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The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Staff Training and Certifications

Staff trainings and certifications are important to ensuring you have the best staff working with students in your facility. From CPR and safety training to professional development and continuing education related to their specific role, you want to make sure your staff are constantly improving their skills.

Streamlining employee training is the best way to ensure your youth activity center is the best it can be!

How to keep track of staff trainings and certifications

While the thought of keeping track of “another thing” may seem nearly impossible, we have put together a guide to help you track staff trainings and certifications.

Communication is key!

If you ask your staff members to complete a certain number of continuing education hours each year, let them know that up front. The more they know about what you expect from them, the more proactive they can be throughout the year.

If you require your staff to keep up with certifications with expiration dates that are every 2-3 years, send reminders periodically. Encouraging your staff to think ahead will help them avoid the urge to procrastinate. Let’s be real, something always happens when you wait until the last minute so let’s do what we can to keep that from happening!

How can Jackrabbit Class help you communicate with your staff?

Communicating with staff is a part of your day-to-day activities. With Jackrabbit Class, you can email and text staff with a few clicks, whether you want to email all staff or a single staff member.

staff training - email comm

Even better, you can post news in the Staff Portal. Think of this like a virtual bulletin board. Any reminders or information your staff members need to know about training expectations can live right here so they see it every time they log in.

staff training - staff portal

Give them what they need

After your staff understands what is expected of them, support your staff with the resources they need to successfully complete your facility’s training requirements. If we are being honest, the easier you make it the better the outcome.

If you are asking them to complete continuing education, give them the information they need by answering the following questions:

  • Is there a preferred vendor or association you want them to use?
  • What are some examples of courses they can take that will benefit them and your youth activity center?
  • What areas would you like to see them grow their skills in?

If there are certain courses that are mandated, i.e., CPR and safety training, share locations where these training courses are held with your staff. Even just a link to where they can find dates and times is helpful.

By giving your staff somewhere to start, you’ve eliminated the guesswork and their participation increases.

What training opportunities does Jackrabbit Class offer?

There’s a variety of training options to keep your staff up to date on maximizing Jackrabbit Class. Being comfortable with the cloud-based class management software is important to the growth of your business and your staff. While training in Jackrabbit may not be a required course, it can certainly count as continuing education!

No matter what type of learners your staff members are, we’ve got them covered. Our training options include:

In addition, Jackrabbit Class offers unlimited support included in your monthly subscription.

winning meme

Already liking what you see? Schedule some time to talk to one of our Product Coaches and see a live demo of more features Jackrabbit has to offer.

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Implement an easy-to-update tracking system

Tracking is a must if you are going to enforce training and certifications. Otherwise, what is the point if your staff members aren’t being held accountable? And we get it – you don’t want to spend extra time (that you don’t have) to keep up with it.

Implementing an easy, efficient tracking system for staff training is going to be the key to success here. Being able to see the status of each staff member’s training or certification at a glance with little effort will keep you sane!

How can Jackrabbit Class help you track staff certifications and trainings?

So glad you asked!

Jackrabbit Class built a new Staff Certifications feature to do exactly what you need – make it easy to update and find what you need quickly.

    • Set up your certifications by adding them to your drop-down list editor. Unless new trainings come up, this could be a one-time entry for you.staff training - drop down


    • Add the certification to the staff member’s record. All certifications from the drop-down list are available for selection.staff training - add cert


    • Glance at the dashboard to see who is overdue or has a due date in the next 30 days.staff training - dashboard


    • Check Certifications under the Staff menu to see a more in-depth glance of certifications and status.staff training - search

How do you get started with Jackrabbit Class?

Jackrabbit Class is cloud-based class management software that can help you with most of your daily tasks to run your youth activity center. For staff certifications (and many other things), Jackrabbit Class is a one-stop shop.

From communicating with your staff to offering training opportunities to tracking staff training and certifications, Jackrabbit Class is more than worth it for your youth activity center.

We believe in helping you get time back in your day so you can do more of the fun stuff. Schedule some time to talk with one of our Product Coaches and learn more about what Jackrabbit Class can do for you!

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