How to customize your Jackrabbit subscription

How to customize Jackrabbit to make connecting with customers easy

The key to any great software is customization. Being able to customize the class management software you use to run your youth activity center is an important part of how you connect with your customers, among many other things. The right software, allows you to extend your brand through all communications, and representations of your gym, swim school, or dance studio is certainly top of mind.

What are the benefits of creating a customized experience for customers?

The ability to customize your class management software isn’t just a way for you to gain and retain customers. Another advantage to customization is the positive experience it creates for your customers.

Through customized features, you can build strong relationships with your parents, students, and even staff. These connections mean just as much as the awesome curriculum your youth activity center offers.

Great connections lead to loyal customers. When a customer feels like they are important to your program, they will sing your praises in every group they are a part of. And there’s no better free advertising than word-of-mouth!

4 ways to send custom messages to customers

Reaching the right customers at the right time is essential. Being able to use multiple channels to connect with parents, students and families is what makes your communication strategy a success!

Here are 4 quick ways you can send custom messages to your customers when using Jackrabbit Class:

1. Email communication is perfect for longer messages that include more detail and information. Through segmentation and filtering capabilities, you can email an individual family, a subset of families, or all families at one time.

2. Text messaging is a great way to get a quick, urgent message out in a matter of seconds. Whether your facility is closed for weather or due to an unforeseen circumstance, communicating via text is as swift as you need it to be!

3. Push notifications are a great way to get attention and get parents to take action right from their phones with ease. You can make your notifications stand out with graphics and videos followed by a call-to-action button. (—> Learn more about our very mobile app with Jackrabbit Plus!)

4. Jackrabbit’s Parent Portal is a great way to connect with customers on a group or individual level with multiple options including a login message specific to a family or news and announcements for all families.

Oftentimes, the best way to send messages to customers involves a combination of two or more channels for the best results!

Other ways you can customize Jackrabbit to connect with customers

It’s no secret that Jackrabbit is highly customizable. And while the features within Jackrabbit make communication easy, there are many other ways that you can customize your account to best suit how you connect with your customers.

Make a good first impression

New customers are usually starting off on your website before they email, call or walk into your building. Even if they are still in the information-gathering phase, they’ve done some research and know exactly what answers they are looking for.

Jackrabbit’s Integration Specialists are a team of support champions who can help you determine the way you want classes to appear on your website through what we like to call – a class listings table. This ensures that classes are easy to find, online registration is easy and class information is always current.

The Jackrabbit Product and Engineering Teams have released a new feature, Multiple Policies. With this powerful and intuitive feature, you will be able to communicate expectations and policies on a class level to ensure that parents have all pertinent information up front.

Create easy connections for your customers

Quite often I hear that gyms, swim schools, and dance studios spend a lot of their office time answering phone calls and emails. Whether they’re general questions or in-depth inquiries, that time adds up call after call and email after email.

For our clients that use the Jackrabbit Parent Portal, adding the option (with parameters) for parents to submit future absences and schedule makeups that best fit their schedule was a no-brainer. Allowing parents to self-serve and stay connected with you through the portal where they already enroll, pay their tuition, or live stream classes gives them an easy outlet to communicate with you while it’s on their mind.

Keep tuition billing simple for your customers

More often than not, parents appreciate simplicity and automation just as much as you do. That’s why having families on auto-draft is not only great for you but convenient for them.

With Jackrabbit’s newest tuition enhancement, ‘Set it and Forget it’, you can schedule weekly or monthly tuition to post on a recurring basis. Once the second part of this powerful enhancement debuts later this year, you will be able to automate your entire tuition process from billing to payments. And while this holds extreme value for you, that value continues on to your customers for consistency, accuracy, and the ability to plan accordingly.

Here at Jackrabbit Class, we get it – we know that connections matter, and making connections easy is a necessity. That’s exactly why our motto is “your life’s work, powered by our life’s work”. Ready to join and start making your connections count?

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