Virtual Release Notes: Jackrabbit’s new time-saving features from April

If you know me, you know my favorite Jackrabbit topic is enhancements. Each month, my good friend Marie and I get together for what we call ‘Virtual Release Notes’ to talk about what’s new to the Jackrabbit application, what’s coming up next, and how you can stay connected with the latest Jackrabbit news. If you haven’t joined us for one of these before, it’s a short webinar interview-style that informs Jackrabbit clients about new features [...]

April 16th, 2021|

Powerful Email and Communication Features in Jackrabbit Class

December 21st, 2020|

Running a youth activity center is no small feat. There are a lot of moving parts to consider, day in and day out. Having class management software can help you be most efficient during the chaos and that’s exactly what you need. A cloud-based solution like Jackrabbit Class can [...]

Virtual Release Notes: Impactful Refinements in November

November 20th, 2020|

We are back for another month of powerful enhancements here at Jackrabbit Class! Last month Marie, Jackrabbit’s Client Success Training Specialist, and I sat down to chat about the new Simplified Menu and all the new power it brings to the Jackrabbit application. With some helpful hints and pro-user tips, [...]

Virtual Release Notes: October’s Top Product release

October 23rd, 2020|

It’s a new month with new product enhancements here at Jackrabbit Class! Last month, Jackrabbit’s training specialist, Marie, and myself introduced our new concept of Virtual Release Notes, a more interesting way to learn about what was recently released to the Jackrabbit application. We had such a great time chatting [...]

Virtual Release Notes: Fan-favorite Enhancement from September

September 30th, 2020|

Recently, me and my good friend, Marie sat down to talk about recent enhancement releases here at Jackrabbit Class for our first-ever Virtual Release Notes. Well, what in the world are virtual release notes? So glad you asked! A lot of software companies use release notes to communicate new product [...]

5 Benefits of a New Organized Menu with Jackrabbit Class

September 11th, 2020|

Simple (adj): The opposite of complex. Not complicated. With a definition like that, who doesn’t love something simple? That’s exactly what sparked the idea behind Jackrabbit’s new Simplified Menu - a state-of-the-art menu that clients will love! What is Jackrabbit’s Simplified Menu? Jackrabbit Class is known for [...]

Customized Views: why you need them and how to use them

September 8th, 2020|

What's one of the best parts about Jackrabbit Class? I'd have to argue customization. Jackrabbit Class services over 6,000 clients around the world, which comes out to about 12,000 youth activity centers with over 30,000 software users. Not only do we find our application being used over multiple industries, [...]

How Jackrabbit’s Next Generation Experience Encourages a Seamless Work Strategy

August 31st, 2020|

Change. It’s a word that easily feels negative for a lot of people but, so many great things have come from it. We’ve seen it across most platforms we use on a daily basis - Google, Facebook, and even our smartphones. Does anyone remember when ‘The Facebook’ was created for [...]

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