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4 Reasons to Switch Your Class Management Software Now

Figuring out which class management software is right for your gymnastics gym, swim school or dance studio is easier than you think.

Figuring out if your current platform isn’t the best solution for your business is even easier. If you can identify with any or all of the points below, it may be time to switch class management software partners.

4 reasons why now might be the time to switch your class management software:

Your software doesn’t make it easy to communicate with customers

An effective customer communication strategy should include clear and transparent messaging, leaving parents with a solid understanding of what they need to do next.

Whether you need to share time-sensitive information with a group of students, notify your entire customer base of an updated policy or just check in to make sure your families are healthy and happy – your swim school, dance studio or gymnastics management software should offer intuitive ways to craft the perfect email, text, push notification or parent portal log-in message.

In no way should your class management software leave you clueless when trying to communicate with customers. It just shouldn’t.

I don't understand class management software

Your software isn’t keeping up with how you need to do business now

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to conduct business in ways we never thought possible. Overnight, youth activity center owners discovered how to teach classes and manage teams remotely. (Hats off to each and every single one of you!)

Whether you’ve fully reopened your youth activity center or are still operating on a limited capacity, chances are you need your current class management software to change with you.

Any good class management software will allow you to run your business anytime, anywhere. A great class management software will adapt and deliver enhancements that will help you grow your gymnastics gym, swim school or dance studio no matter the circumstances.

Do you feel seen? If you’ve already decided that now’s the time to switch your class management software platform, you can start a 30-day trial with Jackrabbit Class today!

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Your software is difficult for your customers to use

Class management software is designed to make growing your business easier by giving families the ability to complete certain tasks, such as register for classes online, make tuition payments, agree to updated policies, schedule upcoming absences and so much more. So why would you continue to use a platform that doesn’t allow your customers to do any of those?

If you receive more calls from parents asking for help completing online registration than actual online registrations, you might need to switch class management software.

If week after week, families can’t seem to find the right link to access their virtual class, you might need to switch class management software.

If you constantly hear from parents that their child’s information is riddled with typos, you might need to switch class management software.

Over the years you’ve learned that the happier the parents at your facility are, the happier you’ll be. Do yourself a favor. Switch to a class management software solution that has a client and customer-endorsed Parent Portal.

Your software doesn’t allow you to manage your team effectively

Managing a team is probably one of the most time-consuming tasks you face as owner of a youth activity center. From accessing staff schedules, tracking payroll and maintaining a clear line of communication with employees or departments- you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Pause for a second to take a pulse check. Is your current platform offering time-saving solutions for all the ways you need to manage your team? If your existing class management software makes it easy to track instructors’ time but nearly impossible to see their schedule of classes, then what’s the point?

Now’s not the time to stick with a swim school, dance studio or gymnastics management software that doesn’t work for you. Now’s time for a software that supports you.

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A lifetime dancer turned marketing professional, Molly pulls from her experiences in the dance studio to connect with Jackrabbit clients. As part of Jackrabbit's Marketing team, Molly focuses on providing Jackrabbit clients with exciting class management tips and loves sharing the benefits of using Jackrabbit Class with anyone who will listen! In her spare time, you can find Molly in the backyard with her family or in Boone, NC cheering on the Mountaineers of App State!

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