Connecting with students and tracking their skills with Jackrabbit

How to Connect with Students and Families using Skills in Jackrabbit

Keeping families connected with your youth activity center is key to your success. Being able to show parents how the lessons their child attends weekly are paying off is a great way to keep them coming back. That’s where the skills feature of Jackrabbit Class comes in.

As the leading class management software out there, Jackrabbit Class includes ways to connect with families and keep them in the loop on what their child is learning through the Skills feature. The Skills feature is a perfect example of a win-win for you, your staff, your students, and families alike!

What are the benefits of using the skills feature in Jackrabbit Class?

Instructors are consistent

When skills are assigned to classes, you can ensure that your classes are getting the same quality of instruction from their teachers. Each level is working on the same skills, making the expectations clear from the start.

Using skills also takes pressure off of your teachers. They are aware of the goals for the season and that’s what they can use to plan for classes each week. Need help with lesson planning and skill-building? Jackrabbit Class partners and integrates with LEAP! Learning so you can direct your focus on teaching and make planning easy!

Students have clear goals

Anyone learning something new benefits from having goals. Knowing what you are working towards encourages you to keep working hard. Using skills in Jackrabbit does just that for your students as they work towards attaining skill after skill.

Parents can see the progress

Parents are happy to send their children to participate in youth activities, sports, and arts when they know their kid is having a great time and enjoying themselves. But, as parents see the progress their child is making, that loyalty builds and they keep coming back year after year, event after event.

With the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal, parents can easily see how their dancer, swimmer, or gymnast is progressing with new skills week to week.

Ready to see how Jackrabbit and it’s many features, like the Parent Portal, can help you and your business thrive? Start your 30-day free trial today and start building with one of our Product Coaches!

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Recommendations for next season

Sharing student’s skill status (i.e., what they have attained and what’s still in progress) helps with recommendations for the upcoming season. Parents can easily understand if their child is ready to move up to the next level or would benefit from some additional classes, private lessons, or staying at their current level.

While it may seem like years of experience translates to the level of skill, dance teachers, gym coaches, and swim instructors can vouch that isn’t usually the case. For a parent, that may not be second nature to understand. When you track skills, you are painting a picture for the parent so they know what’s in store for next year!

Celebrate progress

Celebrating progress and accomplishments is a great way to keep your students motivated from one skill to the next. No skill is too small to acknowledge!

With a class management system like Jackrabbit Class, you and your teachers can quickly and easily

How are skills updated in Jackrabbit Class?

Ok, so skill tracking is a given at this point. How do you track and update skills in Jackrabbit? So glad you asked!

Real-time updates with the Staff Portal

The most popular way to track and update skills is with the Jackrabbit Class Staff Portal. Since coaches and instructors can access the Staff Portal from a mobile device or tablet in the gym, studio, or classroom, skills are always up-to-date and accurate!

The complete guide to the Staff Portal

Skill tracking with the Class Skills Worksheet

We know not that using the Staff Portal in class on a mobile device isn’t always possible, especially for our swim schools. The Class Skills Worksheet is the perfect way to note progress during swim lessons or on the gym floor for updating in Jackrabbit later.

How to find students who have attained a new skill

Skills are in and tracked. Finding those students who have attained a new skill (and may be eligible for the next level) is even easier now with the new All Students page.

3 key pointers for your list of students:

  1. Use the date attained field in the filter drawer
  2. Show column for date and level attained
  3. Save search as a favorite for later use

From here, you can email these students and their families or create certificates of completion to celebrate! The new All Students page is a powerful tool to help you find other information related to your students such as:

  • How many hours per week a student is in class
  • Which students are currently on a wait list
  • How many students are enrolled in multiple sessions
  • Which students are in a specific age group
  • And much more!

Skill tracking is just one small piece of the package that comes with Jackrabbit Class. Learn more about the power of the industry’s leading class management software with a 30-day free trial and your very own Product Coach!

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