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5 Benefits of Live-streaming Classes for Parents

Connecting families with your youth activity center is a must! From creating a positive experience for them every time they interact with you online and in-person, to keeping them updated on how their gymnast, swimmer, or dancer is progressing – that connection builds a strong relationship that keeps them coming back each year.

Last year, Jackrabbit Class and the industry-leading live streaming service, Spot TV joined forces exclusively to offer both services in one place, the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. What an exciting way to take the family connection to a different level!

5 benefits to live-streaming classes for parents with Spot TV

In a world fueled by the latest and greatest technology, Spot TV is no newbie to the game of live-streaming classes. While they have been in the youth activity space for quite some time, Jackrabbit Class is the only software Spot TV has chosen to integrate with.

We’ve put together 5 reasons why offering live streaming to your parents through Spot TV would be a game-changer for your youth activity center.

1. Live-streaming classes keep families connected

We’ve already mentioned that connections with families are important and we know that each family is a little different. Some families have two working parents that take turns dropping their child off at dance. Some families are led by a single parent who runs errands during gymnastics classes. Other families have one working parent while the other takes the child to swim lessons each week. You get the picture.

Spot TV’s ability to live stream classes gives families the opportunity to watch their child’s progress without being in the classroom, or in the building for that matter. Parents can check in from their phone while grocery shopping or during a break from their out-of-town business meeting while grandparents who don’t live close by can log in to see what their grandchild is learning.

2. Live-streaming classes provide a virtual viewing space

With capacity limitations currently playing a role in how businesses function, having a virtual viewing ‘room’ is a great way to keep your students, families, and staff healthy and safe. Spot TV video streaming allows you to easily decrease the number of people in the building while still keeping everyone connected to all of the in-class excitement.

As restrictions ease, virtual viewing rooms will not lose their appeal. As an added bonus to your amazing curriculum, live streaming classes with a secure platform, like Spot TV, reduces distractions for both students and teachers. Fewer distractions = more productive classes!

3. Live-streaming classes enforce your safety and security policies

Safety and security are at the top of your list of priorities and policies. No matter the sport or art you teach, there are safety measures and industry best practices that must be implemented. What better way to show transparency of the precautions you and your staff take than to allow parents to view a live stream of their child’s class? Giving parents the peace of mind that their child is in good hands is the best way to win them over.

Spot TV is equipped with powerful security features to make sure that the same parents that would be viewing classes on site are the only parents who have access to view the classes online. Through their top-of-the-line technology, Spot TV can ensure that parents only have access to see the classes their students are in at the time of their class. And the best part is, Spot TV handles all of that and parent support for you!

With over a decade of online streaming experience, here’s an easy comparative checklist so you can best understand the importance of safety and security when checking out industry options.

Download the checklist!

4. Live-streaming classes has long term benefits

Today, tomorrow, and the next day, live-streaming is worth it. Today it will help you be more agile as you manage facility capacity regulations, but a year from now, it may help you demonstrate new safety measures, provide a bonus benefit to parents to bring in extra revenue, or offer private lessons through a secure and easy-to-use platform. Cliche or not, the sky is the limit!

When speaking with the Spot TV team, they shared that 92% of live-streaming youth activity centers have seen the same level of usage or more even after they reopened their lobby. So what does that mean exactly? It means that Spot TV isn’t just a covid solution. It’s a long-term solution for parents to engage with your youth activity center and watch their child in class in the location that’s best for them.

5. Live-streaming classes strengthens your teacher training and curriculum

As your program continues to grow, so will your staff. More students = a need for more teachers. Not a bad problem to have!

However, it’s important to make sure that your new instructors understand the way your program runs and how the curriculum fits into their classes to ensure your customers are getting the best classes in town. Using Spot TV as a training tool for new staff, or even retraining your existing staff with real-life examples is key to a successful and meaningful training session.

Chasta Hamilton, the owner of Stage Door Dance Productions, shared how Spot TV has been part of her staff training program over the last year:

What’s my next step with Spot TV?

The most common question we hear regarding Spot TV is ‘how much does it cost?’ Depending on your scenario, that number can vary.

Do you already have a camera system? If so, Spot TV can integrate into your existing camera system, saving some dollars. If you don’t already have a camera system, Spot TV can supply and install a solution in addition to the integration.

Another common question we receive is ‘how long does it take to get started?’ This also varies, but you can expect a 30-day implementation process. Timelines can vary based on system size, installation scope, and point-of-contact availability for scheduling.

Here’s a more detailed look at the steps to getting started with Jackrabbit and Spot TV.

Join the Jackrabbit family

If your swim school, gymnastics gym, cheer, or music program is not already a member of the Jackrabbit family, start your 30-day free trial today! Spot TV and Jackrabbit Class are fully integrated, which makes for easy setup and management on your end.

Discover and demo Spot TV

Get to know the amazing crew at Spot TV and get a better understanding of their streaming program through a 5-minute discovery call. This is where you’ll see the system in action, plus you’ll get an inside view of the latest Jackrabbit integration features!

Kickstart your subscription and prepare your network

During this time, you’ll work with the Onboarding team at Spot TV to begin designing your system setup and planning network integration.

Market to parents at your program

Now you can start getting parents excited! Ask customers to start pre-registering with provided marketing brochures and a cloud-image suite for your social media and website needs.

Installation or integration?

Authorized Spot TV technicians will work around your schedule to install a new camera system or integrate with any cameras you may have at your location.

Train your staff on Spot TV

The admin and staff at your program will have access to training tutorials, along with a one-on-one follow-up training and Q&A call with the Spot TV success team prior to going live.

Are you ready to offer live-streaming at your facility? Get started with Jackrabbit and Spot TV today!

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