Why customized views in Jackrabbit Class in important.

Customized Views: why you need them and how to use them

What’s one of the best parts about Jackrabbit Class? I’d have to argue customization.

Jackrabbit Class services over 6,000 clients around the world, which comes out to about 12,000 youth activity centers with over 30,000 software users. Not only do we find our application being used over multiple industries, but each business also operates uniquely.

Because each program runs differently, you need the ability to incorporate the software to fit your needs, how and when you want.

Why customization is important in class management software

Each staff member at your youth activity center has a different set of responsibilities. You’ve got office staff, instructors, managers, directors, owners, and even a few that wear two or more hats at once. Each person takes care of different things and needs easy access to different data.

Based on the trends that we’ve seen in how Jackrabbit clients navigate their systems, we realized just how important it is that you’re able to set your view the way you want it – whether it’s a saved favorite, updated favorite, or a default view that you set. Why not allow you to decide for yourself?

Let’s take a look at each one in more detail!

3 ways to use customized views in Jackrabbit

Favorites are commonly found in searches and reports throughout Jackrabbit. It’s a great way to save all of the filters and selections on your screen to use another day, another time. There are certain reports you run weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even annually. Adding these filtered searches as a favorite will save you a lot of time (and a lot of guessing) when you need to run them to close out the week, month, etc.

I don’t know about you but I can’t remember what I wore yesterday, much less which filters I used to get this exact data in front of me the next time I need it. So, you can imagine these favorites are basically my BFFL (aka best friend for life).

Saving a favorite view in Jackrabbit is easy and editing an existing favorite is even easier. We understand it’s important to have features that allow you to go with the flow so these favorites can be edited as often (or not as often) as you like! (—>Watch the video on how to save your favorite views in Jackrabbit)

Spot trends easier and faster

As an owner of a dance studio, swim school, or gymnastics gym – you are always looking for another great way to build your business. By utilizing customizable, favorite views in Jackrabbit you are able to spot trends at the family, student, and class level. There’s truly no better way to grow your program!

For example, if your best referrals are current students, start a referral program and fill those classes! If you see that your most popular age group is 5-8 year-olds, build additional classes for those age groups. If certain class types are filling up, find space in your schedule to add a few more of those. They can take the place of classes that aren’t seeing a lot of action.

Set your default view based on your needs

Whether you are looking for a particular list of families, students, or classes – I am sure you know exactly what information you want to see as much as you know what you don’t want to see. No matter how much or how little, your idea of the perfect view can become your default each time you hit that page. Does it get any better than that?

Actually, it does. My default view can look completely different than my fellow team member, Molly’s. But, if it’s a view I think she might want to use, I can share it with her and the rest of my team. #winning

Setting Favorite Views and Segmentation within Jackrabbit and Saving your Default Views and Filters with Jackrabbit pages [You are Here]
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The benefits of using customized views in Jackrabbit

Why should creating customized views when using Jackrabbit be important to you? Easy!

  1. You eliminate the guesswork of trying to remember.
  2. You save time by getting to the data you need faster.
  3. You are confident that you are getting the right information when you need it.

Most of the time you are at the studio, gym, or pool, you have a limited amount of time to get a lot of things done, which leads to a lot of multi-tasking. Being able to quickly get to what you need when you need it is the key to getting through the workday with a smile remaining on your face. Am I right?

Customization is definitely one of the most powerful aspects of Jackrabbit Class. But, it’s not the only one! Check out the other blogs from this series and learn how the other powerful features can change the game for you!

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