Jackrabbit Class Product Roadmap

Head confidently into the New Year knowing that Jackrabbit Class is committed to helping your business do more in 2024. At Jackrabbit, we know that less isn’t always more, which is why we’re dedicated to delivering tools we know youth activity centers need to:

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Use this page as your reference for how Jackrabbit can help you better manage and grow your business, and check back frequently for updates on features that have been released!

Watch along as the Jackrabbit team shares how we chose this year’s feature roadmap and what you can expect to see in 2024!

What features are being released by Jackrabbit in 2024?

Available Now

While good things take time, these enhancements were too good to wait. Come back soon to keep track of 2024 Roadmap features that are now available!

Business Intelligence Dashboard Buy-Up

Eliminate the guesswork and make data-driven decisions for your business. No matter the size or number of locations, you can measure KPIs from one central place with ease when you buy-up to our unlimited pricing tier. No need to archive families and worry about your monthly rate – you get all the features at a flat, consistent price!

Jackrabbit Class with PayPath

Finding ways to save on expenses for your business is a daily effort. When you opt-in to PayPath with Jackrabbit Class, gone are the days of paying a monthly subscription bill. By passing on a small technology fee to your customers, your software becomes more affordable and you get every feature included!
(currently available in the US and Canada)


Credit card processing fees aren’t for the faint of heart but offering online payments is vital to the success of small businesses. With Surcharges, Jackrabbit will automatically apply a percentage based on your processing rate and state laws to eligible payments, putting money back in your bank account!
(currently available in the US and Canada)

Zippy AI

Zippy AI is your very own AI-powered assistant that helps to create emails so you get more done in less time with ease. Use Zippy AI as a daily email generation tool that can include class-specific details for faster communications to your customers. Let Zippy do the work for you!

Up Next in 2024

Preview what Jackrabbit solutions are coming that will help your business achieve more in 2024. Expect these new features and enhancements to be available mid-year. Get new feature announcements by subscribing to the Jackrabbit Class newsletter!

Executive Dashboard Refresh

When released, Jackrabbit’s refreshed Executive Dashboard will make training new staff of what to look for and monitoring each shift more intuitive than ever.

Activity Calendar

Jackrabbit’s updated calendar will include activities that are important to scheduling. With multiple views and intuitive navigation, enrolling, adding students to waitlists, scheduling makeups and managing schedules will be a breeze!


Whether you offer private lessons, semi-private lessons, or one-on-one classes, Jackrabbit’s new Appointments feature will create the best scheduling experience for you, parents, and staff. It’s a great way to generate additional revenue!

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