14 Featured Jackrabbit Class Clients Love

14 Features Jackrabbit Class Clients Love

Life is too short to use bad class management software, or even worse, no class management software at all! We can talk all day about what sets Jackrabbit apart. From world-class support to thoughtful integrations that make your life easier to software improvements made directly from your feedback – Jackrabbit just gets better and better.

Here’s a list of the 14 features clients love most about Jackrabbit Class. When you give Jackrabbit a try, we’re confident you’ll love them too!

1. Automated Tuition Billing

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – if you aren’t collecting tuition payments through automation, you are missing out! Jackrabbit makes it easy for you to save time by allowing you to update automated epayment settings whenever you want so you can have worry-free processing. You can even automate discounting and prorating. The built-in reminders and the ability for easy report reconciliation is just icing on the cake!

2. Customizable Features

One of Jackrabbit’s biggest pros is the customizable reporting features. When you first log in, you’re greeted with your dashboard showing all reports in chart form, organized in a way that makes sense to you. You are able to do the same with the smart grids feature, allowing you to create a table that presents the information that’s most relevant to you. From here, you can organize your data, perform mass actions, and know what data you are viewing with breadcrumbs. Whether you are looking for reports to help you file your taxes or you want to spot enrollment trends, Jackrabbit comes equipped with reports for just about anything you could think of!

Moving from the big picture to the small picture, you can customize your customer experience. From customizable gender options on forms, email and push notifications, and policies specific to each class – your parents and students are always in the know.

3. Online Registration

Set your youth activity center apart and offer easy online registration. By offering online registration, your parents are able to set up their account with student and billing information. Parents can register online at their convenience using their mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Having access to your classes 24/7 assures that a working mom can register her 3 year old for dance class without having to stop by your building to sign up in person.

4. Parent and Staff Portals

Online registration means your parents have Parent Portal access. This means that they can easily see the class schedules, enroll their child, and sign all policies before they even step foot in the building.

Take it a step further and set up all staff members with a staff portal. They can put their availability in, log hours, and track student skills (we’ll talk more about this later). We’re not going to say these two mobile-friendly portals are a *must* – but if you want to save some time this year, they absolutely are.

5. Staff Availability

Lately, Jackrabbit has been focusing on improving this section of the Staff Portal. With a recent release that allows staff to enter their own availability and time off, we have set the stage for an even bigger release coming soon – scheduling and appointments for private lessons. This fan-favorite scheduling functionality gives Jackrabbit clients an easier way to run payroll without having to juggle multiple documents for tracking requested hours off and time worked.

6. Time Clock With Payroll Integration

Speaking of payroll – did you know that Jackrabbit integrates with Express Payroll and Quickbooks? Together, they are your solution to easy financial reporting. Processing payroll and having it integrate with your financial software allows you to easily see gaps and will help you budget for the future.

7. Skill Tracking and Reporting

Another big hitter in the Staff Portal is skill tracking. Your staff can regularly update student skills and goals within their Staff Portal and it gets pushed to the Parent Portal. You can create the skills (adding videos if you like), assign them to corresponding classes, and update the progress during class with the Staff Portal. If you are a swim school and having a tablet poolside isn’t ideal, you can use the skills worksheet instead.

Parents love to know their child is learning and growing. By using this tracking and reporting feature, your parents will be able to celebrate their child’s progress and have a better idea of which classes to enroll them in for the future.

8. Shareable Supplemental Resources

Have you ever wished you could share important documents or information with parents or staff without having to print anything out or attach multiple things to an email? With Jackrabbit, you can! Jackrabbit clients love how easy it is to upload resources to classes. Whether it’s a custom workout worksheet for advanced gymnasts, sheet music, the final version of competition music, or a fun Valentine’s Day coloring sheet, you have a single location for sharing anything.

9. Internal Notes Tracking System

While it sounds simple, an internal notes tracking system was one of the top ideas submitted in the Jackrabbit Idea Portal. There are about a million ways Jackrabbit clients love using these features, but we’ll list a few:

  • Keep track of special billing needs
  • Recall communication with parents
  • Record participation
  • Document photo release
  • Keep track of scheduling conflicts

With a modern tagging feature and keyword search, you can find any note on any record quickly. Jackrabbit Class believes that internal communication through notes is just as important as external communication with your families!

10. Idea Portal

Remember when I said that Jackrabbit is improved through your feedback? This is where the magic happens. The Jackrabbit Idea Portal allows you to submit or vote on an idea so that our product team can take user feedback into consideration when planning Jackrabbit’s annual roadmap of product releases and enhancements.

11. Weekly Calendar

Have no fear – the weekly calendar is here! One thing we hear from clients is how much they love being able to see everything about their upcoming schedule in one view.

With the option to enroll students directly from the calendar based on current openings, your office staff can quickly add students to classes. There are additional views that allow you to see classes by room and instructor. A must to make sure rooms and teachers aren’t double-booked.

12. Lead File

Jackrabbit understands how important it is to keep a record of your current students, as well as past students and prospects. Introducing: the Lead File. This area is a great place to store families and students interested in your program and archive families that have aged out or moved so they are not taking up space or adding to your total student count. The best part about the lead file is you can communicate with your leads, whether they are new or recycled, and all enrollment and revenue reporting is retained in the process.

13. Built-in Support System

Not only does Jackrabbit have amazing Onboarding and Support Teams to help you get started using Jackrabbit correctly and support your usage as a subscriber, there’s also the Help Center for those days where you may prefer reading an article or watching a video to figure out something. Our team of experts believe in doing everything we can to help our clients succeed – from short tutorial videos to live webinars to step-by-step instructions, we are with you every step of the way.

14. A Mobile App

Jackrabbit clients love Jackrabbit Plus – a bundled subscription option that allows Jackrabbit clients to build a customized mobile app with Mobile Inventor without managing multiple bills.

A custom mobile app allows your customers to access class and event information, handle enrollment, and update any contact or billing information from their phones. Today, convenience is key and Jackrabbit Plus provides that in a pretty package with your logo front and center.

Whew, that was a lot of information. We could go on with more features Jackrabbit Class clients love, but we want to hear from you. Drop your favorite Jackrabbit Class features in the comments below!

Want to get started to see what all the love is about? We offer a 30-day free trial so you can make sure Jackrabbit is the right fit for you and your business.

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