Fan-Favorite Email and Communication Features in Jackrabbit Class

Running a youth activity center is no small feat. There are a lot of moving parts to consider, day in and day out. Having class management software can help you be most efficient during the chaos and that’s exactly what you need. A cloud-based solution like Jackrabbit Class can help you run your business on the go – anywhere, anytime!

When shopping for the perfect class management system, there are certain things that are a must. The ability to communicate with your families easily is one of them. After all, communication is key.

I am sure you feel like a good bit of your time is spent reaching out to your families. Whether it’s to inform them of a new class you’ve added to the schedule, a new session opening for enrollment, new policies you’ve implemented, an upcoming event or performance – and the list keeps going!

Here’s how Jackrabbit Class can make this part of your day-to-day effortless.

Top 7 Email Features in Jackrabbit Class

What makes Jackrabbit Class special when it comes to email? I am so glad you asked! Because we know email is the most successful form of communication, we’ve put together a list of our 7 fan-favorite email features that can help you simplify correspondence.

1. Mass emailing made easy

Emailing all of your families is something you do on a regular basis. Whether it’s your monthly newsletter, a weather closing, or a tuition reminder – it needs to be swift.

With Jackrabbit Class, you can easily email every family in a matter of a few clicks. The best part is you don’t need to continuously groom your list of contacts to keep it accurate. Jackrabbit does this for you with the live data inside your application.


2. Personalization is simple

Everyone loves a personalized note – am I right? Any time you are connecting with a parent, it means a lot when you include their name and or their child’s name. It helps them feel connected to you. Email shouldn’t be any different.

When emailing in Jackrabbit Class, the contact information and student name display on the email page so you can easily add that personal touch when creating emails!

And there’s more where that came from! This year, our product team is working on more email follow-up automation that will trigger when certain activities take place. Stay tuned!

3. Segmenting is efficient

The key to your emails being read is getting the right message to the right people at the right time. You want to make your communication as intentional as possible – not every email is meant for everyone.

Jackrabbit Class gives you the option to send an email from search results. This helps you streamline your processes – just filter, select families, and email – without losing your spot in the application.

4. Email templates save time

Do you have emails that you send more than once? Think welcome emails, late fee reminders, open house promotion, etc.

With Jackrabbit Class, you can create your own email templates for scenarios where you know you will use the email again. And for the times you want to send a more eye-catching email, Jackrabbit comes with templates already loaded with fun graphics to help you look like the professional you are. You can use them as examples or use them as they are!

Already in love with what you’ve heard so far? Schedule a live demo with one of our Product Coaches to learn more about the many ways Jackrabbit Class can help you manage your youth activity center!

I am ready for my live demo

5. Email flexibility with the Staff Portal

Depending on the size or culture of your youth activity center, you may encourage your instructors to connect with families, building that relationship. It’s a great idea to have them check on a student that has been absent for a few weeks or share skill progress with mom and dad.

Jackrabbit Class allows you to customize if staff can email from the Staff Portal, and more specifically, who can email from the Staff Portal. With families being able to correspond directly with instructors, you can avoid being the middle-man!

6. Schedule emails for a later time

I am going to take a wild guess that you might work through your emails either really late at night or super early in the morning. I mean, you have to fit it in where you can!

Jackrabbit Class has an option to schedule emails for another date and time. So, if you are up creating your newsletter at midnight, you can schedule it to send the next afternoon. It never hurts to have time to go back and review it with fresh eyes before it sends!

7. Reports about email

Class management software with easy-to-use email is great but email reporting is just as important!

Email reports available in Jackrabbit Class include:


How the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal makes parent communication easy

In addition to emails, you always want to have another avenue of communication in case something is missed. We know email is the most effective, especially when you want your customers to take action, but that doesn’t mean other means of communication should go out the door.

The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal is a supplemental way to reach families within a feature they are already accustomed to. From customized messages for individual families to news and announcements for everyone enrolled, you can take advantage of the portal in a way that compliments your email strategy.

My favorite feature in the Parent Portal is parents can view any emails you have sent to them in the last 6 months directly from their portal. Talk about having everything they need in one spot!

Take a deeper dive into all the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal has to offer here.

How can you get started with Jackrabbit Class?

Here at Jackrabbit Class, we believe we are your partner in this journey because your life’s work is powered by our life’s work. And to make sure we are a good fit for you and your youth activity center, we are offering a 30-day free trial with your very own Product Coach to help you through your first 60 days with us. It’s a win-win, right?

Join the Jackrabbit family today!
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With Amber's prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and an office administrator at a dance studio, she can use her prior experiences to relate to Jackrabbit customers. As part of Jackrabbit's Marketing team, Amber focuses on notifying clients about new enhancements, training opportunities, upcoming webinars, and more! Amber enjoys watching football and traveling in her free time!

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