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The Jackrabbit Experience: Free Virtual Training When Clients Need it Most

What transpired over the last few months has been magical. The culture here at Jackrabbit, which comes from the top down, has been maintained as we found creative ways to connect with our clients while finding the win-win. Not only did we provide financial relief through monthly subscription discounts, but we also turned our classroom training sessions into virtual opportunities.

We were already planning to take our annual conference into the virtual space for 2020. We knew we could reach more of our clients while meeting the needs of lowering travel expenses and not taking time away from their youth activity center. Little did we know, every event for 2020 was going to have to go virtual as well. We made changes to our original plans (that we were super excited about) and came out with even better ones.

Over the last month, our training experts put together our first-ever virtual training sessions. The best part was theses trainings offered were free. I don’t know about you, but I love free -99. Especially when it is something I want or need. If you missed the party this time, don’t worry. We have more virtual opportunities coming up!

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8 Takeaways from Jackrabbit’s Virtual Training Sessions

Virtual is the new norm – meetings, training, birthday parties – the list goes on. But, what can you expect to gain from Jackrabbit’s virtual training sessions?

1. Get to know the Jackrabbit team

If you haven’t attended a conference or tradeshow with Jackrabbit in appearance, there’s a pretty good chance you haven’t met the bunnies in real life. Being able to put a face with the name that answers your support tickets or live chat makes the experience more fun! Our team of experts is great at connecting with clients on a personal level to enhance the experience.

2. Learn what’s coming up next

With so many virtual training opportunities, it can feel like a challenge to keep up with what is happening next. At the beginning of our recent virtual training, our experts shared upcoming training opportunities to learn more about all things Jackrabbit. In a way, it’s like the insider scoop – hearing about what’s to come before the big announcements are made!

3. Review resources that are available

If one thing is certain, Jackrabbit is committed to being there for our clients in any way possible. Knowing that everyone has different learning styles and workflows, our team makes a point to review what resources are out there. From the comprehensive help center to the detailed resource centers, and the informative Facebook user group – we cover all the bases so you know where to go!

4. Easy-to-follow agenda

Each virtual training is strategically planned with topics to discuss. Transitioning from one topic to another is well thought out behind the scenes to make sure the experience is beneficial for attendees. From the basics to advanced features that maximize your Jackrabbit application, all topics are covered in detail.

5. Multiple opportunities for Q&A

If you have ever joined a live webinar with Jackrabbit, the question and answer session is held until the end. With a virtual training class covering multiple topics, saving questions for the end is a bit counterproductive. Keeping that in mind, our training experts incorporated multiple opportunities for Q&A to get your questions answered while they are fresh in your mind.

6. Learn how to incorporate the latest enhancements

Hearing about new enhancements is one thing. But, seeing them in action with an in-depth review of how to get started with them is a win-win. Our training experts guide you through the best way to start using the latest and greatest enhancement to help you save time and streamline existing processes.

7. Discover integration opportunities

Here at Jackrabbit, we integrate with the best industry-leaders out there. As our training experts demonstrate features and integration opportunities, our clients learn how to take their youth activity center to the next level. Whether it’s a branded mobile app or a virtual viewing room or a payroll solution – our integration partners are an extension of Jackrabbit. They believe in making our client’s lives easier and believe in many (if not all) of the same core values.

8. Each one gets better and better

While the world wasn’t prepared for a virtual take on 2020, we as a company rolled with the challenge. And as we do more and more of the virtual trainings, we know they will just get better each time. To ensure that we are giving our clients exactly what they need when they need it most, we follow each training day up with a survey. What worked? What didn’t work? And how can we make it better? We truly believe that we partner and team up with our clients for success!

Don’t miss out on our upcoming virtual conference, Ignite, on July 13 and 14. Save the date and watch for more details to come!


About the Author:

With Amber's prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and an office administrator at a dance studio, she can use her prior experiences to relate to Jackrabbit customers. As part of Jackrabbit's Marketing team, Amber focuses on notifying clients about new enhancements, training opportunities, upcoming webinars, and more! Amber enjoys watching football and traveling in her free time!

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