Streamline your billing workflow. A closer look at posting tuition fees with Jackrabbit.

How does Jackrabbit Post Tuition Fees?

Very simply, we work with your current business processes to streamline billing workflow.

For staff members responsible for running tuition billing, the new Post Tuition Fees is quicker and more intuitive. The billing workflow has been improved by consolidating multiple screens into a single interface. No more bouncing from screen to screen each time tuition is posted.

Five highly-requested features were Post Tuition Fees bonus.

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  1. Fee Details View – Examine and understand any fee being posted.

Fee details include a full audit of any applied discounts, prorated dates, additional fees, additional discounts and any taxes applied with what rate was used.  Fee details even includes any notes associated with these fees and discounts! This insight provides clarity and confidence that your pricing strategy is working automatically for you inside Jackrabbit.

  1. Custom Billing Cycles – Jackrabbit adapts to any cycle you may use.

This makes billing easy – even if you don’t bill on a weekly, monthly or “by session” basis. You can now select anywhere from 1 – 52 weeks for a custom billing cycle and select the date you want the custom billing cycle to begin.

  1. Additional Discount Enhancements – Better discount capabilities.

Jackrabbit has always allowed you to add an additional percentage discount to any fee being posted.  Now however, you can use a flat dollar amount and best of all, you can now choose whether to calculate this additional discount before or after all of the discounts and/or prorating has been figured.

  1. Discount Rules – Bill your customers, simply.

Jackrabbit’s all new Discount Rules Wizard is an easy, step-by-step builder that allows you to build, preview, and save any number of customized discount rules outside of your billing workflow.  While billing, simply select the appropriate rule(s) to apply when you’re posting fees. You can apply multiple rules simultaneously that can be multi-student based, multi-class based or better yet, a mashup of the two.  These rules will enable you to quickly and easily automate your discounting pricing strategy with Jackrabbit.

  1. Family Overrides – New Post Tuition Fees feature is a favorite.

You can now build a custom discount rule for specific families and for competition teams. In fact, you can build custom discount rules for any subgroup of your customers that are eligible for discounts that the bulk of you customers should not receive. Once assigned to the appropriate families, these rules override any discount rules selected while running the billing workflow in the new Post Tuition Fees.  You will no longer need to post tuition fees multiple times using subgroups like “membership type”.

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