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How Jackrabbit is Responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

— Updated May 27 —


A key part of the Jackrabbit mission is helping you and your programs operate efficiently, even in the face of adversity. As Covid-19 remains a frequent topic of global news, it’s important to us that we remain transparent with you about how Jackrabbit is responding.

You and your teams are our top priority and we want to continue to partner with you as you navigate through your own Covid-19 responses. Given how quickly news and information are evolving, we are prepared to continue updating our approach to ensure the health, safety, and success of our communities.

Our Response

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolving rapidly, we want to be transparent about how Jackrabbit Technologies is responding to the outbreak.  While the health and safety of Jackrabbit’s employees, clients, and partners is of utmost importance to us, our 100 percent remote workforce uniquely positions us to continue with a “business-as-usual” strategy.  Exceptions to our “business-as-usual” strategy are noted below.

Here are our guidelines and practices as of April 23, 2020. We may update this post from time to time to reflect any revisions to our plan.

In Support of Youth Sports and Arts

Effective for April invoicing, Jackrabbit applied  20% discount to all subscription fees. This relief was provided regardless of business size or the amount of time onboard at Jackrabbit. Moving into June, Jackrabbit is committing another month of relief, bringing the investment back into our industries to over $450,000.

This discount will be in effect for all clients until further notice. We are also committed to ongoing enhancements and system releases to address some of your most pressing concerns.

Our teams are hard at work to deliver solutions to your team quickly. Things may seem different now, but one thing is for sure – your needs, plans, and dreams- for today and for tomorrow – will always be our top priority.

Employee Travel

At this time, Jackrabbit is postponing or rescheduling all company-related, following the CDC’s travel guidelines at https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel.  Jackrabbit team members are supporting clients, partners, and co-workers remotely with virtual meetings and communication tools. Travel will resume at a later date, pending updates from the CDC, federal, state and local authorities. 

Remote Work

Jackrabbit has always been a strong proponent of remote work–all of our employees already work fully remotely.  Continuing this practice will significantly increase our ability to sustain appropriate staffing levels to monitor system uptime and performance, provide world-class support to our clients, onboard new clients, and deliver software enhancements.

Industry Events/Education

Jackrabbit was already in the process of converting its annual BOOST user conference to a virtual format, and we will continue preparations for our first virtual conference in November.  We expect to honor our commitments to 2020 industry trade association events, provided these events are held as scheduled.

Jackrabbit in-person training classes will be rescheduled or hosted virtually until further notice. 

Software Uptime and Performance

As always, Jackrabbit maintains business continuity and disaster recovery plans focusing primarily on preventing downtime in the first place, but also on rapid recovery strategies in the event of an outage or performance issue. Whenever situations impacting clients do occur, Jackrabbit’s remote workforce can quickly and transparently isolate and address the issue.



At this time, we are reinforcing our commitment to transparency and sharing information rapidly with Jackrabbit employees, clients, and partners as the situation evolves.

Our HR and leadership teams are using our internal communications tools, including Slack and email, to update employees on the latest developments as well as respond to questions or concerns they may have.

Our Client Success, Client Support, and Onboarding teams are available to address any specific questions or concerns arising as clients respond to the situation in their communities.  Clients and Partners should continue to communicate with Jackrabbit via normal channels. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you utilize Jackrabbit to communicate to your clients!


Jackrabbit is striving to be a steady, reliable, and empathetic force during these turbulent times.  We hope that our “business-as- usual” strategy will help reduce panic and contribute to a return to normalcy!

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