Jackrabbit Class 2022 enhancements

What’s new in 2022: the latest Jackrabbit Class enhancements

2021 had its challenges but it’s no secret that our industries rallied and pushed forward – we all came together as one and raised the bar! It was more important than ever that the Jackrabbit team continued to evaluate and deliver powerful enhancements to help you and your team automate tasks and streamline processes. (ICYMI…here’s the Jackrabbit Class 2021 year in review)

The start of a new year always brings on a time of reflection and new opportunities to focus on your gym, dance studio or swim school. With growth and better business practices on your mind, what better way to start the year than with the first release of Jackrabbit Class enhancements in 2022.

Customize policies for classes

No matter what type of youth activity center you run, there’s a good chance that you host multiple sessions, program types or levels simultaneously. And while some of the expectations may be the same, there are some that are specific to the type of class a student is enrolled in. Being able to customize policies and expectations is important.

You asked. The Jackrabbit Product Team delivered that and more.

With the brand-new Multiple Policies feature, you can now create policies, assign them to policy groups and add those groups to classes where applicable. Yes, that means you can customize your policies for summer camps, fall season and competition team – for example – and assign them to the classes accordingly.

It’s safe to say, our awesome group of beta testers helped make this one epic! But, the new functionality doesn’t just end there. Here’s what else comes with this newly added feature:

  • Printable version with a signature line for the parent or legal guardian.
  • Audit history of previous versions of updated policies.
  • Ability to add a policy group to many classes at one time.

Ready to get started with Multiple Policies? (—>Follow the help video and documentation here)

Auto-post registration fees for portal enrollments

One of the top 3 most requested enhancements is now available – automatically posting registration fees for enrollments from the Parent Portal. We know that happy parents = a happy you and there’s no better way to create a positive parent experience than to add this layer of transparency to the enrollment process, especially for returning students.

With brand new settings and a new consolidated area to manage registration fees, Jackrabbit can now do all the work for you! Not only will this ensure that registration fees are posted where applicable, but it will save you and your team admin hours that can be used to focus on other tasks, like your social media presence or staff retention.

Share student resources to the Parent Portal

Adding resources to family, student and class records was a much-needed enhancement release in 2020. As with many enhancements, our team listened to feedback and evaluated how they could continue to refine the enhancement to be more powerful and address more industry-wide needs by allowing class resources to be shared to the Parent Portal.

With the latest refinement to resource management in Jackrabbit, you can now upload files or links to a student’s account and share them to the Parent Portal, if you wish. Parents will be able to view these resources from their child’s details in the portal. This is a great way to share progress reports, report cards, immunization records and other external documents in a secure way! (—> Learn how to add a student resource to the Parent Portal)

Display additional medical information in the Staff Portal

Having access to pertinent medical information for your students while in class has always been important, but it became even more imperative with the pandemic. It was a simple solution and win-win to display student disabilities and immunization fields in the Staff Portal since they are already visible in Jackrabbit. With a new Staff Portal setting, you can easily turn this feature on in just a few clicks – learn how here.

With real-time access to students’ medical information, teachers can efficiently conduct class with no interruptions or help needed from the front desk.


This is just the beginning of another great year of giving you and your teams the tools you need to make your gym, swim school or dance studio as successful as it can be. Looking forward to the rest of 2022!

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