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Jackrabbit Dance makes it easy to try the industry’s most trusted dance studio management software.

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Jackrabbit Dance is the industry’s most responsive, reliable and robust class management software for dance. Worldwide we’ve transformed more than 12,000 schools, helping owners take complete control of their business, so they can focus on what they love – teaching.

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“It’s like having another employee and a whole tech crew on your team that’s there to help you win.”
– Suzanne Blake Gerety / Kathy Blake Dance Studios

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Our Dance class management software delivers an unparalleled combination of speed, scalability and reliability. Benefits our users can depend on to save time, streamline operations and make money.
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Online Registration

Streamline your operations and enhance customer convenience by eliminating paperwork.

Time Clock

Save time and costs by saying good-bye to paper timesheets and manually counting staff hours.

Billing and Payments

Customers can conveniently pay tuition and fees online. No more phone calls or late payments.

Point of Sale

Our software maximizes the efficiency, function and performance of your front desk.

Skill Tracking

Instructors can easily update student skills and alert parents when new skills are mastered.

Executive Dashboard

Change what’s possible with management tools that categorize and organize business data.

How Jackrabbit Dance Software Soars Above the Competition

Dance Studio Pro is a popular dance studio management option. While this software will certainly help you improve your dance studio’s organization and communication, leading to added revenue and growth, it leaves some areas unaddressed. By contrast, Jackrabbit Dance provides the same benefits of Dance Studio Pro — and more! To give you an idea of the areas that set Jackrabbit Dance above the competition, we’ll enumerate some of the most significant ones that your dance parents will be sure to notice.

Simplified Enrollment Process

The easier you make it for parents to enroll their dancers in your classes, the happier they’ll be — and we all want happy parents, don’t we?! While Dance Studio Pro offers an online class list, it falls short of offering filter options that allow parents to easily view teachers, times, or class styles they prefer. Jackrabbit Dance, by contrast, allows parents to filter and search for the class options that best suit their schedules and desires. Another difference is that while Dance Studio Pro does allow parents to view their child’s schedule when they’re logged in, Jackrabbit Dance sends parents their class schedules, allowing them to view upcoming events even when they’re not logged in.

Electronic Payment Options

When it comes to payments, everyone has a preference, and Jackrabbit is designed to accommodate a variety of electronic payment methods. Dance Studio Pro offers only two options for payment with credit cards: PayPal or Stripe. The high processing fees associated with those methods make them far from preferable, though. Jackrabbit Dance takes those issues into consideration, offering not only credit card processing but also electronic payment options of electronic bank transfers or e-checks.

In addition, Jackrabbit Dance allows parents the option of enrolling in automatic payments, saving them added time and energy while also avoiding the possibility of late payments or delinquent accounts. One more distinction when it comes to payments is that while standard processing fees from electronic gateways do apply, Jackrabbit Dance does not add any of its own processing fees to them.

Greater Customer Service

Because Jackrabbit Dance provides a greater degree of customer service, it allows you to ensure your customers receive the best service possible, as well. Unlike Dance Studio Pro, which offers support only through e-mail, Jackrabbit Dance offers a variety of customer service options to serve you. When you call, a real human being will either answer or return your call within only minutes. Other options include live chat, e-mail, and special training sessions. This kind of customer service provided by Jackrabbit Dance will allow you to ensure that your dance families receive the most professional and thorough experience possible — a benefit that will no doubt reflect positively on your dance studio!

To truly appreciate the many facets of Jackrabbit Dance Web-Based Class Management Software, sign up for your free trial today!

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