A Jackrabbit look back featuring Mark Mahoney and Darin Soll

Jackrabbit Class kicks off Ignite virtual conference with a look behind the scenes

Let’s face it – not one of us got the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” right in 2015 and if asked again today, a lot of us would have a hard time even imagining what could be in the future.

In light of all of the uncertainty and the lack of crystal ball, this year the team at Jackrabbit Class decided to host our first virtual conference for its clients and potential new users in the gymnastics, cheer, dance, swim, and music industries. The event was a partnership between the Jackrabbit teams and our clients from the start. Client questions, recommendations, and needs drove the overall session content, agenda, and Ignite conference theme.

When planning the agenda, one thing was clear – we knew what we wanted the outcome to be. We wanted every audience member to leave with a sense of security, enthusiasm, and hope for the future. But, where did we want to begin?

Jackrabbit Class Builds a Foundation on Trust and Good Decisions

In 2004, when Jackrabbit Class was just a dream between two founders, Mark Mahoney and Mike Carper there were five principles that they agreed to build off of:

  1. Jackrabbit and team should thrive off of the need for constant and unending improvement.
  2. We should use wisdom and intuition to motivate clients and employees.
  3. If you’re on the Jackrabbit team, you should genuinely care about the work you do and how it affects others.
  4. Jackrabbit staff need to put doing the right thing first and foremost.
  5. We act with humility, own it all, for better or worse.

Building on these principals, Mark and Mike have built a team of 85 employees, serving over 6,000 clients and impacting over 16 million students and athletes. 

Jackrabbit Delivers Fast, Secure, Reliable Class Management Software

Jackrabbit’s rapid-fire enhancement schedule is a hot topic almost every day among gymnastics gym and dance studio owners. By harnessing the power of our client’s needs in the Idea Portal, the Jackrabbit product and development teams prioritize upcoming enhancements and feature updates. 

By truly partnering with our users in a way no other class management software does, Jackrabbit is able to invest one million dollars every year making the system more useful and efficient to owners, managers, and administrators of youth activities programs.

It doesn’t stop on release day, either. We’re proud to enlist users from across the globe and in a variety of different industries to help us beta test new features or continue to refine them to make improvements. 

Hear More from Jackrabbit’s CEO, Mark Mahoney

Jackrabbit is a Great Class Management Software Built by an Even Greater Team

Building on a legacy of great decisions and reliable software, Jackrabbit COO Darin Soll is charged with continuing the forward momentum and leading a team of creative and client-obsessed employees.

With our Core Values at the forefront of all we do, Jackrabbit remains fully staffed as we navigate the new challenges 2020 has produced. With guidance from Mark, Mike and Darin, we divide and conquer responsibilities between six different teams.


Behind the scenes, our Human Resources team ensures we have the right people in the right seats and that Jackrabbit remains a great place to work.  And our Finance team ensures we bill accurately and manage our finances responsibly.


If you’ve worked with a personal Product Coach, you’ve worked with a Jackrabbit Onboarding expert. Coaches assist new clients as they transition to Jackrabbit, helping them configure the software to meet their business needs.

Client Services

Once clients are up and running, our Client Services team is available to assist with product support, which we believe to be the best in the industry, as well as electronic payments setup and support.  The focus of our Client Success team is helping you realize the full power of Jackrabbit by providing you with product education and guidance on Jackrabbit’s many high-value features.


The Product team at Jackrabbit is charged with listening to you and monitoring industry trends to define and design the right software enhancements in the right order. With a group of  Product and Quality Assurance Analysts evaluating needs, testing releases, and fielding client feedback, this team delivers world-class software with speed, efficiency, and reliability.


After the Product team designs an enhancement, they work closely with our Engineering team to build and deliver on those features. Engineering is of course where the software coding magic happens, but that magic is heavily dependent upon the Product team’s work to properly communicate your business needs.


Our Marketing team works tirelessly to help the industries we serve understand who we are and what we do.  This includes driving communication for virtual conferences and events such as Ignite, new product releases, and industry announcements.

Jackrabbit Product Integrations and Partnerships Drive Success

Good decisions are rarely made in a vacuum. This is especially true about the development of Jackrabbit’s software and mission.  Since the early days of development, Mike and Mark relied on close industry friends and alliances to help guide the direction of the solution we’d ultimately offer.

 In 2020, we made it a priority to focus on strategic partnerships–being more intentional about adding complementary services to the Jackrabbit ecosystem.  Many Jackrabbit clients take advantage of partners like the Mobile Inventor app, Tututix ticketing, as well as one of our integrated ePayment partners for credit card processing.  

Our exclusive integration with Spot TV has enabled several youth activities centers to implement virtual viewing areas.  Third Level Consulting has helped many owners and directors with business development and growth, and through our exclusive partnership, their LEAP! Learning content can be uploaded to classes in Jackrabbit.  Last but not least, Express Payroll reliably handles payroll processing for Jackrabbit as well as for a number of you.  

Now more than ever, the Jackrabbit ecosystem of clients, staff and communities are coming together to return a sense of normalcy to students and families. With a strong foundation, open communication and purpose for the future, we will continue the impact we have on youth activities, arts and sports. 

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