Little Otter Swim School owner is posting tuition fees in Jackrabbit Swim.

Enhancements to Discounting and Prorating Features Offer Greater Accuracy and Time-Savings

The enhancements to discounting and prorating features in Jackrabbit billing deliver benefits to swim school administrative staff and to school parents. The first benefit that this type of enhancement inspires is probably time-savings. And while time-savings is game-changing with this enhancement, there is more to it than that.

Little Otter Swim School’s Business Manager Sherri Buzard’s shared her perspective on the enhanced version of discounting and prorating and the impact it has had to their operations and their parents.

Time-savings is huge for business manager

“There are significant time savings for me in particular because I run billing for both Little Otter locations. We chose to set each location up with its own Jackrabbit database so I run billing twice. When I run billing this month, it will take me 4 hours less than before the automation enhancements were added. It’s huge for me.”

What Sherri can forget once Post Tuition Fees (PTF) is set up for discounts and closings:

  • Common discounts (like sibling or military)
  • Holidays and closings
  • Odd numbers of days in months
  • Combined discounts and prorates
  • Drops or enrollments mid-month
  • Future enrollments or drops

All of these circumstances had to be specifically addressed prior to the new enhancements. Now the system automatically picks up the overlaps or special circumstances and calculates them.

See what Sherri has to say about enhanced discounting and prorating in this video “Automated Discounting and Prorating Saves Staff at Little Otter Tons of Time“.

“It was so exciting the first time I ran billing with the enhanced version of discounting and prorating. I just watched all of the calculations populate the accounts. I didn’t even have to change future enrollments or drops. What a time saver! And the accuracy of billing for our parents has gotten their attention. It’s as close to error-free as the complexities of billing more than 2400 parents could be!”

Parent happiness is a monumental factor for businesses that provide classes of any type for children. The lower you can set the drama level in their experience with you, the happier they are. When you can give them accuracy in billing, it means that the drama around money complaints disappears.

And the billing process is transparent because they can see their account details in the parent portal.

“The enhancements to discounting and prorating take our accuracy to a higher level. Jackrabbit is so forgiving that – even when we make an initial mistake – we can fix it before parents ever see it. We’ve used other software that is unforgiving – failing to compensate for human error by locking us into the first amounts entered. A small typo can mean a parent or parents are billing way too much. For us that is unacceptable. We need software that helps us to be ‘perfect’ for our parents.”    

Participation is at ground level

Little Otter is a client that Jackrabbit can count on for testing enhancements and new features.

According to co-founder and chief software architect, Mike Carper, “Beta testers are a critical component to the development process because they can take what we develop and put it into a real world environment. We want them to poke and prod so they can uncover revisions and tweaks that need to be made to bring it to the quality level that we require for release to everyone. You really can’t do credible software development without clients like Little Otter.”

Little Otter’s owner, John Kirk, notes that he enjoys participating in beta testing because it allows them to be part of development – even more so than Jackrabbit’s development model allows for all users.

“Jackrabbit captures ideas and comments from users all the time through the Send Idea button that is built into the software. That is awesome because it gives us a direct channel to provide feedback on the existing system. Beta testing gives us a role in creating an enhancement or feature to begin with. It’s a great opportunity to see our suggestions integrated into the technology that Jackrabbit’s highly-skilled product design and engineering teams are creating.”

John adds, “Something that we love about Jackrabbit is that they have evolved along with us, getting better and better as they continue to educate themselves on the details of how their clients use their software. Open communications, listening and acting on what they hear drives this evolution and ensures that they keep in step with the times and our needs.”

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