How to Keep Young Gymnasts Engaged During Summer Camp

How to Keep Young Gymnasts Engaged During Summer Camp

With the summer months fast approaching, you are probably deep in thought about summer camp season at your gymnastics gym. These camps are revenue boosters in the months when school is out and are a great opportunity to get the word out in your community about your gym.  Making sure the summer camp attendees have […]

Spooky Activities to Plan for Your Music Students

young boy in pirate costume with microphone

It’s the time of year once again when the season begins to change its tune from the hot, dry Summer to the cool, crisp feeling of Fall! It’s the time when the spirit of Halloween takes hold, and with it comes the scary movies, candy and spooky activities we all know and love. As everyone […]

13 Tips for Working With Children with Special Needs and Disabilities

Gym teacher jokes with students

You may already have steps in place to ensure that your programs are inclusive of varying skill levels, but what about children with special needs or disabilities? These students are just as excited to be a part of your program but may require some additional support and understanding to make sure they feel welcome and […]

How to Make Your Swim Classes Inclusive for All Ability Levels

Swim Class Inclusivity

Swim instructors have unique jobs and are tasked with teaching both life-saving skills and a hobby that many people enjoy throughout childhood into adulthood. With varying ages, backgrounds, and abilities, inclusion in the pool is an important part of teaching swimming. By providing an inclusive experience, you are more likely to provide positive experiences for […]

4 Ways to Welcome New Students Into Classes

4 Ways to Welcome New Students into Classes

Does your youth activity center offer year-round student registration, where students can enroll in swim, gymnastics or dance classes anytime throughout the year? If you do, you know it’s a great way to ensure you’re not limiting your revenue potential. You also know that means your instructors need to be professionals at welcoming new students […]

How to build your swimmers confidence

How to build your swimmers confidence

Ask most parents who have put their child in swim lessons and they will tell you that one of the biggest hurdles is helping their child gain confidence in and around water.  Whether a child is a first-timer or has experience in the water, it can be difficult to get them back on track after […]

How to motivate cheer athletes

how to motivate cheer athletes

To perform well and succeed in their sport, athletes need to stay focused throughout the season and be all in for every practice. Cheer athletes are no different. After school and in-between their social and home lives, cheer athletes work hard to perfect their routines. It can be both physically and mentally demanding.  Whether you […]

How to Talk with Your Swim Students & Parents About Water Safety

water safety tips for swim school students and their parents

Anywhere there’s water, there’s a risk. Water is fun, and it can even be beautiful, but it can also be dangerous – especially for kids.  With summer coming to an end and school beginning, it’s important to continue the conversation surrounding water safety with kids year-round. So if you’re looking to continue the conversation about […]

Young Coaches: Tips for Teaching Kids

young coaches tips for teaching kids

Most people are surprised by how hard it can be to become a successful coach. If you find yourself in a similar spot, know that you’re not alone. After all, many young coaches grew up playing the sport they are now coaching. In some cases, you may have even excelled at the sport. So why […]

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