A Jackrabbit Class Integration

Live Stream Classes
with Jackrabbit Class and Spot TV

Extend your viewing room with the #1 class live streaming app.

Simple and Secure Video Streaming Integration

How does Spot TV work with Jackrabbit Class?

Live streaming classes with Spot TV is available through multiple viewing options in Jackrabbit Class. Assign video streaming cameras and manage access to customers through a seamless and secure integration.

Create & manage camera groups within Jackrabbit.

Assign camera groups to existing classes in Jackrabbit.

Live stream in the Jackrabbit Parent Portal or mobile app.

Benefits of Live Streaming Classes for Parents with Spot TV

Virtual Viewing Room

Minimize distractions and maximize available lobby space, while allowing busy parents to watch classes on the go.

Maintain Safety and Security

Provide transparency to ensure customers that your program is providing a safe and secure learning environment for students.

Stay Connected with Parents

Provide viewing opportunities for families at work, in the parking lot or anywhere around the world.

Staff Training Tool

Use real-life teaching scenarios as meaningful training opportunities for new staff to ensure the best student experience.

Jackrabbit Class + Spot TV is secure

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Spot TV boasts the latest in secure online viewing technology and is built upon the latest and most secure Windows .NET infrastructure by in-house developers and U.S. partner engineers.

Spot TV not only supplies and installs new HD camera systems, but is 99.9% compatible with existing systems.

Spot TV is currently servicing all 50 states, Canada, and is expanding in both EU and AUS markets.

If you already have a system, approximately 15 days. If you need a complete installation and setup, we typically set a 30-day expectation.

Schedule a no-pressure call with the Spot TV team to learn more about the integration with Jackrabbit.

No. Spot TV streaming will only be accessible during their scheduled class times set inside your Jackrabbit Database.

Why Customers Love Jackrabbit & Spot TV

Thanks to Spot TV, I was able to watch my great granddaughter’s 1st virtual meet! I haven’t missed one in 6 years.

Great Grandparent Ace Gymnastics

Amazing! Was able to watch and support the team from afar during these odd times. Thank you.

Mother Niagara Frontier Volleyball

Lightning fast and highly professional and courteous customer support!

Father Philadelphia Gymnastics Center

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