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4 Ways Jackrabbit Class Clients Benefit From Beta Testing

It’s pretty common for software companies to offer an option for clients to beta test a new feature or product that is ‘in the works’.

For Jackrabbit Class, beta testing is a huge win-win for our clients and us. If you’ve never experienced beta testing before, here’s how it works – the testing group consists of users who are interested in the feature being developed. In their role as beta testers, they must use the feature and give feedback so the Product and Engineering Teams have the opportunity to make adjustments before the new feature is released to the masses.

Why is beta testing important to Jackrabbit Class? 

I would be lying if I said that participating in a beta test is completely effortless. But, there are many advantages that come with joining a beta testing group to make it all worth it.

Jackrabbit Class relies on beta testing for highly anticipated features because we believe in getting it right. Refining features is a matter of keeping up with the times but when you release something new, you want it to work and you want it to work well. After all, we know this new feature is solving a pain point for clients and it’s something we take very seriously at Jackrabbit.

So what are the benefits of joining a beta test for Jackrabbit Class? Let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons our clients love beta testing!

1. Beta testing gives clients early access to new features

Beta testing takes place before a new feature is released to the general public. As beta testers, clients get early access to the feature they’ve been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for. Even if the new feature evolves along the way, the core pain point our clients are trying to resolve is generally eased by gaining early access for testing.

We are gearing up for our first beta test of 2023 for managing substitutes. With Jackrabbit’s existing Staff Availability feature paired with the upcoming Substitutes feature, finding an instructor who can sub for an upcoming class on a certain day while having a history of substitutions is more than exciting for our clients!

2. Beta testing helps clients get comfortable with the new feature

Beta testing is generally done for a feature that is far along in the development process. While feedback from beta testers could change some aspects of the feature, the general functionality of it is there to stay. Why not get ahead of the curve and learn it sooner?

With the Product Manager who’s led the initiative in contact along the way, beta testers can ensure that they are learning proper use of the feature as they go. 

3. Beta testing allows clients to mold the feature

Think of the bigger picture. If a client beta tests a feature during the early stages of development, they could directly affect how the feature turns out. What better way to ensure the new feature has the functionality they need?

From a small detail like button placement to the workflow being followed, our clients are the ones with real-life scenarios that can benefit from any helpful changes – big and small.

4. Beta testing gives companies a strong industry perspective

At the end of the day, Jackrabbit strives to provide features that our clients need or want to be successful and competitive in their industry. That isn’t always the same as what we think their wants or needs are. Beta testing is the best way to get your feedback in the hands of the right people, at the right time – a collaboration for the win!

Here at Jackrabbit, we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients. Being able to gain direct feedback from our clients on what they need and how they need it to work is #priceless.

Other ways Jackrabbit Clients can provide feedback

We are thrilled to partner with our clients to shape the future of cloud-based class management software. However, we know that some users aren’t as comfortable joining a beta testing group. And that is okay!

In addition to the feedback we gather from our beta testers, our product team relies heavily on what we hear at industry-leading trade shows and conferences, suggestions from Jackrabbit’s Idea Portal, client panels, surveys, and much more. Each of these channels brings our team a holistic perspective of where we should focus our efforts.


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