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Registration Time Made Easier – Processing Registrations with Jackrabbit’s New Report

Several Improvements Added – Updated: Wednesday, August 20, 2019

Jackrabbit’s game-changing report is guaranteed to save office staff even more time! Our Product team has updated the report to make it even stronger for you as you work through your busy season of registration.

Here’s what was added:

  • Updating multiple registrations at one time
  • Sorting registrations to show the newest at the top
  • Customizing dashboard settings to show the registrations that need your attention
  • Updating of registrations automatically in the report when a student is dropped, deleted, or moved from the waitlist
  • Searching by class session

jackrabbitclass - process reg

With the ability to see the registration source on this report, easily find parent portal enrollments and process accordingly. Make note of any fees posted by adding an Internal Note to the enrollment and mark complete!

Read more about Jackrabbit’s fan favorite report below!


New Process Class Registrations Report Now Live – Release Date: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Your registration time can be the most exciting and stressful time of year all at once. Seeing the emails roll in for all the new registrations and enrollments is great, but the thought of processing all of that can bring on some unwanted stress. That is until now!

Process Class Registrations Report – What is it?

Jackrabbit’s newest report might be the best one yet. The Process Class Registrations report is a working report that allows office staff to review pertinent information for online registrations, class enrollments from the Parent Portal, and waitlist additions.

No matter how students enroll, you can see the necessary information for all of these, in one place!

There are two ways you can get to this new report:

1. Key Metrics on the Executive Dashboard

  jackrabbitclass - process reg dashboard

2. Classes / Enrollment Reports in the Reports menu

jackrabbitclass - process reg

The dashboard is a great way to quickly see activity from the last seven days. However, if you access the report from the Reports menu, you can select the date range. You can also select search criteria to narrow down your results to a very specific group of registrations, class enrollments (including trials), or waitlist additions.

Check out our video here!


How can this report help you?

This report should become part of your workflow for registrations. It is a one-stop shop. The benefits you will gain from this report are unreal. Here are some highlights:

  • Each registration or enrollment has a status. The default status is ‘new’ but as you work through processing the registration, you can change the status to ‘in progress’ or ‘complete’.
  • Add notes as you work through the registration. If multiple people process registrations, this helps you all to stay in the loop and avoid miscommunication.
  • Each line on the report has a Type assigned (Registration, Enrollment, or Waitlist).
  • Enrollment information including the student name, student age, class, session, category 1, instructor, and enroll date.
  • Comments column including comments on the Online Registration form, Quick Registration form, or Parent Portal enrollments or waitlisting.
  • Family information with a column indicating if the family is brand new as of the beginning of the date range selected.
  • Billing information with an indicator (pink) if the family doesn’t have a card on file or if the card will expire by the end of the next month.
  • Fixed Fees for Family or Student, as well as the fee(s) posted and the family balance.
  • ‘More’ button to show additional family contact information.

Like many other Jackrabbit reports, you can choose which columns you want to show or hide, sort or filter by column headers, print or export the report, or email from the results page.

jackrabbitclass - process reg report

What else should you know about the Process Class Registrations Report?

The Process Class Registrations report is powerful and meant to help you through the registration process without navigating all over the database. As you work with this report, it is important to note a few things.

  • The count for the Key Metric on the Executive Dashboard is the number of records to review (Registration Status is New or In Progress).
  • Event enrollments are not included.
  • Problem families are indicated by red text.
  • Type = Registration will include:
    • Web Registrations or Quick Registrations for a family without students.
    • Web Registrations or Quick Registrations for a student without class enrollment.

Using the Process Class Registrations Report is a great way to enjoy registration time again.

With this report allowing you to ‘mark off’ completed registrations and work through the registration process in one report, you and your staff are guaranteed to be more efficient!

Start Processing Registrations with Jackrabbit Today!

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