Harmonizing Skills and Fun: The Benefits of Music Camps for Kids

Harmonizing skills and fun

Jackrabbit Class is excited to include this guest post from David Watkins of PlanMyKids. I remember being in elementary school when the music department visited each classroom to discuss the importance of music education and to recruit an entire group of kids to sign up and play an instrument. We were all told to think […]

How Good Nutrition Correlates to Strong Athletic Performance

healthy lunch chicken and greens

Youth sports offer a variety of benefits beyond physical activity, including teamwork, discipline, and personal development. However, one aspect is often underestimated when considering its impact on youth athletic performance – nutrition. Proper nutrition plays a large role in supporting growth, development, and overall well-being, making it an important piece of success for young athletes. […]

Determining the Right Age for Your Child to Start Cheerleading

young girls with pom poms in air

From the dancing, tumbling, music and stunts, to the camaraderie and friends made along the way, cheerleading can be an amazing experience for any child to be a part of! Cheer provides a fantastic opportunity for a child to engage in a physical, engaging activity in their free time and make noticeable progress towards their […]

How to Pick the Right Gymnastics Gym for Your Child

best gymnastic gym for your child

Gymnastics is hugely popular in the U.S., with over 5 million young athletes involved in the sport across 4,000 plus gyms. The U.S. ranks number one in the world for gymnastics, according to the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG). To excel in gymnastics requires dedication and practice. Top gymnasts typically train for several hours a […]

How Young is Too Young for Toddlers to Begin Gymnastics?

Toddlers enjoying gymnastics ball

Gymnastics can be great fun for both toddlers and their parents. Often, parents may not consider looking at a gymnastics gym for “toddler and me” classes for very young kids. They may assume that 12 or 18-month-old children are too young to enjoy the benefits of gymnastics classes. While these young toddlers may be too […]

The Top 7 Benefits of Music Classes for Preschoolers

Top 7 Benefits of Music Classes for Preschoolers

Some say that music is the first language we understand. From an early age, children usually have a strong response to any music you play for them, but the benefits of involving your little ones in music classes can extend far beyond watching them light up and move to the beat. Music classes are an […]

How To Save A Website To Your iPhone/iPad Home Screen

How to save a website to your iphone or ipad

While we’re used to having unlimited access to the app store, some companies don’t have a dedicated mobile app for interacting with their business or accessing their content. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. Instead, you can save a website to your iPhone or iPad home screen to have the same experience.  Saving a website […]

When Should I Enroll My Child in Music Class?

When Should I Enroll My Child in Music Class?

Close your eyes and imagine the feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio. You turn the volume up, roll the windows down, and sing like you’re on stage. Or, imagine being home with your kids and one of their favorite songs comes on TV, and you all get up and dance, […]

Sweat the Legal Stuff for Your Children’s Gym (You’ll be Glad You Did)

Owner of a children's gym sweating the legal stuff for his business

You can’t fight the law. Once you decided to open a children’s gym, you raised a number of legal questions about how and where you’ll operate that gym. The time to review and resolve the legal issues that surround opening a children’s gym is early on in the business planning process. You’ll discover that your […]

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