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The Ultimate Guide to Jackrabbit Class Integrations and Partnerships

Industry partnerships and integration options with Jackrabbit Class are essential to who we are! The partnerships and integrations we offer are unique when it comes to class management solutions.

Why does Jackrabbit Class Offer Integrations and Partnerships?

We believe extending our relationships with integration and industry partners to our clients sets them up for success. Whether it is something used daily or something used on occasion, the option is available and the benefits are priceless!

We take pride in partnering with companies that share similar core values and look to help youth activity centers strive for success. A better experience for you will trickle down to your customers and help your youth activity center thrive.

8 Industry Partners and Integrations with Jackrabbit Class 

If you are looking to streamline processes, build parent engagement, and save yourself a lot of manual work and time – you’ve come to the right place.

Our list of 8 industry partners and integrations includes where we are and where we are going as a company with our 20/20 Vision.

1. Integration with two ePayment partners

Call me biased, but Jackrabbit Class offering an option between two ePayment partners is unprecedented.

Exactly, it is basically unheard of. But, it is important for us to give you two options so you can choose who you want to work with – C&H Financial or SafeSave. Integrating with an ePayment partner allows you to collect money and post the payment all in one easy process. Both partners offer meet or beat pricing that we encourage our clients to take advantage of. Shop around for the best legitimate rate and ask for a match.

Jackrabbit Class does not charge additional fees to connect with our partners. However, standard processing fees will apply with the partner you choose. The amount of time and money (think man-hours here) saved by integration more than makes up for the money spent. Not to mention your accounts receivable list will be significantly shorter!

Both of our ePayment partners offer flat-rate, no monthly fee plans, superior to Square or PayPal! It isn’t commonly known that companies, such as Square and PayPal, charge various rates depending on the type of transactions being processed. 

For example, rates vary for in-person, card-not-present, or recurring transactions. Rates increase significantly for card-not-present and recurring billing transactions and may involve an additional monthly fee. 

Jackrabbit’s ePayment partners charge the same low, no monthly fee, flat rate regardless of what type of transactions are being processed.

2. Integration with a Text Messaging partner

Texting (in some cases) is more effective than email. Think of times you have had to make the decision to close based on bad weather. You need to get the message into the hands of your parents (literally) and quick!

Sure, you have to be careful with what your text messages say and how many you send out. But, in urgent cases where you have important information that is time-sensitive, this is a great option!

Jackrabbit Class integrates with texting provider Twilio. Jackrabbit Class does not charge additional fees for text messaging but simply enables you to text families directly from your application. The only fees that apply are based on Twilio’s pricing, which is a minimal cost per text sent.

3. Integration with two payroll partners 

“I love doing payroll”, said no business owner ever. That’s why Jackrabbit Class has two options for integration with payroll services.

Express Payroll is operated by a former gym owner that provides services specifically for youth activity centers. Complete with an employee portal and direct deposit, integrating with Express Payroll is the best way to take the payroll load off of your shoulders!

With QuickBooks being a popular payroll solution, it was a no-brainer to also integrate our time clock with QuickBooks Desktop. Exporting approved hours to QuickBooks is just a matter of a few clicks.

Jackrabbit Class also integrates with QuickBooks for revenue reporting, allowing you to get a full financial picture of your business with ease!

4. Integration with a branded mobile app

I often hear the phrase “there’s an app for that”. Why not have an app for your youth activity center?

Mobile Inventor and Jackrabbit Class joined forces to offer Jackrabbit Plus – a mobile app for your program based on your website to match your brand. The app can be found in the Apple App and Google Play stores, which most smartphone users are already familiar with. Having a mobile app gives you the ability to send push notifications, send direct links to class or event registrations, use a punch card setup for specialty classes, and much more. You will wonder why you haven’t done this already before.

Learn more about Jackrabbit Plus and how the mobile app can elevate the customer experience for your parents!

Read about Jackrabbit Plus!

5. Partner with the industry-leading recital ticketing service

Recital time has a lot of moving parts – costumes, dancers, volunteers, staff, venue, and anything else you add as a bonus. I don’t know about you, but I would be asking myself ‘how can this be easier’?

TutuTix is a recital ticketing service that goes above and beyond to make sure that you have a smooth show, the dancers feel like superstars, and the parents have an easy, stress-free experience. With their ability to bundle recital tickets with additional merchandise (flowers, t-shirts, etc.), you can make it one simple transaction for dancers’ families.

Whether you want reserved seats or general admission, they literally can do it all and even give you some ideas on how you can come out of your show with a profit.

6. Integration with a live, online streaming and video management program

Having parents in the classroom can be a distraction to their child and the other students in class. But, parents love seeing what their gymnast, dancer, swimmer, cheerleader, etc. has been learning.

Spot TV is our latest partnership and takes parent engagement to another level! In a generation with technology everywhere, you can offer live streaming of your classes to parents directly through their parent portal. With password protection and security parameters in place, you can ensure that your facility has made safety a top priority without compromising the experience for parents to follow along!

Jackrabbit Class is the first cloud-solution class management software company to partner with Spot TV, creating an added benefit to your program. Stay tuned for more details to come on how you can get your youth activity center connected through Spot TV!

Learn more about Jackrabbit and Spot TV!

7. Integration with a curriculum planning program

Consistency from one classroom to the next is important to you as a youth activity center owner. You want to make sure that each student has access to the same learning experience from teacher to teacher.

The partnership with LEAP! Learning and Jackrabbit gives youth activity centers the opportunity to access lesson plans directly from the Jackrabbit Staff Portal, which gives teachers easy access to the resources they need for every class.

8. Integration with a background screening platform

Having the best instructors can set you apart from competitors in your area. If background screening is part of your recruiting and hiring process, the integration between Jackrabbit and Yardstik lets you initiate a background check for any applicant with the click of a button and track the screen’s status within your database.

How can you get started with Jackrabbit Class integrations and partnerships?

Our integrations and partnerships are valuable to the youth activity centers we serve. So, what are you waiting for?

If you haven’t given Jackrabbit Class a spin yet, we would love to show you around with a live demo by one of our Product Coaches.

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Familiar with the hype because you are already using Jackrabbit? Schedule a checkup call with one of our Support experts to find out your next steps for implementing some of our time-saving, brand-building integrations and partnerships.

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