How secure is your live streaming platform

How secure is your live-streaming platform?

If you’ve been around Jackrabbit for the last year or so, or if you’re in the youth activities industry, you’re likely familiar with the concept and benefits of live-streaming classes. But how familiar are you with the security of live-streaming platforms? If a parent or customer asks ‘How secure is your live-streaming platform’ can you answer them with confidence? 

Chances are, probably not. That’s okay and it’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Spot TV to give you a rundown of the security of online viewing technology. 

The following section was contributed by Spot TV

Live-streaming classes at your swim school, gymnastics gym or dance studio is relatively new to our shared industries. Some business owners may be hesitant to implement live-streaming technology without having a firm understanding of security features and protocols that are at the heart of everything we do. 

With the following outline, you can rest assured that live-streaming with Spot TV, in conjunction with the Jackrabbit integration, is truly an extension of your existing viewing area. 

How secure is it to live-stream classes at a youth activity center?

Spot TV boasts the latest in secure online viewing technology. Your customers can enjoy  password-protected access that allows a live viewing experience for those unable to attend class, practice or events. This allows parents (even grandparents!) to tune in when they are out of town!

Beyond that, your team has complete management over your live-streaming platform via an online admin dashboard. This empowers your management team to approve parent access, set viewing schedules and assign viewing groups to your class schedules. 

Additionally, Spot TV is built upon the latest, most secure Windows .NET infrastructure by only in-house developers and US partner engineers. There are no out-sourced developers or open source software! – learn more

Spot TV safety features and staff setting capabilities

With our new ‘Safe Viewing’ feature set, your team has full control to:

  • Approve accounts– Parents register in the app or online and you will approve their accounts in your dashboard. 
  • Assign classes– Set which accounts have access to which group of cameras. 
  • Create viewing schedules– Setup viewing schedules that align with your class so Mom or Dad are only able to login during their child’s class. 
  • Control traffic– Setup the number of logins and safe session time-outs per days (similar to online banking)

Stream shield detection is also in place, which can detect in-app screen capture and prevent screenshots from being taken during use. 

Jackrabbit integration features (what’s here and what’s coming)

  • Staff can create and manage Spot TV camera groups inside the Jackrabbit application
  • Staff can assign Spot TV camera groups to existing classes in Jackrabbit 
  • Viewing schedules will sync to existing class schedules in Jackrabbit 
  • Customers can view Spot TV from inside their Jackrabbit Parent Portal 

What else is coming? A full user sync!

A full user sync allows you to only have one database and one account. Now when you check-in a child for their class, the parent’s viewing will automatically be activated for that session. Pretty neat, huh?

What’s the value of securely live-streaming classes with Spot TV?

As studios and gyms reopen and capacities continue to increase, live-streaming with Jackrabbit and Spot TV is being looked at as a piece to the new child activity business model – a tool to continue to keep families connected post-covid. 

The Spot TV live-streaming experience is all about connecting traveling parents, those with busy schedules and (our favorite) out-of-town grandparents connected to their loved ones during their time in class at your program. 

You know the value you deliver day-in and day-out during class and practice. Make sure customers can see that whenever (and wherever) they can! 

Another value to your program is creating a new revenue stream by up-charging for online streaming. We’ve seen many swim schools, gyms and studios implement this into their post-covid model. 

Coming soon: stay tuned for the new Spot TV Events, which will be scaled-up enterprise streaming experience for gyms, studios, and swim schools who are hosting large events – learn more here.

How do I get started with Jackrabbit and Spot TV?

If your program is ready to start live-streaming classes securly, we encourage you to start your journey with Spot TV today!

I’m a Jackrabbit client and I want to get started with Spot TV!


What do I do if I want to live-stream classes with Spot TV but I’m not a Jackrabbit client? 

Easy. Start your 30-day free trial of Jackrabbit Class then connect with your Product Coach and tell them you’d like to get started with Spot TV. From there, you can continue to customize your database with your coach and begin working with the team from Spot TV! 

Join Jackrabbit and Spot TV!


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