How to keep in touch with your students’ parents

As the industry-leading class management software, the team here at Jackrabbit Class knows how important it is to have a system that will help you run your business. From creating classes and opening them for registration to billing and collecting tuition payments efficiently, having a platform that helps you with your most important tasks is extremely important to the success of your youth activity center.

One of the fan-favorite aspects of Jackrabbit Class is the many ways you can communicate with your students’ parents. Having multiple options for communication helps you ensure that you can get the right message to the right people at the right time!

Why is communication important?

Now more than ever, parents want to be connected to you and your program. Communication is also a major part of great customer service – something you work hard to provide day in and day out.

Consistent communication with your students’ parents is a great way to build on relationships and build connections that result in customer retention long term.

How to communicate with students’ parents using Jackrabbit Class

Communicate with email in Jackrabbit

Email is currently one of the most common forms of communication. With Jackrabbit Class, you can send individual emails with more of a personal touch with ease. When composing your email, you can view contact information for the parents and the student(s) to make personalization quick and simple.

You can also send mass emails, which is one email to many contacts at once. With so many ways to segment your audience with filters, you can ensure that the emails you send are meaningful to the recipients.

If you’re like many youth activity center owners and create your best emails at night when things are a little quieter, the schedule email feature is a game-changer! Being able to set an email to send at a later date and time gives you the ability to make changes and updates up until the time it sends.

As a way of extending your customer service, your coaches and instructors can send parents email updates from the Staff Portal. This is an especially nice touch when their student has completed a skill they have been working on – the parents can acknowledge the goal and celebrate with them at home!

And if you ever want to know what kind of email communication is being sent out to parents by your staff, you can always refer to the Sent Emails Report. You can preview the email and see who the email was sent from.

(—> Learn more about Jackrabbit’s robust email features here)

Communicate with the Jackrabbit’s Parent Portal

The Jackrabbit Parent Portal is a great way to reach parents where they are – on their phone, on the go! While the Parent Portal is powerful in so many ways, it’s definitely a tool that encourages communication both ways.

With the Jackrabbit Parent Portal:

  • Parents can view emails sent to them from Jackrabbit staff for up to 365 days. This is a great way to ensure that families do not miss emails from you due to issues with their email provider, a full inbox, etc.
  • You can send a customized message to individual families that will pop up when they log in to the Parent Portal.
  • You can share news and announcements for all of your families to view.
  • Parents can contact your front desk using the ‘Contact Us’ option if they have questions about their bill, their student’s classes, etc.

The Jackrabbit Parent Portal is a nice compliment to email communication to make sure important messages are received.

(—>Check out the help documentation for communicating with the Jackrabbit Parent Portal)

Communicate with texting in Jackrabbit

From time to time, you need to send time-sensitive messages out to parents. That’s where texting with Jackrabbit comes in.

  • Weather closure on a Monday? Text all of your Monday classes.
  • Unexpected teacher outage on a Wednesday? Text the parents of students who take a class from that teacher on Wednesdays.
  • Exciting event coming up? Text your students’ parents a short and simple reminder.

Text messaging is definitely suitable for messages that need to be sent out quickly and don’t require a lot of details in the message. With the texting integration at Jackrabbit, you can set up an account with Twilio or Plivo to get started.

Communicate with a mobile app

If you’ve ever dreamt of having your studio, gym, or youth activity center’s logo in the app store for your very own mobile app – your dreams are now a reality. Introducing: Jackrabbit Plus, class management software + your custom-branded mobile app for parents.

With Jackrabbit Plus, you can take communication to another level with push notifications and password-protected groups. The mobile app as a whole creates a positive customer experience that will continue to foster growing relationships with your students’ parents.

Learn more about Jackrabbit Plus

How to keep in touch with students’ parents seasonally

As you reach the holiday season at the end of the year, it’s important to remember that communication is everything! From special events during class time to holiday performances and holiday closures, it’s necessary to communicate frequently and through various channels.

Knowing how Jackrabbit Class can help you reach your students’ parents in multiple ways, it’s a great idea to take advantage and plan out your seasonal communication plan. Here’s an example:

  • Include holiday closures, special events, and holiday performance dates in the monthly newsletter you send via email.
  • Add important dates to the news and announcements section of the Jackrabbit Parent Portal.
  • Send push notifications to remind families of closed dates a few days before the closure begins, as well as exciting holiday events.
  • Send a text message to classes affected by holiday closures the morning of the closure.

While it may seem repetitive to include the same information on multiple channels, it’s effective to be consistent and keep these important updates at the forefront for parents. (—>Learn more about how Jackrabbit can help you plan for holidays)

Jackrabbit Class is a powerful class management software that makes communicating with students’ parents both effective and easy. And that’s just one of the many parts of your business made simple by using a platform that is here to partner with you. Want to try it out for yourself?

Start your 30-day free trial now!

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With Amber's prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and an office administrator at a dance studio, she can use her prior experiences to relate to Jackrabbit customers. As part of Jackrabbit's Marketing team, Amber focuses on notifying clients about new enhancements, training opportunities, upcoming webinars, and more! Amber enjoys watching football and traveling in her free time!

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