Blog, News & Updates from Jackrabbit Class

Stay current with industry news and what’s new at Jackrabbit.

Blog, News & Updates from Jackrabbit Class

Stay current with industry news and what’s new at Jackrabbit.

7 Ways the use of Management Software can Enhance Student Safety

Keeping students safe at your swim school, gym, or dance studio is the most important thing you can do. When parents know their child can join a weekly class where they have fun while being safe, it’s a no-brainer for parents to register them for classes at your youth activity center. Chances are, you have safety procedures and processes in place but having class management software at your youth activity center is another way you can enhance student safety to create a positive experience for everyone involved. Keep reading for some new ideas on how you can keep your [...]

Keeping Personal Information Secure with Jackrabbit Class

By |July 7th, 2023|Featured, Software Tips|

Securing personal information is important to your customers, making it just as important to you. Here at Jackrabbit Class, we strive to protect all sensitive information as we take security very seriously. To help demonstrate, we’ve put together some [...]

The 2 Most Common Legal Contracts & What You’re Likely Missing

By |June 22nd, 2023|Business Management|

Whether you’re a long-time or brand-new owner of a gym, dance studio, swim school, or other youth activity center, ensuring that your business is using the right legal contracts can save you time, money, and the headache of litigation [...]

How to Make Your Swim Classes Inclusive for All Ability Levels

By |June 8th, 2023|Business News|

Swim instructors have unique jobs and are tasked with teaching both life-saving skills and a hobby that many people enjoy throughout childhood into adulthood. With varying ages, backgrounds, and abilities, inclusion in the pool is an important part of teaching [...]

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