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How to streamline staff scheduling with Jackrabbit Class

When it comes to creating a class schedule for a new season, you have to make sure you not only have the space for the classes at the right time on the right day but you also have the staff to teach those classes. Building your schedule with instructors in place can feel like putting together a complicated puzzle unless you have the right tools in your back pocket. That’s where class management software is essential to making staff scheduling an easy item to check off your list!

4 things to consider when creating staff schedules

As you start mapping out your class schedule with staff plugged in, there are four questions you should answer before you jump in to make the process as streamlined as possible.

What classes are your staff best at teaching?

Obviously, you’ve got the best instructors on staff but every teacher has a niche, whether it’s teaching a certain level (recreational versus competitive) or a certain age group (3-4-year-olds versus 10-12-year-olds). While growing their skills for all classes is an important part of their growth opportunity with your youth activity center, you want to put them in the classes where they will be the strongest skill-wise and feel the most confidence.

When your instructors have their best foot forward, it’s only going to help you retain students year after year!

What is your staff’s availability?

You likely have some staff that are available all the time and some that are only available part-time. Those that are available part-time might have a very specific set of hours on certain days they are free to teach classes. For those of us that don’t have great memories (I am raising my hand way high), you need a simple way to gather availability so you can keep this in mind when setting your staff’s schedule.

When does your staff need time off?

While it’s likely your staff has the same availability every Tuesday for example, they may need to request time off for an appointment or family vacation. Knowing as far in advance when they will be out will only help you find coverage with plenty of time to spare – which takes us to our next point!

How can you find coverage for staff?

When you already know when your staff is typically available, it’s much easier to help that teacher find coverage when they need time off. This will help you and your staff member efficiently reach out to anyone that is normally available to see who can cover that day and time.

How to streamline staff time off and availability with Jackrabbit Class

Now that you know what you need to consider when creating staff schedules, you need to know how!

Enter Jackrabbit Class – a robust, comprehensive class management software that not only helps you maintain class enrollment, online registration, parent communication, and much more but it also is a powerful resource when putting together staff schedules for a new session with its staff availability feature.

This multi-faceted feature helps you:

  • Empower staff to enter their availability and time off through the Staff Portal
  • Keep track of time off for each staff member
  • View staff availability and time off on the Weekly Calendar
  • Determine who is available to substitute for staff who need time off based on existing schedules

(—>Learn more about the Staff Availability feature)

staff scheduling with Jackrabbit Class


The Jackrabbit Product and Engineering teams are currently working on a way to track and manage substitutes in the application so you can say goodbye to extra spreadsheets, documents, or notebooks and hello to managing staff schedules in one system – Jackrabbit Class!

Ready to build your staff schedule with ease? Start your free account with Jackrabbit Class today and get immediate access to the tools you need to streamline scheduling!

Already using Jackrabbit Class and looking for an easier way to manage staff scheduling? Connect with our support team and get started with Staff Availability today!

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