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How to Enhance Your Customer’s Experience with the Jackrabbit Parent Portal

When selecting a class management solution like Jackrabbit Class, it is important to choose software that also offers value to your parents. After all, the easier and more convenient it is for parents to interact with you, the better!

One of the most popular features of Jackrabbit is the Parent Portal. As a one-stop-shop for families, the Parent Portal is accessed from a computer or smart device. It’s a great way to enhance parents’ experience with your youth activity center at all times.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Customer Service with the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal

Making and keeping parents happy is an important task for you and your staff. Sometimes that is easy and other times, it can be a challenge – just keeping it real. But, maximizing the Parent Portal is a great way to build the bond between you and your customers while creating an enjoyable experience for all!

1. Build a sense of loyalty with priority enrollment

Priority enrollment is a great way to show existing families that you appreciate their support for your gym, swim school, or dance studio.

The idea is that current students have the opportunity to enroll for your upcoming session of classes before the schedule is released to the public. Giving these families first dibs at their favorite classes is a great way to retain them. Plus, they get a perk for staying in return!

The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal makes it easy to offer existing families first access to your new schedule. Find the sweet spot for how long priority enrollment should last for the demographics you serve. It should be short enough to urge current families to act now. But long enough for them to have time to take advantage of it.

2. Keep parents up-to-date on your policies and procedures

Your policies and procedures likely say a lot about your youth activity center’s expectations and culture. As you need to update policies, you can easily ensure that parents acknowledge new policies the next time they access the Parent Portal.

It’s a good idea to have parents reagree to policies at least every 6-12 months, even if nothing has changed. This helps you make sure policies are clearly and efficiently communicated. From photo release policies to liability and risk to withdrawal and refund policies, giving parents easy access in a platform they are already used to for other tasks just benefits everyone involved!

3. Provide supplemental learning resources for your students

The more value you can add to your program, the more locked in your students (and therefore, parents) will be. Whether you share recital music for dancers to practice before the big show or provide at-home work out plans for your gymnasts or swimmers to stay in shape between meets, you can share additional class resources to the Parent Portal for students to access at home.

Even the simplest of resources shows your parents that you are committed to the training and education of their children. And what parent doesn’t appreciate that?

If you want to see how easy it is to share resources to the Parent Portal, there’s no better way than to set up a live demo with one of our product coaches!

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4. Access to virtual learning and online streaming of classes

Jackrabbit’s exclusive partnership with SpotTV allows parents to be in tune with their student’s progress without the distraction of an onsite waiting room. Working parents can check in on their students at their convenience during breaks and see what new skills their child is working on.

And if you expanded your curriculum to offering virtual classes, parents can easily access these classes from the Parent Portal when it is time for their student’s online class. In addition to making these classes easy for parents to navigate at home, you are keeping your virtual classes secure by not emailing the access link to families prior to each class.

5. Effortless communication between you and families

Communicating with parents is probably one of the most important things you do on a daily basis. Giving them a way to easily communicate back to you is important to build strong relationships with families. When parents are already logged in to their Parent Portal, they can simply use the Contact Us form to send an email to you. No need to open their email app and find your email address in order to contact you.

To take that communication a step further, the Jackrabbit team is working on part of the 20/20 Vision that allows parents to schedule absences and makeups in advance through the portal. An easy process for parents and eliminating additional phone calls and emails – sounds like a win to me!


What are your next steps for getting started with Jackrabbit Class?

Having tools available to you that make your life easier is what we believe in here at Jackrabbit Class. The Parent Portal is just one of those tools. As it pertains to your customers and them having a positive experience with your youth activity center – it is a huge one!

There’s no better way to try something new than to try it for 30 days at no cost. If you are ready to jump into Jackrabbit Class, sign up for a 30-day free trial and work with our product coaches to get up and running in no time!

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