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Jackrabbit Inspires Time and Money Savings – and Makes Growth Possible

For Everest Gymnastics, it’s all about time, money, and growth.

“And really that’s where Jackrabbit brings the value: saving us time and saving us money. Using Jackrabbit has enabled us to eliminate overtime and extra time that we had to pay people for and it helps us track payments better,” Lynn Smith, Everest Gymnastics and Training Center office manager notes.

Welcome Rapid Growth

Since implementing Jackrabbit in 2014, Everest has doubled the amount of data entry they manage.

“Using our old methods with this type of volume would be impossible. And besides that, it gave us no way to grow,” she adds.

Never Leave Money Behind

The result of better payments tracking is pretty critical to Everest Gymnastics too. With Jackrabbit, Lynn can be sure that they never leave money behind.

Without confidence in payment tracking, you lose confidence in cash flow.

Why is that?

To have accurate, dependable cash flow, all of your invoices must go out at their appointed times so that your cash comes in when you expect it. If manual, paper processes cause one invoice here or two there to be missed or in error, your confidence in what your account balance is on any given day is in question. Automated payment processing eliminates this issue. Paper systems are handled by humans and that opens up the potential for distractions and just plain ‘human’ error to cause inconsistencies. Even the most detailed people will not catch everything every time.

Use of Excel spreadsheets may help but doesn’t completely address the challenges that an automated billing and payments system driven off of a central database resolves.

Provide Proven Value

Lynn loves Jackrabbit’s system because it:

  • Never requires duplicate data entry (or data entry by her staff at all).
  • Uses the data parents enter when they register online.
  • Allows parents to manage their own data.
  • Puts current data at her staffs’ fingertips.
  • Enables existing staff to accommodate more students, more data, and more transactions.
  • Automates and reduces the time required for daily tasks and processes.
  • Makes parents happy.
  • Makes her staff more productive.

If you make an example of Everest’s enrollment, it’s quite evident that using online class management software has amazing advantages.

Registration Process Comparison

Before JackrabbitAfter Jackrabbit
Hundreds of phone calls fielded and paper forms filled out by staff100% of forms completed online by parents
At least two weeks of chaosA few minutes of set-up followed by registrations smoothly flowing into your system
Staff and temporaries worked extra hoursVirtually no impact to existing staff work effort so extra help is unnecessary


“The comparison is like night and day.”

Create A Growth-Friendly Environment

Everest Gymnastics has experienced impressive growth in the past couple of years. They have some pretty impressive Olympic ties, but Lynn can track the growth back just before the influx of those athletes. So while this may have contributed to growth, Lynn can’t give the popularity of those athletes and the Olympics all the credit for new customers. Without the benefits of a software infrastructure, it would have been difficult – and potentially maddening – for Everest’s existing staff to even see the potential for growth much less receive it with open arms.

According to what Lynn observed, “The energy that the Olympic athletes created probably dove-tailed with the efficiencies and automation that Jackrabbit has provided. The software has definitely given us the bandwidth to handle more students so we could actually accept the opportunity for growth.”

Save Time, Save Money, Save Sanity

Lynn admits that they could never go back to a manual, paper process for registration.

“It’s not simply because of how much time manual processes consume and cost they incur – but because Jackrabbit helps us keep our sanity,” notes Lynn.

Former gymnasts and Everest owners, Qi Han and Yiwen Chen, understanding that a smoothly operating gym inspires no complaints and they leave the details of using Jackrabbit in Lynn’s hands as Office Manager. And they’re sure about one thing in judging Jackrabbit’s success: “If she is happy, we are happy.”

And it sounds like, at Everest, everyone is happy!

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