Add key resources with the new Resource Management Jackrabbit enhancement

Why Resource Management is Important for your Youth Activity Center

Going paperless is a huge triumph when running a youth activity center. It can be scary leaving the trusty paper system or Excel spreadsheets behind. But the convenience of being able to get any information you need at any time is worth it! Especially, when unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19.

Take Jackrabbit Class for example. A cloud-based solution that allows you and your staff to access the application remotely, at the same time. No need to alternate schedules and stagger accessibility. Everyone can work on their tasks simultaneously. I mean, sharing is caring – right?

Part of being paperless is having a way to manage resources and files. What’s the point of moving to a cloud-based system if you still have to have paper files around? That’s where Jackrabbit’s latest enhancement, Resource Management, swooped in as a game-changer.


4 Ways to Use Resource Management with Jackrabbit Class

You might be thinking ‘what resources do I possibly need to manage when it comes to swim school, dance studio, gymnastics gym, etc.’? From waivers to contracts to recital music, Jackrabbit’s new Resource Management feature takes care of it all.

But, more specifically, how can you start using Resource Management?

1. Share supplemental worksheets with students and parents

In addition to online classes, you might want to share some additional worksheets. For your younger students, a branded coloring sheet would be something to fun to share. And for your older crew, a workout plan to keep them active during the stay-at-home order is a great way to keep them connected with you.

Upload your PDF files to a class and opt to publish it to the Parent Portal. This makes it easy to find when parents log in to the portal and locate their student’s class. Part of the draw is you want it to be easy for you but most importantly, you want it to be an easy experience for families. And this does just that!

Not using Jackrabbit Class yet? See it in action with the help of one of our product coaches!

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2. Share recital music and choreography videos

What do they say in show biz? The show must go on!

What better way to keep your little dancers and performers on track for an end-of-the-year performance than to upload their recital music and recorded choreography videos to share to the parent portal? Encourage them to keep practicing and you might be surprised at how many families will send you videos in return or share their child taking your online class to their social media. Hello, free advertisement!

And while we aren’t quite sure the show can go on yet, we know how much work you have put in, so let’s keep those chins up!

3. Track staff training certificates of completion

Professional development is something you want to encourage at all times. Maybe your staff has the opportunity now to dive deeper into their art or skill to make them an even stronger employee when your doors open for onsite classes to resume.

Either way, you can use Jackrabbit’s Resources tab on the staff record to upload copies of certificates from various training. Whether they are sharpening their Jackrabbit skills using the Jackrabbit Training System or completing a certification needed to teach at your swim school, you can keep electronic copies attached to their ‘file’.

4. Keep track of important family and student documents

From doctor’s notes to open gym waivers for special events, you can upload any paper documents that are important to a particular family or student. Maybe it is something you need to reference a few months from now but you can access it anytime, from anywhere.


How to get started with Resources in Jackrabbit Class

Maybe you have been checking out Jackrabbit Class and you just weren’t quite sure if you were ready. We get that!

To help you decide if Jackrabbit Class is the right fit for you, we would love to connect you with a Product Coach and get your most burning questions answered.

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If you are already deep into your journey with Jackrabbit Class but would love to start using the Resources Management feature, we’ve got our team of support experts ready to help!

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