Blog, News & Updates from Jackrabbit Class

Stay current with industry news and what’s new at Jackrabbit.

Blog, News & Updates from Jackrabbit Class

Stay current with industry news and what’s new at Jackrabbit.

7 Tips For Staying in Contact With Prospective Customers

Communicating with prospective customers can be tricky. Just because you have contact information doesn’t mean that keeping up regular communication is always a walk in the park. Especially if you have a to-do list as long as a CVS receipt. Even though that to-do list may seem daunting, there are some steps you can take to check things off and create registrations for your youth activity center through regular communication. Here are 7 tips that make staying in contact with prospective customers easier. Share contact information from the beginning You can’t stay in contact with prospective customers without having their [...]

The complete guide to annual reporting with Jackrabbit Class

By |December 7th, 2021|Business Management, Software Tips|

As you wrap up another year with your dance studio, gymnastics gym, swim school, or youth activity center, it’s the perfect time to gather important information from the past year. With class management software, you conveniently have all the [...]

Youth in Philanthropy: Ideas to Raise Money for Charity

By |November 29th, 2021|Best Practices, Business Management|

Is there a cause that inspires you to give back? Whether you’re passionate about helping families access medical care, funding cancer research or helping underprivileged children learn to swim, there’s an organization out there committed to the cause you’re passionate [...]

Jackrabbit’s Friday Five: 5 ways to build customer loyalty with a Parent Portal

By |November 19th, 2021|Business News|

TGIF Jackrabbit friends and fans! In this edition of Jackrabbit's Friday Five, we're diving deep into customer loyalty and how properly customizing your Parent Portal will help you build better customer relationships. Let’s look at the 5 key takeaways [...]

What should your children’s activity business be sharing on social media?

By |November 15th, 2021|Marketing Tips|

There aren’t many businesses that exist today without being present on social media. From advertising to sharing helpful information and growing a community of like-minded followers, there are many benefits for small businesses that create an authentic presence on social [...]

Jackrabbit Class Integration with QuickBooks Online for Full Financial Insight

By |November 5th, 2021|Enhancements, Featured, Trending|

Having financial insight into how your business is doing is vital, no matter what kind of youth activity program you are running. You need to see revenue and expenses to get the full picture of the health of your [...]

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