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5 Benefits of a New Organized Menu with Jackrabbit Class

Simple (adj): The opposite of complex. Not complicated.

With a definition like that, who doesn’t love something simple? That’s exactly what sparked the idea behind Jackrabbit’s new Simplified Menu – a state-of-the-art menu that you will love!

What is Jackrabbit’s Simplified Menu?

Jackrabbit Class is known for being robust and powerful as the industry’s leading class management software solution for youth activity centers. Part of the responsibility in holding that title means that our teams work together to simplify existing functionality, add more features, and continuously innovate.

Enter the Simplified Menu. A redesigned main menu that better organizes the navigation of the Jackrabbit application, while reducing redundancy. Don’t worry, Jackrabbit is still the class management software solution that we all know and love. But better and more powerful than ever.

What can you expect from the Simplified Menu?

I know, change isn’t always fun but let’s take a quick look at what’s changing and what’s not. You’ll be surprised at what’s staying the same!

What’s new?

  • The home icon. Found in the far left of your menu, taking you back to your dashboard anytime.
  • The reports menu. No more long list of reports you don’t use. You will only see the ones you have marked as My Reports with the red heart.
  • The gear icon. Similar to other software programs, all settings and setup wizards will be found under the new gear icon, as well as the list of recent enhancements.

What’s staying the same?

  • The functionality. Every single function you know and love about Jackrabbit is still there.
  • The support. Our frontline support reps are there to help you through email, live chat, and phone calls.
  • The open ear to feedback. The Idea Portal is still available in the upper right-hand corner and is a great way for you to communicate what you need from your Jackrabbit application.

The Simplified Menu is like putting the sprinkles on the icing of your cake. It changes your experience for the better and allows you (and our team) to keep building up!

5 Benefits of Jackrabbit’s New Simplified Menu

What’s there to love about this new and improved menu?

1. Less clutter

I think the only person who loves clutter is Marie Kondo. If you haven’t watched her show on Netflix, you’ve been warned – she will have you cleaning out all the closets, drawers, and cabinets in your house. Her go-to tagline is ‘does it spark joy?’

Well, a cluttered menu doesn’t spark joy for anyone. Our team knew it was time to clean up and make our menu simple and straightforward. All of the same pages of Jackrabbit that you know and love are still there but you can count on a more direct way to get there.

2. Reduced redundancy

The easiest way to make something seem complicated is to give multiple ways to reach one destination. Read that again.

Just because Jackrabbit is flexible, doesn’t mean that the navigation needs to be complex. The Simplified Menu takes out that redundancy, smoothing out how our clients can move from one task to the next. This also makes training new staff easy breezy.

3. Customized reports menu

One of the largest benefits of Jackrabbit Class is all of the reporting you have at your fingertips. Need a report for who was registered last season but not for the upcoming season? Easy! Need a report at the end of the day to show all of the revenue collected? Simple!

But as we’ve mentioned before, different people have different roles among unique businesses that use Jackrabbit. Not every client wants to access the same reports on a regular basis. With the new menu, you can ‘heart’ the reports you use most often and those reports will populate under the Reports section of the main menu. Just another way a small change can make a huge difference.

4. Enhanced workflow

We know time is precious when running a youth activity center. You need a lot of power with little effort and the Simplified Menu is the epitome of that statement. You can easily get more done while navigating less. And boy do those extra minutes add up quickly.

While the look of the menu isn’t what’s new here, the organization of the menu is well-thought-out and more intuitive than ever before. (—>See the comparison of the Classic Menu vs the Simplified Menu)

5. The foundation for something bigger and better

Technology is ever-changing and there always feels like there’s something better and more automated everywhere you look. And that’s where we want Jackrabbit to be as the class management solution that helps you run your business efficiently.

Upgrading Jackrabbit to newer technology allows our development team to continue to support your favorite existing features, while also planning the ones on your Santa wish list. When you think about where this can take us – it is truly mind-blowing and too exciting for me to sit still in my chair! This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to continue this journey alongside all of you.

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