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Jackrabbit Class Integration with QuickBooks Online for Full Financial Insight

Having financial insight into how your business is doing is vital, no matter what kind of youth activity program you are running. You need to see revenue and expenses to get the full picture of the health of your swim school, gymnastics gym or dance studio.

Jackrabbit Class, as class management software, also acts as Accounts Receivables for the families enrolled in your program. Expenses should be tracked in an accounting program like QuickBooks.

With Jackrabbit’s integration with QuickBooks, you can see the revenue, expenses, etc. all in one place. Making your accountant, or yourself, a very happy camper!

Jackrabbit Class + QuickBooks = Full Financial State

What does QuickBooks Integration mean?

With the QuickBooks Integration, you can export revenue from Jackrabbit to the Desktop or Online version of QuickBooks. We worked closely with the folks at QuickBooks to make the process of integrating with QuickBooks Online as smooth and secure as possible. Both Jackrabbit and QuickBooks place a high importance on your data’s security, so you can be confident that your data is safe!

Recently, QuickBooks announced that they were dropping support for the 1st version of QuickBooks Online authentication. This is the process that links your Jackrabbit account to your QuickBooks Online account. To stay in line with QuickBooks, we have also upgraded our authentication to match theirs.

If you are already taking advantage of this integration, just disconnect and reconnect your QuickBooks Online account!

How do I connect Jackrabbit to my QuickBooks Online account?

If you are new to Jackrabbit or QuickBooks Online and haven’t connected the two together, it is a pretty easy, one-time setup.

From inside your Jackrabbit application:

  1. Head over to the Tools menu and click on QuickBooks Export.
  2. From the left hand menu, click on QuickBooks Online Export.
  3. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button and sign in to your Intuit QuickBooks account.

Almost there! Last thing you will need to do is verify your information. You will be sent a text or email to ensure you are who you say you are – keeping this sensitive information safe. Authorize your account and once you see the confirmation that the connection was successful, you know you are officially connected.

If you need more assistance, you can check out more details in our Help Center here or watch the video below!

Having an integration between QuickBooks and Jackrabbit Class will help you save time and effectively see your financial wellness in one place. Having a pulse on your business will allow you to focus on ways to improve how you manage your program and focus on growing!

(–>Start your 30-Day Free Trial with Jackrabbit Class to take advantage of this integrations and countless more!)

Need help connecting your Jackrabbit and QuickBooks accounts? Have a chat with our QuickBooks experts for happy number crunching!

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About the Author:

After studying graphic design at the University of Georgia, Jill held several positions in media and marketing including Art Director, Editor and Marketing Director. As a student of dance, she has spent plenty of time in children’s activity centers and puts that experience to work for her in the work she does with Jackrabbit. In addition to her interest in dance, Jill also enjoys sports, gourmet cooking, entertaining, singing and spoiling her five grandchildren.

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