Top takeaways from the Digital training bootcamp.

8 reasons why our clients love Jackrabbit’s free virtual training

Here at Jackrabbit, we’ve always been a fan of webinars. They are a great way to get helpful information in front of our clients on topics they are most interested in. But, 2020 showed us that our clients love virtual training just as much – if not more!

Don’t get me wrong, we still LOVE seeing our clients and industry friends in person at tradeshows and events. But, with the success of virtual trainings meeting more of our clients where they are, it’s safe to say that virtual training will continue to be a part of Jackrabbit’s present and future plans.

With clients across 28 countries, it’s important to make our training accessible to everyone – and that means free virtual training!

I promise it’s not a typo and I know it sounds too good to be true but Jackrabbit’s virtual training sessions are free. And if you missed our recent training sessions, not to worry. We’ve got more opportunities coming up!

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8 takeaways from Jackrabbit’s free virtual training sessions

We just wrapped up two weeks of training, going live in two different time zones to reach as many clients as possible. Each week of training started off with 2 days of Foundations, geared towards new users or anyone that needs an in-depth refresher, and a 3rd day of LevelUP, focused on how to become a power user of Jackrabbit.

Here’s a list of 8 takeaways from our latest virtual training experience!

1. Get to know the Jackrabbit team

The culture of Jackrabbit is like no other. We look at our co-workers and clients as an extension of our family. And when we have the chance to ‘meet’ our clients virtually or in person, we get so excited. And in my time here, I’ve noticed the feeling is mutual.

It’s so cool to put a face to the name that answers your support tickets, live chats, or phone calls. It really makes for a different experience and brings in a personal touch. For anyone that has seen our head trainer, Marie, in action – you know she’s entertaining and makes training a lot of fun for everyone!

With training going virtual, it’s really easy to involve subject matter experts for certain parts of the Jackrabbit application, giving you all the tips you need to implement and maximize a feature that is new to you. Plus, you get to meet more of the bunnies!

2. See features in action

Hearing about new enhancements is one thing. But, seeing them in action with an in-depth review of how to get started with them is #winning. Our training experts guide you through the best way to start using the latest and greatest enhancements so you can maximize your most valuable asset, time.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t hear about the trusty features that have been in place for a long time. There’s a great balance between what’s been there for a while and what’s brand new to make sure you and your team are getting the most out of your Jackrabbit application when it comes to your business.

3. Participate in live Q&A

It’s pretty typical for webinars to be on one topic and hold questions until the end. With a virtual training session covering multiple topics, saving questions for the end is a bit counterproductive.

Keeping that in mind, our training experts incorporate multiple opportunities for live Q&A to get your questions answered while they are fresh in your mind and the topic is still relevant to the presentation. Oftentimes, there’s a corresponding screen share to help demonstrate the answer to your question, which is huge for visual learners like myself.

This format creates a stronger learning environment and encourages attendee engagement throughout the day.

4. Review included resources

If one thing is certain, Jackrabbit is committed to being there for our clients in any way possible. Knowing that everyone has different learning styles and workflows, our team makes a point to review what resources are out there.

From the comprehensive help center to the detailed resource centers, and the informative Facebook user group to the business-building ideas on the Jackrabbit blog – all the bases are covered so you know where to go!

5. Discover integration opportunities

Here at Jackrabbit, we integrate with the best industry leaders out there. As our training experts demonstrate features and integration opportunities, our clients learn how to take their youth activity center to the next level.

Whether it’s live-streaming for a virtual viewing room or managing staff payroll with a payroll solution – our integration partners are an extension of the Jackrabbit family you know and love. They believe in making our client’s lives easier and share similar core values, which is a major requirement to be a part of the Jackrabbit ecosystem.

6. Engage with staff and attendees

We know that one of the most exciting things about a live event is being able to connect with people. While engagement during virtual training does look different, it’s just as valuable if not more.

Our training team takes advantage of interactive polls to know who is attending so they can share the information you are most interested in. And with an ongoing chat feed during training, attendees are jumping in to help each other and share ideas.

As always, we love to survey our attendees so you can help shape our training into what you need the most! We really want to know – what worked, what didn’t work, and how can we make it even better?

7. Available on-demand

I think my favorite part of virtual training is being able to access the recording later. We know that plans don’t always go the way you think. And sometimes, you are unexpectedly needed at your youth activity center right in the middle of training.

Whether you can’t attend live at all, you missed a section you needed to see, or you just want to go back and rewatch some of the training, you get the recording for each day straight in your inbox the day after training ends.

Most live trainings don’t offer this benefit so this is well worth the registration all by itself!

Stream our latest virtual training on-demand

8. Earn your Jackrabbit certification

What’s better than attending an awesome training session? Getting a fancy certification of completion to prove it.

This year, our training specialist Marie gave out certificates to all attendees who stayed throughout the training and passed the quiz each day. Whether you are new to your organization and just learning Jackrabbit or you were ready for a refresh on all things Jackrabbit, this is a great way to show you on your way to being a power user.


There’s more where that came from! Our team is planning for our annual BOOST Virtual Conference and we cannot wait to share more details with you on that upcoming experience. Save the date and watch for more details to come!

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