Additional Attendance Details for Late, Left Early, and Observing are being added to Jackrabbit Class.

There are New Attendance Options in the Staff Portal!

We’ve been in listening mode again!

Today we are pleased to announce the wide release of additional attendance options in the Staff Portal. These include marking students Late, Left Early, and Observing.

Instructors now can refine their attendance to more accurately reflect the class attendance.

As seen in the above image, Instructors can tap or click the arrow next to “Present” to access these additional options. Then tap or click the appropriate option to mark the student late, left early or observing if they are present but not participating.

Student Attendance Report Enhancements:

Along with this enhancement comes improvements to the Student Attendance Report. Columns showing the % of Late, Left Early, and Observing allow you to quickly and easily identify problems.

Additionally, when running the Student Attendance report, Instructors are now grouped by Active or Inactive in the Instructor drop-down allowing you to quickly locate the instructor for which you’d like to run a Student Attendance report.


New Attendance/Absence buttons found on Student and Class pages.

If you’d like to run an Attendance report by individual Student or Class, it’s easy to do now with the added “Absence/Attendance” buttons found on Class and Student records. This button will automatically launch the Attendance report with the Student or Class name filled in for you!

Locate the Absence/Attendance button on the Student record.

Locate the Absence/Attendance button on the Class record.

We think these improved attendance and reporting options will help you and hope you feel the same way!

For more information on taking attendance in the Staff Portal, please visit our Help Center:

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