Who should attend the 2020 BOOST conference

Why Your Staff Should Attend BOOST 2020

The BOOST 2020 Virtual Conference is the place to be December 7th and 8th. With access available from anywhere in the world, it’s guaranteed to be the coziest, most comfortable conference this year.

In all seriousness, the BOOST conference isn’t a conference just for Jackrabbit fans and clients. It’s the conference of the year for anyone who works at a youth activity center, anywhere in the world. I’m talking to you dance studios, cheer and gymnastics gyms, swim schools, and music and performing arts schools.

From owners and directors to office staff, we’ve got sessions for everyone. An action-packed two days dedicated to building your business is the kind of BOOST you need as you get ready to tackle 2021!

Check out the full agenda here!

How can owners, directors, and managers benefit from BOOST?

Owners, directors, and managers often need to focus on the bigger picture. You are the visionary and thought leader for your program. You get people in the right seats and put all the pieces together to make sure your program is running efficiently at all times. Keeping all of that in mind is how we came up with the perfect agenda for your BOOST experience as an owner, director, or manager.

With a little bit of everything from ways to operate your business in a contactless world to using key metrics to guide your growth strategy, Day 1 is sure to get your mind flowing with a ton of great ideas. And Day 2 is coming in just as strong with ways to streamline training new hires and how to manage staff and payroll with the Staff Portal. All things that are super important in your role as a leader!

How can office staff benefit from BOOST?

Office staff often wear many hats and are more than just the front desk admin. They are the first impression for new families, they represent your brand, and often, they are the person connecting with your families on a regular basis – all of which are vital to the success of your program. Knowing the extent of office staff responsibilities helped us form the ideal agenda for their BOOST adventure.

Starting out Day 1 with the most important task of all – tuition posting – and finishing out with the benefits of the Jackrabbit’s Next Generation Experience and the new Simplified Menu. After all, your office staff is probably using the Jackrabbit application the most!

Day 2 is just as powerful with a look at the full ecosystem of Jackrabbit partners and integrations as well as transaction tricks that are sure to make their lives (and your families’ lives) easier!

How can marketing specialists benefit from BOOST?

Your marketing specialist is the person behind the brand. They are out there making sure your program is visible and making sure your program keeps growing with new families. Keeping those things in mind helped us build the best agenda for youth activity center marketers.

Starting off Day 1 with the session, The Future of Marketing and Enrollment, marketing machines – Emily and Molly – will share 3 things to consider prior to planning for 2021. Paired with ideas for high touch experiences in our (new) contactless world, your marketing guru’s wheels will be spinning by the end of the day – in the best way possible, of course.

Then Day 2 finishes on a high note with 5 tips for hitting your growth groove and how to get more done with mass actions and email. There’s no doubt your marketing expert will be ready to hit the ground running for 2021 when all is said and done!

Why should a Jackrabbit power user attend BOOST?

I think Jackrabbit BOOST fans would agree that just because you are a power user doesn’t mean that BOOST isn’t the place for you. It’s exactly where you want to be! Because BOOST offers more than just your typical software demo, there’s always a new takeaway (or 5) for the most seasoned class management software user out there.

And to make it easy on our beloved power users out there, we created an agenda just for them! From website integration to better workflows for tuition posting and best kept secrets of Jackrabbit support, even our power users are guaranteed to have some pretty great light bulb moments throughout the two-day event.

5 Benefits to anyone who attends BOOST

I think at this point, it goes without saying that anyone can benefit from attending BOOST. It’s an event for the whole team to attend!

But, there’s more than just the benefits each user role will see at the conference. There are also benefits that every attendee will gain from this year’s virtual event.

1. Networking through roundtable discussions

If you haven’t attended BOOST before, our attendees have said year after year that the roundtable discussion sessions are not only their favorite but oftentimes the most valuable as well. After attending sessions on why and how to use a feature, talking through the logistics and real-life use cases can often spark even bigger ideas and discussions for you to take back to your youth activity center. Pro-tip for roundtable newbies – have those notebooks and pens ready to go!

When Jackrabbit decided to go virtual for BOOST, we knew that no matter what, we needed to continue hosting roundtable discussions. It’s our way of creating a sense of community through our current contactless world when you need it the most!

2. Front-row access to the industry’s best partners

Jackrabbit is very intentional about who we partner with. It’s important to us that we choose partners that have similar core values as us and who are passionate about the success of youth activity centers. With BOOST, you don’t have to go searching for the perfect vendor – we’ve brought them straight to you!

Their sessions can be found on-demand and sprinkled through your BOOST experience as it fits in. And if you have the all-access pass, you can tap into the sponsored partner sessions after the live conference is over!

3. Seeing features in action

Seeing is believing, am I right?! While the BOOST conference isn’t all Jackrabbit all day, it’s the perfect mixture. And chances are, any feature you haven’t explored yet that you are curious about – there’s a live or on-demand session that will showcase the feature and why it’s a game-changer.

Even if you want to start small and lay the groundwork, these sessions will get you moving in the right direction so you are ready to go at your own pace!

4. Feeling refreshed and inspired to try new things

Hearing from your peers in the industry about how Jackrabbit features and streamlined procedures have been life-changing is the best motivation for anyone. And while you may feel a little overwhelmed with a lot of information in two days, I have no doubt in my mind that you will wake up when it’s over ready to take action!

Knowing that you have the support of the Jackrabbit team behind you is also very motivating to implement the next best feature for your program.

5. It’s about more than the software

In my 5 years at Jackrabbit, I don’t think I have ever been a part of a better community. Watching our sense of community and family extend to our clients is one of the most heart-warming things to be a part of. We all truly enjoy connecting with our clients and friends in the industry.

That’s what BOOST is all about – the connections, the growth, the fun, the conversations. And while BOOST 2020 looks different, we know that we are providing a great experience in the safest way possible!

Ready for a BOOST? Save your spot while there’s still time!

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