How Jackrabbit clients are discounting and prorating.

Jackrabbit’s Discounting & Prorating Makes a Visible Difference for Youth Activity Centers

What is Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit?

Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit is a structure that enables discounts and prorating to be automatically applied where it’s appropriate. Discounting and Prorating is crucial to busy managers and administrators in maximizing their workday because of the time it saves them by accurately doing one of the most important processes in your organization – collecting tuition.

Discounting and Prorating is also flexible enough to give managers and administrators options. Different types of discounts can be added for any or all accounts. Sibling and multi-class discounts are very common and can impact as much as 30-40 percent of organizations’ customer bases. This alone enables them to realize the tremendous benefit from the automation generated in Jackrabbit.

Discounting and Prorating is a significant process in tuition collection, but it shouldn’t consume the biggest chunk of your time and cause concern over accuracy.

The fact is that you can save 50-75 percent of the time you were spending on manual processes and add hundreds of dollars to your bottom line in collecting exactly what you are owed. And as a bonus – you, your staff, and your organization’s parents have greater confidence in the tuition amounts that are charged and paid.

And if all of the above weren’t enough, Discounting and Prorating helps you build smart pricing strategies to inspire customer loyalty.

How do youth activity centers benefit from Discounting and Prorating?

The staff gets help from software

The entire staff in a youth activity center can benefit from using Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit. By helping to make organizations’ discounting structure more straightforward, it’s much easier for everyone who works at the front desk to explain to parents. Because discounts are part of the system’s settings, nothing is overlooked, forgotten, or miscalculated but taken automatically.

“Before implementing Discounting and Prorating, explaining it took about 12 minutes per customer. Now it might take 1 minute – if we need to explain it at all. In other words, it’s pretty self-explanatory.” Kelly Hajar, North London Dance Centre

Owners see greater staff productivity

If owners are leveraging the power of Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit, they would never find themselves running a 6-8 hour billing cycle each month. No tuition fees are left on the table because the tuition collection process is quick and accurate. Confidence in processes enables staff and owners to leave tuition collection to the software and participate in student and parent-focused activities.

“When we began using Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit, our billing process became much more efficient. Nothing falls through the cracks “ Leigh Ann Cannady, Forsyth Academy of Performing Arts


How do parents benefit from Discounting and Prorating?

Parents gain insights into their fees

With Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit, discounts are displayed in the Parent Portal and show parents evidence of their savings. Because of the integrity of the process, parents don’t have to worry whether or not their bill is correct.

Regardless of the role you play in the youth activity center world, there’s no doubt that you will benefit from using Jackrabbit’s Discounting and Prorating. Because it results in spending less time on tasks, having greater confidence in tuition amounts billed and collected, and providing an efficient tuition collection process, there’s a very positive impact on your bottom line.


What are the most popular features of Discounting and Prorating?

Flexible discounting options

Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit is flexible. Organizations have the ability to customize their settings however they want them to be. And this flexibility to customize enhances performance – giving organizations more accurate results quicker.

Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit creates an error-free, worry-free billing process. It frees up staff and office managers’ time to do other things.

“Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit is a life-saver. Our time savings is substantial. Each month we save more than 7 hours using Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit. We’ve gone from spending 6-8 hours to less than an hour to run our billing process – with all discounts.” Shelly Wickerd, Charlotte Aquatics

Smooth enrollment

Jackrabbit gives you a smooth end-to-end process to offer to parents for enrollment. The easy-to-use enrollment screens make things simple with obvious next steps for adding more students from the same family to a class or adding more classes for an individual student. In the midst of the process, you can see what the original fees were and what discounts were applied.

Discounting and Prorating amounts also show up in the Parent Portal giving parents the correct amount for the selected classes.

Quick calculations

Front desk staff can quickly add a family, enroll students into their desired classes and Jackrabbit will automatically calculate the fees based on the established discounting and prorating rules. Calculations will consider late enrollments or early drops for prorating and discounts such as multi-class or multi-student discounts – just as Online Web Registration, and Parent Portal registration does – and display the fees ready for posting.

“With Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit there is less margin for error. It provides accuracy for us and for our customers and when you’re dealing with people’s money, accuracy is critical.” Shelly Wickerd, Charlotte Aquatics

Comprehensive post tuition fees functionality

Discounting & Prorating can be a boost for your organization because it is the only dynamic, time-saving automated system that continually works for you to:

  • Drive more sales
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Grow your business

Focusing on important details has made Discounting and Prorating invaluable to those who use it, One thing we know for sure is that the right students are added to the right classes. Even changing discounts is easy and quick.

“Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit works flawlessly for all registering because automated software processes aren’t subject to human error – allowing accurate calculations to be consistently applied.” Kelly Hajar, North London Dance Centre


Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit capabilities delivers game-changing benefits

In summary, the 4 most visible game-changers that Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit delivers are:

  • These capabilities change the way organizations are able to function.
  • Tuition collection is accurate – and we mean right on the button – so organizations can gain revenue they may have never before realized was there.
  • Discounts and prorated amounts are calculated and applied quickly so the billing process doesn’t get bogged down and billing can be completed.
  • Discounts and prorated amounts can be changed easily and quickly so accommodating special circumstances, for example, can happen spontaneously.

Not using Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit can, at the very least, result in:

  • Loss of owed revenue
  • Wasted time
  • Damaged customer trust
  • Dashed confidence in your processes

There’s no doubt that using Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit is game-changing for youth activity centers.

“The automation of Discounting and Prorating so that it is done the same way every time, is a life-saver. It makes differences in ways that you can see. When your program is larger, the benefits are critical, discounting and prorating 1200 families by hand would be overwhelming!” Denise Walsh, Barron Gymnastics

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