Otter Swim School, prefers Jackrabbit’s POS to that of QuickBooks, which is limited to one computer. “With Jackrabbit’s POS,” he explains, “it doesn’t matter which computer or how many computers we’re on when we use it.”

To learn more about Jackrabbit’s POS module, continue reading with Part 2 below.

Why Our Customers Love Our New Point of Sale Module, Part 2

Jackrabbit Class Management Software is uniquely poised to be able to offer new enhancements and make them immediately available to all their customers, thanks to its web-based format. Instead of requiring you to load software onto certain computers, your Jackrabbit account is available from any computer or mobile device, from any place where you can get online. As a forward-thinking company, we’re also continually adding features and enhancements to serve our customers. Our POS feature is one such enhancement, and our customers are almost as excited about it as we are!

In Part 1 above, we explained the basics about this new module. Now we’ll help you catch the vision for the many ways you can utilize Jackrabbit’s POS feature.

Beyond Product Sales

While merchandising can certainly be a great way to increase your organization’s revenue as well as your community exposure and sense of unity, Jackrabbit’s POS module can be used for more than actual products. Think of special offers, weekend clinics, and more. A major bonus is that unlike many POS features, Jackrabbit’s can be used from multiple computers or devices, eliminating frustrating waits. You can even allow for purchases during the busy check-in time. Both check-ins and payments can occur simultaneously, offering optimal convenience for both staff members and customers.

Easy-to-Learn Format

Like other facets of Jackrabbit Class Management Software, the POS module is intuitive, allowing those new to it to easily maneuver within it, even if they don’t use other aspects of Jackrabbit. According to Pam Kasper of Gymnastics Plus Manhattan, unlike their gym’s previous system, Jackrabbit makes their check-in process much, much easier: “We have no errors,” she adds. “I just can’t explain in words how much this module has changed the way we run our open gym. Jackrabbit’s system is so much faster than our previous system that our check-in process is now quick and flawless. A line doesn’t even form in our lobby anymore.”

The POS module in Jackrabbit allows for scanning barcodes as well as taking payments and tracking inventory. And if you’re already a Jackrabbit user, it comes at no additional cost to you. But in case you still need a little more convincing in order to start using Jackrabbit’s POS module, we actually have not 1, not 2, but 7 reasons for you. Check them out below in Part 3.

Why Our Customers Love Our New Point of Sale Module, Part 3

One of Jackrabbit’s most significant recent enhancements is the addition of The Store, our extremely user-friendly Point of Sale module. POS functions can be used beyond physical merchandise to include anytime a one-time payment needs to be processed, particularly without the need to connect the transaction to one of your class accounts. Including streamlined inventory tracking, barcode scanning, and payment acceptance, this fabulous feature comes at no added cost to our valued Jackrabbit customers. If you’re not sure exactly why you should consider using this new POS addition, we have a few reasons for you to consider.

Selling Merchandise Is Easy

From concessions at your next event to apparel and other branded items, Jackrabbit makes processing payments easy with a barcode scanner, which automatically inputs the price and updates the inventory listing. Lessening the administrative work connected to selling snacks and merchandise, this module allows you to add streams of revenue without adding to your work load — or your front desk line. Since the process is quick and easy, you’ll easily be able to keep up with check ins while customers make purchases.

Tracing Inventory and Running Retail Reports Is Streamlined

Counting inventory by hand and keeping all your numbers up to date takes extra time and effort which none of us wants to sacrifice. With Jackrabbit POS, the work is literally done for you! Your business will be well organized with numbers automatically updated in real time.

With Jackrabbit POS, you can quickly and easily run reports on inventory anytime. No complicated spreadsheets, no counting, no waiting. As a business owner, being able to include inventory information and updated revenue in your financial reports offers you a significant advantage as you make decisions going forward.

Making the Checkout Process Quicker

Thanks to barcodes and a swipe reader that allows for encrypted credit card processing, your customers can check out as quickly as they can at the grocery store down the street. Because the web-based platform allows you to use Jackrabbit software on more than one device at a time, the process can be further streamlined. Instead of causing long lines for other customers and high stress for your staff, Jackrabbit’s POS allows you to speed up the process, allowing your staff to be able to offer a higher level of customer service to your many valued students and their parents.

Offering Payment Options

Jackrabbit allows you to accept various forms of payment. One-time transactions can be processed using cash, a check, or a credit card without being tied to any existing Jackrabbit accounts. This allows other family members and friends of your studio to gift students with payment for a specific event or purchase or to participate in a fundraiser. Of course, you also have the option of using credit cards on file for those already in your system, so parents who forgot a snack can call after drop off and ask for refreshments to be charged to their on-file card.

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