Restructuring after reopening

How to Restructure Classes at Your Youth Activity Center for Reopening

Getting ready for a reopening of your facility is both exciting and overwhelming – all at once. You are ready to get back to teaching in the studio, gym, or pool but there are so many things to think about and do before you can just open the doors.

With the precautions that come with closing due to COVID-19, there’s a lot to prepare. From cleaning the facility to changing how your classes function and everything in between, it is going to take the whole village to restructure and successfully reopen your program. So gather your team and start brainstorming on your plan to reopen!

Ultimate Guide to Reopening


5 Things to Consider When Restructuring Your Classes for Reopening

Even though your physical doors are reopening, classes won’t immediately go back to being how they were at the beginning of the year. Eventually, you will phase back into that normal we miss so much but until then, here’s what you should consider so you can get back to teaching classes at your facility now!

1. Implement a hybrid class schedule

If you jumped on the virtual class train, you learned a new skill and had lots of practice time to master it! Since you are a virtual teaching pro, you should definitely keep it going. As your state reopens more and more businesses, there will be customers that just aren’t comfortable with being out in public yet. And that is okay. Having a hybrid class schedule of virtual and in-person classes helps you accommodate both preferences.

In addition to cautious clients, you may also have some cautious teachers. Each person’s scenario is unique and being able to accommodate as many people as you can with a hybrid class model is a win-win!

If you weren’t able to host virtual classes during your closing, that’s quite alright. Maybe now is the time to offer some supplemental lessons virtually for those that aren’t quite comfortable returning so you can keep them engaged with your program. The more families are engaged with you and your program, the more likely they are to return!

Jackrabbit’s product team fast-tracked the ability to include virtual class links in the Jackrabbit Parent Portal so your students can easily access their virtual class when it’s time!

2. Adjust the size of your in-person classes

For those students that do come back to the facility, classes are going to look a little different for some time. First and foremost, the class size may need some adjusting. If your state is limiting gatherings to 10 people, consider your larger classes and how you can accommodate those students.

    • Do you have extra rooms or space not being used?
    • Do you need to adjust your schedule to have more classes?
    • Do you need to consider a rotating schedule?

If you have to be creative, that’s okay. Parents are ready for their children to have things to do outside of the house, trust me!

As you monitor class size restrictions, continue to be mindful of social distancing guidelines, and limit partnering activities.

A key feature of Jackrabbit is the multiple calendar views that allow you to view classes by room or instructor. The calendar views are a great way to make sure you don’t double book teachers or leave a valuable space unused!

3. Offer punch cards for upcoming classes

As your families ease back into returning to your facility for classes, offering more flexibility with classes is a great way to accommodate the shift. Having a punch card program keeps money flowing in and is something you can continue to offer as classes get back to normal size.

Punch cards are great for a variety of options like:

    • rewards programs,
    • summer camps,
    • private lessons,
    • open gym

And the best part is, families can load their punch cards from their phones and easily redeem as they visit your facility.

Jackrabbit Plus offers a branded mobile app designed for your youth activity center. From the mobile app, families can purchase punch cards and additional punches, plus have their card ‘punched’.

4. Engage families with a virtual viewing room

As you monitor your state and county guidelines for gatherings, it is important to encourage families to avoid the lobby. Whether they wait in their cars or run errands during their child’s class time, keeping your lobby clear will be a huge help to you.

By using a live streaming service, you can keep your lobby clear while keeping parents connected to their child’s progress. I’d call that a win!


Earlier this year, Spot TV partnered exclusively with Jackrabbit Class to offer live streaming through the Parent Portal. As a tool the parents are already familiar with, watching their child’s classes from anywhere is a major benefit!

5. Revisit your makeup policy

If you offer makeups, you likely have a makeup policy that determines when those makeups expire. Otherwise, families could bank makeup classes for years and that’s not the idea.

With the unfortunate closing of youth activity centers due to COVID-19, things are just a little different. Showing some leniency on your makeup policy may go a long way with those families that are still looking to return when you reopen. After all, the closure couldn’t be helped and they want to continue attending.

If there are way too many makeups racking up, you can consider being a little more creative and offering students to use them towards special events, like a future parent’s night out. It’s a great way to look for the greater good!

While you can adjust makeup settings in Jackrabbit to help staff schedule makeups, you can also allow parents to schedule makeups that work for their comfort level from the Parent Portal. Talk about a time saver for your staff that limits back and forth coordination with the parents!

Facility Precautions to Consider For Your Reopening

In addition to restructuring classes, you will need to take some precautions with your facility itself as you reopen. While a lot of guidelines are available at the state and county level, you want to be very intentional with the changes you make.

  • Screen students and staff before they enter the building
  • Increase cleaning efforts based on local requirements
  • Set up cleaning stations with motion-sensor hand sanitizer
  • Add a plexiglass panel for the front desk if you don’t have a window
  • Shrinkwrap water fountains and encourage students to bring their own water bottle
  • Remove benches and chairs from the lobby and or classrooms
  • Use tape or dots to mark where students should stand in class

And during a time like this, don’t forget to network with your industry friends. This is the best time to share ideas and offer a safe and secure place for your students to come back to!

If you are ready to see what the hype is about, set up your 30-day free trial and get started with one of our fabulous Product Coaches!

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