Discounting & prorating. Highly requested features included with smart, time-saving workflow.

New Post Tuition Fees Laid the Foundation for Discounting & Prorating

Highly-requested features included with smart, time-saving workflow

Jackrabbit’s legacy versions of the Post Tuition Fees and Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours pages have seen major improvements this year! With new enhancements, we’ve streamlined the billing workflow to save you time. As a bonus, some of our most popular ideas in the Jackrabbit Idea Portal were also added!

We think the new enhancements to the tuition posting module are pretty great, but what we’re even more excited about is the foundation that has been laid for Jackrabbit’s Automated Discounting & Prorating solution.

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The re-engineering of the billing workflow (posting tuition fees), made possible the reduction in clicks, and the time it takes to move through the process, a reduction in clutter and the addition of several highly-requested features that benefit every Jackrabbit client.  These improvements, in turn, made it possible to automate Discounting & Prorating within your programs.

Automated Discounting & Prorating can be a boost for your business because it is the only dynamic, time-saving discounting and proration system that continually works for you to drive more sales, build customer loyalty and grow your business.

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