5 reasons to go mobile

The Mobile Inventor App with Jackrabbit Class is a Powerful Tool

While there are many reasons that a mobile app is a good business move, we have narrowed it down to the top 5 ways that having a mobile app can benefit your business.

5 ways a mobile app benefits your business

1. Direct marketing channel

Push notifications have become more effective than email. We all know that email is a powerful marketing tool that businesses should use, but think about it: how many emails do you delete everyday without even opening them? But, if you receive a push notification on your phone, you are more likely to pay attention.

Knowing that, having an app that allows you to send push notifications with text, images, and videos means you are working with better odds. Push Notifications + Mobile + Easy Enrollment = Increased Impulse Buying. This is made even easier with Jackrabbit’s ability to send targeted push notifications to the audience of your choice.

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“We’ve basically put parent portal functionality on their phones – right next to their Facebook and banking apps. We’ve elevated our services for parents and given them convenience in doing business with us that other children’s facilities aren’t providing.

We know that our investment in our mobile app pays off. We track our statistics closely so that we know how to tweak our spending decisions to get the best results. Our average of 100 registrations per month from approximately 1000 monthly visitors lets us know that we’ve done something right for our customers. Mobile Inventor has helped us to make a difference in the gym’s reputation and in the bottom line.” Scott Barron, Barron Gymnastics

2. Building your brand

Your brand is important. You are constantly working to get people in your community to recognize your brand. Did you know that hearing and/or seeing your brand approximately 20 times is what will get you truly noticed?

Having a mobile app allows you to keep building your brand. Think of it like having a billboard for your business. Except for on the side of the road where potentially no one’s looking, it’s in the hands of your customers.

“Mobile Inventor helped us understand that it isn’t reasonable to believe that a new customer would search for our app, download and use it to interact with you. That helped us to focus on what our existing customers need.” John Kirk, Little Otter Swim School

3. Make communication easy

Whether team parents or recreational parents- parents can be demanding. Using an app allows you to amp up professionalism while reducing the load on your front office staff.

With the ability to target specific groups, you can send updates that are password-protected to keep information secure and relevant to the selected audience.

“We believe that our mobile app has enhanced our business. We’re thrilled with the way that it is seamlessly incorporated with Jackrabbit and excited about the time savings that it offers to our parents and our staff.” Mardi Obray, Peak Kids

4. Building customer loyalty with a competitive advantage

A mobile app is a great way to encourage parent engagement. It is all about making a sincere connection with your customers and turning them into an advocate for your organization.

Being able to keep up with the times and offer your families a mobile app is a sure way to separate you from your competition. Become a technology trendsetter in your market!

“I believe that the mobile app is a powerful customer service tool for us to use in making everything at our studio easy for parents to do. And by doing so, we earn their loyalty and win their appreciation for accommodating their needs and preferences.” Erica Leanna, Platinum Dance Center

5. Better customer experience

The biggest benefit is the Mobile Inventor-Jackrabbit partnership allows your clients to have access to their parent portal through the app.

Because of this partnership, you have the opportunity to add significant value to your business and provide a better experience to your customers. With the app, you can:

  • Offer quick registration and enrollment in classes and special events
  • Keep customers informed with push notifications
  • Send targeted push notifications from Jackrabbit
  • Offer early registration for current customers
  • Use punch cards for membership-based classes
  • Send deep links to specific content
  • Show skills progress
  • And much more!

Giving parents an open window into your organization is a sure way to improve customer service and the customer experience. Parents will appreciate the convenience of being able to access the app from anywhere at anytime!

“We’re excited that the app we developed with Mobile Inventor is so closely integrated with Jackrabbit. It puts registration, class and payment capabilities in the pockets of our parents and opens up a pipeline for direct communication with them. It’s very powerful.” J Orkowski, Gymfinity


These benefits are immensely valuable to you in earning loyalty, nurturing families, creating champions for your facility, increasing enrollment and revenue and enhancing the quality of experience you’re providing to your parents and students.

Interested in learning more about the Mobile Inventor app? Check out our on-demand webinar with guest speaker, Ty McDowell, to hear about how Mobile Inventor can help you!

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