Jackrabbit class February 2022 enhancements

Get to know Jackrabbit’s latest product enhancements

Jackrabbit Class is always looking at ways to make life easier for dance studio, gym and swim school owners. From collecting client feedback via the Idea Portal industry research and listening to needs at trade shows and events, the team is always looking for more ways to save you time, money and effort.

With your success being our top goal, Jackrabbit released another action-packed set of enhancements to help you streamline more in 2022. But, don’t take our word for it – Jackrabbit clients couldn’t wait to start using new features immediately on release day.

“My life just got better. Especially with the Staff Availability enhancement. THANK YOU!” – Charisse, Owner of The Dance Collective

“Just have to say I love the new Staff Availability enhancement! So much easier for scheduling private lessons.” – Sheri, Manager at Sarasota Dance Academy

Here are the latest enhancements from Jackrabbit Class.

Manage and track staff availability

The new and improved Staff Availability feature in Jackrabbit is a two-part enhancement. The team completely redesigned the existing availability feature on the staff record and added the option for staff to enter their own availability and time off from the Staff Portal.

What’s even better is this feature is the foundation of something bigger. The Staff Availability feature is the first part of addressing scheduling and appointments for private lessons.

Even if your youth activity center doesn’t offer private lessons, you and your team can benefit from the ease of tracking staff availability. Knowing who is available when is super helpful when you need to find a substitute teacher or it’s time to start planning the schedule for the next session.

(—> Everything you need to know to get started with Jackrabbit’s Staff Availability)

Communication options added to daily report

The ‘Who’s Scheduled to be Here Report’ is key to knowing who should be entering your facility on any given day. But what would make that report even better? The option to communicate with those families easily, of course!

Since this report includes students with a scheduled makeup on that day and highlights those students who are coming for their first day of class, you now have the option to quickly send an email, text message or push notification. Whether you need to connect with every student attending that day for an unexpected closure or you want to send a special message to the students coming for a trial class, the sky is now the limit!

Retain accurate enrollment reporting when archiving families

While Jackrabbit is the only class management software with a designated area to store leads and archive families that are no longer a part of your program (aka the Lead File), it’s important that this feature maintains important information for reporting purposes.

Financial reports have always included lead-filed families, however, the need for enrollment reports to also include archived students has been a popular request. With the latest release, this request became a reality with updates to the following reports:

Gone are the days when you have to pull enrollment reports before tidying up your families in your Jackrabbit account!

Dashboard alert for automated tasks

If you’re taking advantage of our recent automated billing features (which you should be), then this one is specifically for you! The Executive Dashboard is a great way to see at-a-glance information as soon as you log into your Jackrabbit application. Now, the alerts section includes a quick look at how many automated tasks are coming up in the next 30 days.

As with the other dashboard alerts, this alert takes you right to the report so you can easily make adjustments to the automated tasks before they happen.

In-app resource center

Supplemental resources are great but what if I told you that you can now access them as soon as you log in to Jackrabbit? Enter the Jackrabbit Resource Center.

At any time, you can head over to the announcements icon and quickly find:

  • Step-by-step walk-throughs for powerful features,
  • Information on the latest enhancements released,
  • News and events, including upcoming webinars and hot industry topics,
  • Training and video library,
  • Request for enhancements you’d like to see via the Idea Portal.

The Resource Center is a great way for the Jackrabbit team to connect with you right where you are. Sometimes emails are missed or you aren’t ready to dive into them when you receive them. This is a great way to access the information when you can and you’ll always know when something new is there when you see the green notification badge!

Learn more about Jackrabbit’s latest enhancements

Learning what’s new in the Jackrabbit application is exciting. But sometimes, you may not be sure what to do next for the new features you want to implement. We’ve got the perfect thing for you!

Every other month, we host a webinar called Virtual Release Notes. This is a way for us to talk about what’s new, how these features benefit you and your team, and a quick demo to see the features in action. In just a few weeks, we’ll be reviewing these enhancements and more! Ready to save your spot?

Join us on February 23rd at 2:00 pm EST

Are these features exactly what you are looking for to manage your dance studio, swim school, or gym? Get started for free today and connect with a Product Coach to lead you through your Jackrabbit journey.

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