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5 Reasons Why Jackrabbit Class Clients Love the Idea Portal

Here at Jackrabbit, we have always focused on what our clients need but tracking and managing ideas was quite a task.

Implemented by Product Director, Tracy Egan, the Idea Portal debuted in late 2018. It’s proven to be an efficient way for Jackrabbit clients to communicate their enhancement wish list and needs. In fact, the Idea Portal has been responsible for some of the best enhancements released to date!

5 Benefits of Using the Jackrabbit Class Idea Portal

While we have always focused on working on the enhancements we know our clients need, the original request process was not exactly ideal. With the Idea Portal in place, our product team was able to easily spot trends and make decisions better aligned with the goal of our clients. How does this benefit our clients?

1. Quickly submit enhancement requests

We know, you are busy people! While future enhancements are important to you, requesting them needs to be simple. The Idea Portal allows you to quickly and easily submit your idea without taking much time. After all, ain’t nobody got time for that.

2. Easily add additional insight to existing ideas

See an idea you like? Even better! You can upvote an idea that already exists with a single click of your mouse. Upvoting existing ideas helps our team identify which enhancements are needed across multiple businesses.

In addition, you can comment on ideas added by other users if you have a particular scenario. Or maybe your idea is really similar but there’s just something small that you need in addition. Either way, you are giving the team the information they need to consider this idea for a future release.

3. Requests are seen by the right team

Nothing is worse than having a brilliant idea that doesn’t get to the right person. In this case, you want to make sure your idea gets to the right team!

The Product team at Jackrabbit makes it a priority to regularly monitor the Idea Portal. This bank of ideas helped form the 20/20 Vision to ensure we are releasing enhancements that not only our clients want, but more importantly, what our clients need.

See the full 20/20 Vision!

4. Track the status of your favorite ideas

What fun is it to submit an idea if you never hear what comes of it? Since the Product team uses the Idea Portal regularly, they are super diligent in updating the idea status so you know where it stands through the process.

Idea Portal statuses:

    • Already exists
    • Will not implement
    • In Design or Designed
    • Planned
    • Shipped
    • Scheduled

In addition to updating statuses, our product team will even take it a step further to comment on additional information for an idea where needed.

Having this kind of transparency is important to us here at Jackrabbit. We believe it is important for us to be open and honest through all interactions – internally and externally.

5. Help shape Jackrabbit’s future

As someone who has created an idea or voted on an existing idea, it shows our product team that you are passionate about this enhancement request. When it is time to beta test, what a great group of candidates to reach out to!

As a beta tester, you have direct communication with the product team and early access to the very feature you want. Talk about a win-win!

How has the Idea Portal helped Jackrabbit Class?

The culture here at Jackrabbit revolves heavily around our clients. We truly believe that we are in this together! And there is no way to do that without hearing from our clients how we can make their lives easier.

Are you interested in partnering with the industry-leading software solution that truly cares about its clients? Well, we are ready for you!

Team up with Jackrabbit Class today!

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