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The 13 Powerful Features of the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal

Making it easy for parents and families to engage with your youth activity center is key to the success of your program. After all, keeping families happy is what keeps your business thriving. Having a strong connection with students, parents, and families is what keeps them coming back session after session, year after year.

13 best features in the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal

The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal is perfect for engaging families with your program. The Parent Portal was designed to help your families stay connected with you at their leisure. Whether it is in the middle of the day or late at night, parents don’t need to call – they can just log in!

With all it has to offer, we put together a list of the 13 best features of the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal to show why it is a benefit for your youth activity center.

1. Mobile-friendly design

First and foremost, the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal is mobile-friendly. No matter what device parents use to login – computer, tablet, or smartphone – the parent portal automatically adjusts to the size of the screen on the device they are using.

The mobile friendly design is what makes the parent portal a true tool of convenience.

2. Easy access to virtual classes

Earlier this year, Jackrabbit released a suite of fast-tracked features to help dance studio, gymnastics gym, and swim school owners manage their businesses in the wake of coronavirus closures. This included the ability to add virtual class links to the Jackrabbit Parent Portal so students could easily access virtual classes from anywhere at any time.

While facilities are beginning to reopen, as an owner, you should expect that not all students will feel comfortable returning to your facility when in-person classes resume. Offering this contactless approach to managing the classes at your facility will have parents singing your praises for many months to come.

3. Schedule absences and makeups

When you and your staff take attendance through the Staff Portal, parents can also see this from their end in the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal. This is super helpful if you offer makeup classes for your program. With a few quick rules, parents can login to their Parent Portal to let you know about future absences and schedule their own makeup classes. Think about the staff hours you’ll save when you begin sharing this responsibility with parents!

4. Require policy acknowledgment

Having current policy acknowledgments on file for your families is a must! With the help of the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal, you can control how often you want your parents to agree to your policies, whether upon reopening, at the beginning of each session or annually.

Being able to set when policies should be agreed to is a great way to make sure policy agreements are up to date prior to enrollment for the next session.

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5. Require credit card information on file

The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal allows you to require a credit card or bank account on file before enrollment can happen. This helps you to collect the payment required to hold a spot for students in their upcoming classes.

Of course, you need to have electronic payments set up in your application to require a credit card or bank account on file. But, it is worth it – just ask Dance Davidson. ePayments made their life easier because of all the time and effort saved regularly.

6. Make payments and manage billing information

With the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal, parents can quickly make payments and update any billing information as needed. Often times, parents aren’t thinking about this until the kids are in bed for the night and the house is quiet or a new debit card comes in the mail because their previous one was compromised.

Either way, they can login at their convenience to update the information and make payments. Because this is so easy, parents won’t hesitate to login and take care of business.

7. View and print transaction history

Parents can see all fees and payments through the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal. Being able to access this information helps parents stay in the loop on what fees are due and what fees their payments are covering. They can even get the information they need for tax deductions in the new year.

With the information so easily available to parents, you can eliminate extra effort from you and your staff.

8. Claim spots for classes and events

The parent portal offers a quick option for parents to enroll their children in classes and events at your youth activity center. The easier the enrollment process is, the more enrollment you will have. Am I right?

Offering priority enrollment to returning families shows your appreciation for their continued business and the parent portal makes this quick and easy. Allowing these families to have the first pick at classes for the next season is a great incentive for them to return each year!

9. View sent emails and other important messages from your team

Email is the way of the world, but let’s be real – we all get a lot of emails every day. Most of which never get opened before they hit the trash folder. The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal holds copies of all emails sent to the family over the last 6 months so even if they miss the email in their inbox, they have a copy in their portal.

Your team can also send other important messages to specific families or all families through the Parent Portal. With multiple avenues to communicate with parents, you are more likely to make sure your messages are received!

10. Check on their student’s skills and skill status

Keeping parents in tune with what their child is learning is a great way to keep them coming back for more! The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal helps parents see what their student is working on, what they need to focus on, and what they have accomplished.

Being able to check in to the portal at their convenience for updates is a great benefit.

11. Email notification settings

As with other parts of Jackrabbit, the parent portal allows you to customize settings. Not only can you control what automated email notifications your organization receives, but you can also determine if your parents should or should not receive email notifications of enrollments done through the portal.

Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal settings

Just another great way to declutter your inbox and theirs!

12. Gender can be optional

It’s 2020 and not everyone identifies with one gender over the other. Jackrabbit Class understands the importance of this to our clients and our clients’ customers.

As with many other companies that collect personal information, gender can be optional in the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal. Or better yet, you can hide it all together! When gender is hidden in the parent portal, it isn’t visible or required.

Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal gender

13. Display wait listed classes

Classes filling up is a great problem to have! Wait lists start building and as students progress to the next class, you can fill their spot. The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal shows parents not only what classes their students are in but also the classes they are wait listed for. Not to worry, they can’t see their place ‘in line’, just which classes they are wait listed for.

How can you get started with the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal?

The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal is a powerful tool. Not only can your parents benefit from all it has to offer but you can customize your parent portal to display only the features and information you want to show your families.

No one knows your families better than you so being able to control what they can and cannot do is key to its success for your youth activity center. Fewer phone calls and emails equals more face time when families are present in your facility.

If you already have Jackrabbit Class, setting up the parent portal is a matter of choosing what you want parents to be able to see and do. Get started here!

Haven’t given Jackrabbit Class a spin yet? Start your 30-day free trial and give Jackrabbit Class and the Parent Portal a test drive.

About the Author:

With Amber's prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and an office administrator at a dance studio, she can use her prior experiences to relate to Jackrabbit customers. As part of Jackrabbit's Marketing team, Amber focuses on notifying clients about new enhancements, training opportunities, upcoming webinars, and more! Amber enjoys watching football and traveling in her free time!

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