8 Professional Development Goals to End the Year Strong

Whether you’re new to the practice of setting goals or a seasoned vet- chances are, as a  youth activity center owner, director or manager, you spend a majority of your time thinking about what you can do to take you and your team’s skill set to the next level.  Think back to a time in your life when you really wanted to achieve something. Did you get farther when the idea swirled around your head, [...]

October 26th, 2020|

Virtual Release Notes: October’s top product release

October 23rd, 2020|

It’s a new month with new product enhancements here at Jackrabbit Class! Last month, Jackrabbit’s training specialist, Marie, and myself introduced our new concept of Virtual Release Notes, a more interesting way to learn about what was recently released to the Jackrabbit application. We had such a great time chatting [...]

4 reasons to switch your class management software now

October 19th, 2020|

Figuring out which class management software is right for your gymnastics gym, swim school or dance studio is easier than you think.  Figuring out if your current platform isn’t the best solution for your business is even easier. If you can identify with any or all of the points below, [...]

Jackrabbit Parent Portal Guide: Everything you need to know about connecting with parents

October 15th, 2020|

As a business owner, you know that customer experience plays a huge role in the success of your youth activity program. It’s simple: if your customers are happy with their experience, they’ll continue to enroll in classes at your gymnastics gym, swim school, dance studio, cheer or music program.  In [...]

4 reasons why clients love Jackrabbit Checkup Calls

October 8th, 2020|

Software support representatives may be the people you hope to never talk to. Because who wants to be stumped by software to the point of confusion? No one, that’s who. At Jackrabbit Class we understand that your business only works when your class management software works for you. That’s why [...]

Getting started with Jackrabbit Class: 5 basic steps

October 6th, 2020|

Choosing the right class management software to help you run your youth activity center can be challenging. It’s a process that takes time and energy. And let’s face it, we’re all running a little low on both these days. At Jackrabbit, we believe that when you’ve found the perfect class [...]

Virtual Release Notes: Fan-favorite enhancement from September

September 30th, 2020|

Recently, me and my good friend, Marie sat down to talk about recent enhancement releases here at Jackrabbit Class for our first-ever Virtual Release Notes. Well, what in the world are virtual release notes? So glad you asked! A lot of software companies use release notes to communicate new product [...]

3 tips for becoming a power user of class management software

September 23rd, 2020|

Every business owner relies on technology and software to help them run their business. It’s the name of the game! For dance studio, swim school, gymnastics gym, and youth activity center owners, having robust class management software is one thing. But, being a power user of that software solution is [...]

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