• online registration saves time and money

Online registration saves time for everyone

One of the main reasons for automating anything is time-savings. Whether it’s through software, machinery, or appliances, businesses put automation in place to get time back to achieve more in less time.

Youth activity centers can struggle with juggling multiple tasks at once. Luckily, there are multiple solutions to help swim schools, gymnastics and cheer gyms, dance studios, and the like streamline that growing task list. That’s why we’re giving you the first step towards automating more at your youth activity center, starting at the top with online registration.

3 ways online registration saves you time and money

Student registration is the bread and butter of any youth activities business. You’ve got to have students to bill and retain students to realize their lifetime value. Amiright?

Online registration is always available

In today’s always on culture, customers want to be able to interact with your business when it’s convenient for them. This may be at early morning, midnight, or any time you’re not physically at your facility to help register families.

Online registration through your program’s website or app is convenient for parents, eliminates administrative work for your staff, and increases enrollment for your program.

Online registration is safe and secure

True or False: Paper registration forms can pose problems when data is entered incorrectly and forms are not disposed of properly.


With features such as online registration, youth activity centers who use class management software benefit from automated processes that are more safe and secure than their manual predecessors.

When customers complete online registration forms, they are in charge of entering information on their students. Everything from name, date of birth, allergies, and shirt size is all completed by the person who knows them best. Not only does this save your staff time, this ensures your staff that the information for each student is as accurate as possible.

Does your youth activity center automate tuition payments and payments for other program fees? A bonus to online registration is that you can collect payment information from families at the same time. That way you’ll already have a card on file for when it’s time to begin your monthly billing process.

Online registration is a one-stop-shop for all paperwork

Remember how we talked about parents entering all student data during the online registration process? When you allow families to register for classes online, they can take care of additional paperwork, such as waivers at the same time.

If you’ve ever had a steady stream of parents waiting to pick up a clipboard to sign waivers at the beginning of your season, you know how precious this benefit can be. Saving on printing costs and eliminating filing cabinet storage space are two immediate perks of streamlining paperwork through online registration.

How to get started with online registration?

To start offering online registration to families at your youth activity center, you need class management software. Here are seven tips for finding the class management solution that’s right for your business. (–> Current Jackrabbit subscribers can begin setting up online registration and enrollment with these resources)

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